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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

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Search by Title, Author or words

Mrs. Driscoll

Mrs. Driscoll's Enslavement 
(W.L. Dowd)


After finally jerking her hand away from her spasming pussy, she groaned under her breath, “No… No, I have to stop,” as her eyes sprung open.  Sitting up in bed and fully awake now, she glanced around the room once again to be sure Charles wasn’t lurking nearby.  Her sense of submission and desire to please him in every way possible was inexplicably intense.  Feeling a bit unsure of what was expected of her now, she looked around the room for a sign, when she spotted several items laid out on her night table.

Gasping gently, she took in the sight of the nipple lassos, rubber anal plug, the spring clamps that she wore on her nipples during her ride home last night, and a tent-card note.  Hesitating before she reached for the note, her heart began to pound as she retrieved it and began to read.

‘Good Morning, gorgeous!   I hope you’re feeling as good as I am this morning.  In the bathroom, you’ll find the outfit I selected for you to wear today.  You will shower and prepare yourself for me accordingly.  I will be waiting for you in the kitchen, my love. And sweetheart, do not remove your collar, or forget the rules of your submission when in my presence!’


Now sitting at her makeup table with its large lighted mirror, Maryann quickly applied some eye makeup and lipstick.  After taking a moment to make sure her makeup was just right, she stood up from her seat only to catch a glimpse of her full nakedness in the mirror.  While admiring her provocative reflection, she couldn’t help but wonder what Charles might have in store for her next.  Regaining her composure, the sexy brunette bombshell turned for the marble-top table that held her designated attire.  Picking up the crotch-less panties, she careful slipped the peculiar lingerie up her long sleek legs and into place between her legs.  It was immediately evident how exposed and vulnerable her pussy was as she adjusted the strange feeling garment.

Finished with that, she reached for the extremely revealing bra and began to put it on.  Slipping her arms through the shoulder straps before clasping it in place behind her back, she then positioned her firm DD breasts into the cupless openings.  Making several adjustments for the right fit and comfort, her amazing breasts with their plump erect nipples were soon projecting outward through the lacy garment.  Taken aback by the effectiveness of the humiliating bra, her remarkably firm breasts looked truly breathtaking.

Taking a moment to absorb her reflection in the mirror once again, she turned her body side-to-side to get the full effect of her sexy body’s exposure.  Next, she retrieved the shoes and skillfully strapped them on her perfectly manicured feet.  Pleased that her recent pedicure was still in such good shape, she couldn’t deny that the sexy black sandals with the 5-inch heels were the prefect addition to the ensemble.  Finally, she retrieved the fishnet body wrap and draped it around her shoulders.  Not surprised that it fell just short of the opening in the crotch-less panties while providing no effective concealment at all, she still felt more comfortable wearing it than nothing at all.

Gaining her composure and focus, she stepped forward on the exceptionally high heels.  It took a couple of steps to get used to the delicate shoes and to stabilize her ankles as she exited the bathroom and headed toward the bedroom door.  Stepping onto the tile floor just outside the bedroom, the clack of her pencil thin heels announced her departure from the bedroom.  Based on his note, she knew Charles would be waiting for her in the kitchen, and that he most likely just heard her first steps outside the bedroom.  Reaching the first hardwood step at the top of the long staircase, she carefully stepped down to the waiting tread.  Unable to avoid landing on each step with a distinct clacking thud, she was certain that Charles was enjoying the sound of each step she took.

Finally reaching the bottom, she took a deep breath, crossed her wrists behind her back as required, and walked slowly toward the kitchen.  It took a few dozen steps to reach the opening to the kitchen as her heart began thumping in her chest.  By the time her mostly naked body passed through the opening, she was nearly panting with anticipation.

Stepping into the kitchen, she quickly spotted Charles seated atop his favorite barstool at the far end of the tall breakfast island.  Clearly anticipating her arrival, how could he not with the distinct sound of her heels announcing her arrival; his eager eyes scanned her body up and down as she slowly made her way toward him.  It was evident by the mischievous smile on his face that he was thoroughly enjoying the sight of her highly sensuous body, and the delectable sound of her sexy heels.  Continuing toward him with her arms compliantly positioned behind her back, she wasn’t sure what he might expect of her on the morning after their night at the club, but that didn’t dampen her excitement.

