Access to our site giving you the following:

Ability to set up and maintain your own author profile(s) 

Title submission facility

Submission tracking facility to follow the publication process

Sales confirmation emails (optional)

Earnings stats report

Ability to maintain your own payment preference details


         Earn royalties as defined in the Royalty Info guide


         Format your title to our standard layout and check spelling and grammar. See our requirements for your part in this! 

         Publish your title and provide a cover for it, unless you supply one.

         Mail out details of your title to our newsletter subscribers - whom we mail regularly.

         Publish your title on at least one of our sites depending on the genre of your book.

         Make your adult fiction title available for sale to all our growing army of affiliates on A1AdultEbooks if you opt in to our MoneyMaker affiliate program.

         Provide you with online sales stats and sales confirmation emails if you want to receive them.

         Provide you with marketing pages on our various sites for your book that is submitted to various Newsgroups and also to Search Engines. 

Publishing your book with us is FREE!

This publishing option is only available to authors aged at least 18 years, who have not previously published the title being submitted through other publishers or self-publishing programs, including free sites, either as a complete work or part work.

In joining our Exclusive publishing program you give us permission to distribute your title through third party sites such as Smashwords as appropriate.

To be Exclusively published by us, your book must be at least 5,000 words long. You must also conform to our submission requirements below.

Where your book is at least 10,000 words long we will consider it for a paperback edition, provided you have opted IN to one of our paperback distribution packages and subject to you agreeing to give us a period of 12 months exclusive publishing rights from the day the paperback edition becomes available for sale.

If you have already published the title you intend to submit to us (or the word count is under 5,000 words), please use our self-publishing program.

Please note that when you create your first author profile you will automatically be included in our occasional newsletters (usually once a month or less) to authors published on our sites. If you do not wish to receive our business newsletters please do not join us.



Please read our MoneyMaker affiliate document for details of the program on A1AdultEbooks and when your book will be available for sale there.


We are no longer distributing our adult ebooks through Kindle due to their progressively aggressive nature towards erotica authors.

We will create paperback editions where possible for all suitable books, including erotica (minimum story length is approximately 10000 words and ideally at least 35000 words). We use Lightning Source for most titles and for our UK Mail Order Catalogue.

We can only consider paperback publishing for stories that are at least 30,000 words in length which, when formatted according to the paperback publishing program requirements we use, provides at least 85 pages of text.

All authors MUST be aged 18 years or over and become members of our site as this is how the stats and royalties system works. A single membership covers all our sites.

Once you have joined us, you will have access from our Authors Suite to all the facilities you require. This includes access to the software to set yourself up as one of our authors, the story submission software and the publishing tracking software. In addition you will be able to update your details, monitor your earnings and tell us how you want us to pay you. You can also opt into our Moneymaker affiliate program on A1AdultEbooks if your books are sold there, and also opt into our Paperback programs.

To become an Exclusive author published by us you will need to set up an author profile and agree to allow us to distribute your titles digitally which we publish on 3rd party sites such as Smashwords where appropriate - this is what was previously called our Exclusive Publishing Package. We will only publish authors who agree to this - if you do not agree then please submit your stories using our self-publishing option.


In all cases we maintain accounts for all authors. You can decide whether you want to be paid weekly or monthly through PayPal, or be paid by direct bank transfer in the UK, or an overseas transfer if you bank outside the UK. When the balance of your account reaches a minimum value of 10 in any of the currencies we support, our account payment processing routines will automatically trigger payment of the entire balance on the account across all supported currencies. For weekly PayPal payments, the balance of your account will be taken as at the end of Friday each week. Where your balance is greater than 10 in any currency, you will receive payment by the following Tuesday. Where the balance is below the minimum, your balance will roll over to the following week. For monthly payments, due to restrictions imposed by our credit card processing system, we MUST advise you that payments will not normally be made for at least 21 days after the month end as we have to clear funds from our card processor.

We will pay the costs of a UK Bank Transfer and our own costs of an International transfer. You will need to pay your own bank charges for an International transfer. 





If after reading them you have any questions 

please contact the editorial team

using the link below


CONTACT EDITORS (editors-desk at fiction4all.com)



Author guidelines, royalty payment rates and terms




We welcome manuscript submissions from both new and experienced authors on equal terms.

If you are new to us, when you submit your first story to us we will assess it both in terms of the writing quality and the way in which you present it to us. We are not seeking perfection, but need a certain standard as we do not have time to fully edit scripts that are poorly written or formatted, or where no attempt to correct basic spelling mistakes etc. has been made by the author. This is only fair to all our authors who do make this effort. If the work is not of a suitable quality, we will either request you make changes before resubmitting it, or we will reject it.

