Our affiliate program is on A1AdultEbooks one of our sites where we will be selling adult fiction from our Exclusive authors.


www.a1adultebooks.com splits into two types of traffic and members.


If members or visitors are directly associated with us (ie not an affiliate) then those people will continue to see all adult ebooks on the site.

If visitors or members are associated with an affiliate then they will only be able to buy books that are opted into MoneyMaker.


You, the author, decide what percentage of your royalties you want to give to other people who are selling your book[s].

Affiliates are able to select books to promote based on what they are going to make most money from,

so it's likely the more you offer affiliates, the more you will sell.



And don't forget, as an author you will also be an affiliate on A1AdultEbooks, and you will also have your own front page to bring customers to our site. You will only have this front page if at least one of your books is opted into our MoneyMaker program. When you have a front page, anyone you bring to the site who buys books that are opted into the scheme, will earn you the rate of royalty the related author is prepared to give you. If that visitor joins us as a member then you will benefit from any future purchases they make as once they are associated with you, they are yours every time they log in and buy a book!


There are features within the author suite to let you opt in or out and set your royalty offer.


You can read more about the affiliate program itself from links on www.a1adultebooks.com if you want to!


Remember Moneymaker will only work for you if you opt your books in.