Her heart was pounding in her chest as she slowly stepped forward.  She knew she was now in a brand-new relationship with her remarkable husband; the kind of relationship she had so desperately wanted, but was still trying to wrap her head around.  Still walking directly toward him, she instinctively lowered her eyes as if to signal the acceptance of her humbling submission.

Grappling with the powerful emotions of that moment, she couldn’t deny the reality of what she was feeling.  She simply couldn’t dismiss the fact that it was the humiliation of her exposed body, in the bright morning sunlight streaming into their kitchen, which sparked the fire of lust and passion in her belly.  With her nipples stiffening even more and her moist pussy tingling, she couldn’t help but resign herself to the fact that she was now Charles’ personal property as much as she was his devoted wife.

Slowly approaching Charles, as he swiveled his stool to face her, Maryann stepped quite close to him and then stopped directly before him.  With her wrists still crossed behind her back and her eyes lowered, she said softly, “Good morning… M-Master.”

Without a verbal acknowledgment of her presence or her morning greeting, he reached out with both hands and began to gently tease the highly sensitive tips of her erect nipples with his soft fingertips.  Taking full advantage of her jutting bare breasts, he was very careful to caress only the most sensitive tips of her fully erect pleasure buds; and he got the reaction he expected.

Immediately beginning to wobble atop her heels as she released a groaning exhale of ecstasy, she strained to stand tall and steady as the highly intense sensations shot through her body like an electrical current.  With her wide eyes now fully focused on Charles’ skilled fingertips as they danced across her swollen buds with incredible effectiveness, her gasping breaths confirmed Charles’ understanding of just how sensitive her girly tips truly were. 

Struggling to maintain her balance, she was caught off guard when he suddenly demanded, “Spread your legs for me!”

After attempting to steady herself even more, she began to work her feet apart.  Carefully shuffling her sexy shoes out to each side, she soon felt the kitchen’s fresh air caress her hot and wet pussy as the crotch-less panties opened to expose her vulnerable womanhood.  But before she was finished with her task, she felt the intense pleasure in her buds change to sharp pain.  Still staring down at her projecting breasts, she was again caught off guard as she watched Charles grab ahold of her plump nipples and abruptly pinch them rather tight.

Expelling a barely intelligible whimper, “Ohhh my god, n-no… please,” escaped her open mouth as Charles spoke out.

“Is that how you respond to a command from your Master?”

Gasping in response, she nearly used her hands to defend her nipples as she replied, “N-No Master.  I’m s-sorry, Sir!”

“Let’s try this again… Open your legs wide for me, my slave!”

While making sure her arms were folded behind her back as required, and with the lessons of last night flooding into her head, she replied compliantly this time, “Y-Yes Master,” as she quickly went to work spreading her feet apart even wider.

“That’s much better, my dear,” he snickered as he released her nipples, and the smirking smile returned to his face.

“Thank you, Master,” she responded with an obvious tone of relief in her voice.

With her feet nearly three feet apart now, he went back to teasing her nipples before he said, “Very nice, that will do fine.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” she quipped as she continued to find her balance with her slender and sexy legs spread open.

Still teasing her sensitive nipples unmercifully, he spoke out again, “Tell me, are you wet?”

“Ohh yes, Master, I’m very w-wet.”

Looking down, he could see her feminine juices slowly drooling from her slightly swollen and glistening labia lips.

Chucking aloud, he responded, “I can see that.  You’re actually drooling for me.”

After several sexually tormenting minutes, she was actually relieved when he suddenly stopped teasing her throbbing nubs.  But her relief didn’t last long.  Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved a set of nipple clamp presses and dropped them onto the stone surface of the breakfast island.

Hearing the clanking metallic sound of the clamps and connecting chain as they came to rest on the hard surface, she couldn’t take her eyes off the cruel looking devices.  She knew exactly what they were and how they would be used. 

“Do you recognize those?”

“Y-Yes, Master, I do.”

“I thought you might, I saw them circled in one of your bondage gear catalogs.  Not that they aren’t self-explanatory, but explain how I’m going to use them on you, Maryann.”