The guidelines below are for authors submitting stories to be published directly by Fiction4Adults, which is the adult branch of Fiction4All. These stories must NOT have been published elsewhere, including any magazines, and by submitting them to us under our own author procedures you agree to give us rights to publish and distribute your stories on our own and 3rd party sites exclusively. You also confirm that you are the copyright owner of the material you are submitting. We will close the account, and retain any royalties, of any author who submits a story that has been plagiarised or stolen from another author.

Our various sites sell fiction ebooks and paperback editions (if you opt IN to the expanded program) as follows.

We also have a number of other sites which we are developing such as our imprint sites at www.4playpress.com, www.silvermoonbooks.com and www.fetishworldbooks.com

Our sites reserved for our Exclusive authors are www.fiction4adults.com and www.bdsmbooks.com

Please note - we will consider submissions for certain bondage/bdsm/sm/fetish fiction subjects. Please check our limitations of content on the appropriate submissions form inside the author area. These change occasionally to meet the requirements of our card processing agents, as well as Mastercard and Visa rules.

For adult story submissions to any of our adult genres, please note the following:

Regardless of the genre of your adult story, 


Any sexual activity involving minors (under 18s) even if they are simply "around"

Any sexual activity involving animals or corpses

Any sexual activities that include incest of any kind, Rape, Snuff, Smothering, Scat, or Permanent Injury 


For all stories, the subject fields are open and varied according to the list of genres on our main book sites listed above which are covered by our three imprints - 4Play Press, Silver Moon Books, and Fetish World Books.

We broadly publish three lengths of novels.

1. Full-length novels (45,000+ words).

2. Novellas (20,000 - 40,000 words).

3. Short Stories (5,000 - 20,000 words).







EXCLUSIVE AUTHORS are asked to submit their stories using the facilities provided in the Authors Suite. 

Authors new to us must join us as a member and then set up their author profile (pen name and short biography) using the facilities within the Authors Suite. To become an author published by us, as part of the author profile you must agree to our publishing package terms If you do not agree to this for any reason then your author profile will be treated as a self-publishing author. You CANNOT submit previously published stories under an exclusive author profile - to submit them you must use a profile set up for self-publishing.

Once a Fiction4All published author profile has been created, you can use the relevant ADD TITLE feature to create a title submission. This procedure will require you to supply the following information:

o    The submission option you choose will determine the imprint you are submitting to. For adult genres we use the following imprints:

o            4Play Press erotica

o            Silver Moon Books erotic domination (consensual)

o            Fetish World Books BDSM and other fetish themes


o    Genre(s) that the title applies to: e.g , general ertoica, etc and headed on the mail "Story submission". You can see the available genres on our main book sites. You may select up to three genres that are applicable to your title. For adult stories you must select the most appropriate adult genres for your story from the options provided in the submissions software. 

o    If appropriate you can select a time period that the title relates to - eg Victorian Era.

o    A short blurb for the title - this is not a full synopsis but a few hundred words that will be displayed on site to attract interest in your book. This is like the information you would expect to find on the back of a paperback novel.

o    Any ideas you have for a cover picture - unless you are sending us a picture to use (see below).

o    Once you have completed the short submissions form you will be given the choice of either emailing us the story or uploading it to our server using the software provided. We require from you the following files:

  The full script in Word document (.doc) or RTF (.rtf) format. (Spelling and grammar checked before sending, please.) Avoid adding your name or page numbers, we will add all the legal protection necessary if your novel is accepted. Your manuscript MUST closely follow our layout requirements which are detailed at the end of this section.

  Your chosen extract from the title to help sell your title (usually the first chapter or a few hundred words)

  If you can do so - we would also ask you to send us a good-quality cover picture (not under copyright) relevant to the story supplied as a jpg. This should be portrait in orientation. If you can't do this  - no matter - we will try and find one that is suitable, based on any ideas you include in your submission. 

Submissions that do not follow the above procedure and provide all the information requested are unlikely to be considered for publication.

Manuscripts submitted that do not conform reasonably well to our manuscript layout requirements below will not be accepted by us.

It is your responsibility as author to ensure your script follows our guidelines below as closely as possible and that the script has been thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar. 

Manuscript Layout Requirements:

         Manuscripts must be submitted in Word DOC or Word DOCX or RTF format using the Times New Roman font.

Heading page must contain the following two lines:

o    Title
Author Name

         The first page of the story and all subsequent Chapters must start on a New Page which has been created using the Insert/Break/PageBreak command and NOT using carriage return/linefeeds.