As humiliating and awkward as this new experience in submission was, she understood her commitment to Charles, and that defying him was not an option.  Maintaining her composure, she inhaled deeply and responded, “Those are nipple presses, Master…  When the thumbscrews are loosened, the clamp opens.  O-once they’re fully open; you’re going to place them over my n-nipples, then use the thumbscrew to close them.  When you’re done, both of my nipples will be clamped tightly inside the presses.”

“Yes, you are correct, my dear.  I’m curious to know; are you looking forward to wearing these devilish devices?”

Hesitating for a moment as she envisioned the clamps squeezing her large buds, she responded, “Y-Yes I-I am, Sir. Th-thank you.”

Nodding his head in approval, he reached down between her spread legs and slipped a finger into the folds of her now gushing wet pussy.  Quickly finding her swollen clit, he wasted little time before playing with it.

“Ohhhhhh Shhhh-it,” escaped her lips.

 Defying Charles’ requirement that she keep her hands behind her back when in his service, she momentarily used one of them to grab the island’s top and steady herself.  Still standing with her legs spread apart, she slowly returned her hand to its required place behind her back while her husband began to massage and pinch her rock-hard clit.  Gasping and groaning in response to the highly stimulating assault on her vibrant climax button, she wasn’t sure how long she would be able to hold out as her lungs nearly froze and her body began to quiver.

“You do know… I have not given you permission to cum, Maryann!”

“N-No, No y-you haven’t, S-Sir.”

Straining to prevent herself from experiencing a thundering climax atop her husband’s fingertips, she began to whimper, “Pleeeease, stop… No, n-no, I-I can’t take it m-much longer…”

 Seeing her increasing struggles, he said, “Shall we move along then, and get these clamps attached to those lovely nipples of yours?”

Looking forward to the biting effect of the cruel clamps as a distraction from her throbbing clit, she suddenly welcomed the pain that would come with the awful implements.

“Y-Yes, S-Sir, Pl-Please p-put the c-clamps on m-me…”


Excitedly standing in the entryway’s door, Raphael took a moment to scan Maryann’s bound and exposed body up and down a couple of times before pausing to stare at the nipple clamps firmly affixed to her sensitive buds.  He had spent many hours trying not to stare at Maryann’s large responsive nipples when they became erect during her exercise sessions.  However, that was then and this is now, and what a sight it was!

Pleasantly surprised by the stunning vision before him, it took him a moment to respond, “Y-Yes Sir, thank you for contacting me.  I must admit, I was thrilled to get your phone call last evening.”

“Well, Raphael, I too was excited when I learned of our mutual lifestyle interests and pleasures.  When I called to inquire about your assistance with Maryann’s training, I wasn’t sure how you would react given your longstanding professional relationship with my wife.  I know how much she enjoys your services as her personal trainer.  And as anyone can see, there is no disputing how well you’ve kept her body in superb condition.”

Sighing in agreement, he quipped, “Yes Sir, she certainly is a remarkably beautiful woman,” as he renewed his visual scan of his client’s fit and fully exposed body.

So overwhelmed by her humiliation, Maryann’s mind and body felt numb as her eyes darted back and forth between Raphael and Charles.

“At the end of our discussion last night, Raphael, you asked if you could bring someone along with you.  Please… come in and introduce us to your friend,” said Charles as he opened the front door all the way and stepped to the side as a gesture for Raphael to enter.

Maryann had been so consumed by Raphael’s unexpected presence and his excited gawking eyes, that she hadn’t even noticed the young girl standing directly behind him.  She was so small in stature that Maryann didn’t see her until Raphael had stepped through the doorway.

As he walked past Maryann and into the opulent foyer, Raphael had a big grin on his face as he nodded his head in approval of Maryann’s state.  Winking at Maryann as her wide eyes met his in a look of surprised disbelief; he was clearly pleased by what he saw. 

Dumbfounded by what she was witnessing, the moment felt surreal as she watched a beautiful and naked young girl follow Raphael into the house.  Appearing in the classic sex-slave position with hers wrists and elbows bound together behind her back while balancing herself atop a pair of 5-inch tall heels, her breasts appeared to thrust upward as her young body strained to maintain its balance with each step.

Not only was Maryann made to endure her longtime friend’s excited admiration of her naked predicament, but he also seemed to have his own enchanting little sex-slave following behind him.  Appearing rather young, the adorable bound girl followed along on a leash with no visible apprehension as she stepped forward.  She might have stood 5-feet tall without her alluring heels and couldn’t have weighed much more than 95 lbs.  While having a tiny frame that sported a pair of remarkably firm and projecting breasts that would have certainly challenged the constraints of a C-cup bra, they perfectly complimented her slender sexy figure and nicely toned legs.  Maryann and Charles could only look on in awe as the lovely young woman compliantly followed behind Raphael. 

The sexy young woman was clearly of foreign descent.  Blessed with remarkably smooth and flawless olive tone skin, her thick and flowing dark hair further accentuated her unique features that were prominently on display, which included large dark areolas, unusually plump nipples and a hairless pussy that appeared as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  

Maryann wasn’t sure what to make of the young girl as she struggled to soak it all in.  Tightly bound, gagged and collared like a common sex-slave, the beautiful naked youngster appeared to be un-phased as she followed along at the end of Raphael’s leather leash.  In fact, Daphne appeared more calm and accepting of her fate than Maryann did of hers, as their eyes briefly met.

Unable to look away, she could only admire the girl’s dainty figure, her full-bodied long and dark hair, her large sexy brown eyes, her dark eyebrows, thick eyelashes, and her wide sexy mouth that was filled with a large red ball-gag. 

“MMMMmmmmm, and who do we have here?” asked Charles in an inquisitive tone.

Pausing just inside the foyer, he halted and turned the stunning creature toward Charles and replied, “This is Daphne.  And she is my fiancée, Rhea’s, little sister.” 

With a look of surprise overtaking his face, Charles couldn’t help but mutter, “Your fiancés’ s-sister?”

Smirking, he replied, “Yes, Sir.  But to be more precise, she’s Rhea’s stepsister.”

Pausing while Charles continued to admire Daphne, he soon went on. “You see, my fiancée is my personal submissive, very similar to Maryann’s new role with you.  Rhea and I met at a lifestyle party two years ago and she has been my committed submissive ever since.  She moved in with me a year ago and we’ve been living happily as a D&S couple.”

After giving Charles and Maryann a moment to absorb that information, he continued, “And it wasn’t too long after that that Daphne made her submissive secrets known to Rhea.”

“Oh my goodness,” Charles responded in stunned tone. “I have so many questions.  Please, come and join me in the den before we get down to today’s business.”

As Raphael nodded his head in agreement, each of the men tugged on their bound subs’ leashes, causing the beautiful bound women to lurch forward atop their high-heels. Understanding what was required of them as their leashes drew taught; Maryann and Daphne shared a momentary stare of admiration for one another before they fell in line behind their men.

Quickly regaining her composure as she took her first steps, Maryann’s initial humiliation was beginning to morph into an unexpected sensation of curiosity and delight.  She could feel the coldness of frantic concern being replaced with the warmth of excitement and passion to please and obey her husband in their new lifestyle.

Maryann had always admired Raphael’s incredibly fit and sexy body, but never more than at this very moment as she followed compliantly behind him and Charles.  Raphael was a very attractive young man of Italian descent.  With short dark brown hair, a mesmerizing smile with alluring brown eyes that could melt any woman’s heart, his remarkably sculpted and toned body was almost hypnotic.  Mesmerized by her personal trainer’s current appearance in his flattering jeans and button down shirt, she wasn’t sure she had ever seen the 28-year-old, 5’ 10”, 170 lbs., man in attire other than his workout shorts, sneakers and compression style tee shirt.

He had been her personal trainer for a number of years.  Truth be told, admiring his remarkable physique as they worked out together was certainly a big part of the motivation that fueled their sessions.  She never imagined Raphael as a Dominant; he was always so kind and respectful to her.  He always called her ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Mrs. Driscoll’, and while she often imagined what it would be like to shower with the sexy hunk after their workouts, she never flirted with him, and he never made her feel uncomfortable.

Entering the den, Charles led them to a grouping of plush leather seats.  Sitting in his favorite chair, Charles pointed to the floor alongside his seat and said, “Kneel, right here!”