         Check that Chapter Headings are consistent (font and size) throughout the manuscript

         Section breaks should be denoted by THREE asterisks centred on the page with no Tab insertions

         Paragraph formatting should be zero spaces before and after paragraphs, with first lines indented by between 0.7 and 1.0 centimetres. Paragraphs should be aligned as justified if your word processor version allows this if not, leave as left justified.

         Use of speech marks must be consistent. If your speech uses 'thoughts' in quotes then use double quote marks for real speech and single quotes for 'thoughts'. 

         Use underlines sparingly. For emphasis please use italics. 

         Spelling MUST be checked thoroughly as must grammar. Use Word's tools to do this and remove as many errors as you can. Advise us if speech requires certain dialects (eg Deep South drawl) so we can ignore it in our final checking. Such dialects are impossible to spell check!

         The Manuscript MUST end with the words THE END, aligned to the centre of the page. This tells us we have received your complete story.

         Fonts used for headings should be no more than 16 points and the font must be clear to read. For the script itself, the font should be 12 point and a clear font (Times New Roman, Baskerville etc). Do not use script fonts or huge font sizes we will simply reject what we see when we open the file!

Royalty payment and terms


Please see our royalty information page for rates.  

You have access to detailed transaction reports from each of our sites which we will update as soon as they become available to us. Revenue earned is credited to your account as soon as we know what we are being paid, and will be included in your next payout according to the payment cycle and minimum payment you set up on your account. 

In all cases we maintain accounts for all authors. You can decide whether you want to be paid weekly, monthly or quarterly through PayPal. Or you can be paid monthly or quarterly by bank transfer (UK or International). When the balance of your account reaches a minimum of 10 in any of the three currencies we hold, our account payment processing routines will automatically trigger payment of the balance on the account. For weekly PayPal payments, the balance of your account will be taken as at the end of Sunday each week. Where your balance is greater than the minimum payout level, you will receive payment by the following Tuesday. Where the balance is below the minimum, your balance will roll over to the following week. For monthly and quarterly payments, due to restrictions imposed by our credit card processing system, we MUST advise you that payments will not be made for up to 28 days after the month end as we have to clear funds from our card processor. Transfers to a UK Bank are made FREE of charge. For International bank transfers we will pay our own costs of the transfer, and you will pay your own bank costs. For transfers to a UK or International Bank please contact us for details so we can set this up for you.


Copyright always remains with the author.

We will do our best to stop your books from being given away for free on forums and other sites - however this is a cooperative exercise and almost impossible to police, and we rely on information being fed back to us so we can take action against those who would rob you of your income. When we are made aware of a copyright infringement we will do all we can to resolve the matter as your publisher.


As author you confer exclusive rights on Fiction4All to publish your book. It is taken as agreed between you and us that we have these rights for a minimum period of 1 year from the date of publication. If your book is eligible for paperback publishing then the agreement extends to a period of 1 calendar year from the date your book becomes available in print. If your book is eligible to be added to our paperback publishing program but you do not want it included in that program, you must notify us in writing before we publish the digital edition of your book as our current operating procedures mean we will normally start to create the paperback edition as soon as possible after the digital edition is on sale this applies to books of at least 30,000 words as of 3rd February 2017. If you require a reversion of rights during the initial 12 month period you must write to us and ask for this to happen. We reserve the right to charge $50 per book where the book is in digital format only, and $100 per book if the book is in print before rights will revert. After the 12 month period as stated above, you can request reversion of rights without financial cost.


Prices of ALL titles published directly by us are at the discretion of the editorial team and their decision is final and binding. By submitting a story for publication you are deemed to agree with our decision. We may, at our sole discretion, alter prices up or down at any time to reflect market trends.

We always aim to achieve the highest realistic price for a publication. We offer all new titles with a 15% discount for the first 7 days as this attracts more sales.


We believe authors who help make our sites a success deserve to be rewarded! So, for our own authors who give us full digital and print rights to publish and distribute their books, we have in place a bonus scheme. These awards and rewards are subject to the terms and conditions stated below.




On A1AdultEbooks we have a Hall of Fame for great stories. To get your book listed on our Hall of Fame your book MUST be at LEAST 30000 words long and achieve at least DIAMOND SALES level (our third sales level) during the initial 28 days of the book being published. 



We also give monetary awards for sales achievements both for short stories and longer novellas. This is changed from 3rd February 2017 as follows:

ALL books published by our own authors (for which we are given full rights to publish and distribute in digital and print forms) that achieve at least sales level 3 (Diamond) in their first 28 days on our sites will earn the author monetary rewards on top of royalties as follows:
For Level 3 (90 copies sold) - for novellas of at least 20000 words - $50. For any story under 20000 words - $10.


I wish you every success and look forward to you joining us as an author.