Immediately positioning herself very close to Charles’ comfortable leather chair, Maryann quipped, “Yes, Master,” as she lowered herself to the floor.  Grateful for the soft throw rug under her knees, she knelt tall with her arms still tightly bound behind her, and lowered her head.  Feeling as if everyone in the room was staring at her, her humiliation was again quite intense.

Motioning toward an identical seat across from his, Charles said, “Please my friend, have a seat.”

Next, Maryann watched Raphael settle into the adjacent leather chair and say, “And you… kneel here,” to the sexy young girl.

Sitting comfortably with their beautiful slaves kneeling compliantly at their sides now, Charles spoke.

“I have to ask, Raphael; does your fiancé know about you and Daphne?”

“Absolutely,” he exclaimed emphatically as he chuckled aloud. 

“It all started about 6-months ago when Rhea and I arrived home early from a movie, to find Daphne’s car parked out front of our place.  When we got inside, Daphne was nowhere to be seen.  Spotting the light streaming out from under our bedroom door, we proceeded to enter unannounced.  Finding her nearly naked while amusing herself with our collection of bondage gear, we were a bit stunned, as was she.”

With a smirk on his face, Raphael began to stroke Daphne’s beautiful hair in a teasing kind of way as he continued, “She actually had a ball-gag strapped in her mouth, leather cuffs around her wrists and her ankles tied together with length of rope.  She was so enamored with our bondage gear that she didn’t hear us come home, or approach the bedroom.”

“Hmmmm, that’s incredible.  What happened next?”

“That’s the truly remarkable part of the story, Charles.  With the ball-gag in her mouth and her ankles tied together, she couldn’t say anything intelligible, or run.  Completely surprised and caught red-handed, she was frozen in an ‘oh-my-god’ moment as her large doe eyes stared up at us.”

Chuckling and shaking his head in wonderment, Charles muttered, “Oh my, I can’t wait to hear more of this story.”

“Well, I have to say, what happened next stunned me as well.  While I never suspected Daphne’s submissive side, Rhea had.  Next, Rhea asked me to step out so that she could talk with Daphne.  Still stunned by the scene we walked in on, I took one last glimpse of Daphne’s sexy predicament and then quickly left the room.

“Thirty minutes later, as I began to wonder what was going on, I heard the bedroom door open from the living room where I sat patiently waiting.   Recounting what I had just seen, I’ll freely admit that my imagination was getting the best of me.  A bit concerned that the evening’s unexpected events might have a negative impact on Rhea’s relationship with her sister and even our master / slave relationship, I have to confess that I was absolutely flabbergasted by what happened next.

“Hearing them approach, I turned to see Rhea coming forward with a big smile on her face and a leash in her hand.  Caught off guard, I was stunned to see Daphne trailing behind her.  Dressed in only a bra and panties now, Daphne was bound and collared with the red ball-gag wedged even deeper in her mouth now.  Able to walk in short steps as the hobble chain between her ankles restricted her gait; Daphne stepped forward awkwardly at the end of the leash.  Clearly inexperienced at walking with her arms secured behind her and a tall posture collar holding her chin up, I could see the high level of concentration on her face as she made her way along.”

Completely captivated by Raphael’s incredible story, Charles was looking on in amazement as he continued to listen in complete silence.

 “Astounded at the awesome sight of Rhea’s little sister, I was speechless.  Sensing my stunned reaction, Rhea announced rather confidently and joyfully that Daphne was now a fellow submissive.  As if proud to have her sister following in her footsteps, Rhea asked me, ‘Master, would you be willing to assist with Daphne’s training?  Sir, would you please help train her to be a worthy submissive, like me?’

“Still speechless, I finally regained my composure enough to nod my head in agreement, and the rest is history, as they say.” 

“I have to ask, Raphael.  How old is she?  And what’s her lineage?”

“Excellent questions, Mr. Driscoll…  Daphne and Rhea are of Mediterranean descent, from Greece to be exact.”

“Ohh yes, I can see the Greek in her for sure.”

“As for her age, today is a big day for Daphne…  Today is her eighteenth birthday.  A day that I promised Rhea would be very special for her highly inquisitive sibling.”