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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words

Cadets by Commander James Bondage

(Commander James Bondage)


Over the next two weeks, the new kittens fell into the routine at the Academy. There were calisthenics and formation drills in the mornings, running on the track or the obstacle course in the afternoons, and calls to officer’s quarters for “personal services” in the evenings.

Merry and four other girls from her section of ten were ordered to report to the instructors’ quarters a week after their arrival, accompanied by Kate Swenson, their cadet ‘advisor’.

“They will be looking for an excuse to hurt you,” Kate warned her charges as they walked to the officer’s quarters at the school, “and when they do decide to punish you, I’ll be the one to administer it, and I’ll have to give it to you with full force.”

Merry looked at the big blonde’s sturdy, athletic build, and decided that strokes from her would be quite as painful as the ones handed out by Platoon Sergeant Miller.

“Just do whatever they tell you,” Kate went on. “Remember: the Army owns our bodies, but they don’t own us.” She tapped her chest for emphasis. The five new cadets nodded doubtfully.

The officers were waiting for them in a large room furnished like a parlor crossed with a torture chamber. There were comfortable-looking sofas and chairs, several metal and wooden restraining devices, and canes, whips and crops mounted in free-standing racks and on the walls.

There were four officers in the room, relaxing on the furniture. The senior officer was Major Hoskins, a short, thickset man with curly red hair who taught physics and chemistry. He was the first to speak.

“You new kittens haven’t started classes at the school yet, so we haven’t been properly introduced,” he said. “Why don’t you do the honors, Cadet Swenson?”

“Yes sir,” Kate replied. “This is Major Hoskins. Over on the sofa there are Captain Laws and Captain Corcoran,” she, said pointing to a brow-haired man of medium build, and a skinny, fiftyish blond with a long nose, “and sitting at the table is the Regimental Surgeon, Dr. Perkins, also a Major,” she finished, indicating a short, older man with thinning gray hair and a gray mustache.

Kate introduced the five cadets from her section: Rachel Golden, 19, an intelligent-looking dark-haired girl who had been the object of the platoon Sergeant’s wrath on the first day; Amy Talbott, also 19, a perky blonde, blue-eyed former cheerleader from Alabama; Sandy Ruskin, 21, a shy, slender black girl with huge dark eyes and small, high breasts; Dorothy Petrosian, 22, short with long light brown hair, a dark complexion, almond eyes and delicate, sensitive features; and Merry, the youngest of the group, just two months past her 18th birthday.

“Well, I see no point in wasting time,” Major Hoskins said. “Let’s get started. Strip down to your belts, cadets, and let’s have a look at you. You can put your uniforms and boots on the shelf over there,” he said, pointing.

All six cadets began to undress immediately. They were by now more or less acclimatized to displaying their bodies for their officer/ instructors. They soon stood in a row, nude except for the nylon web belts they were required to wear at all times, exposed to the pitiless gazes of the four men.

The naked cadets were quizzed on their sexual experience. Amy and Merry were the only virgins. Rachel had given her maidenhead to her steady boyfriend as a going-away present the night before she reported to boot camp. Dorothy and Sandy were both engaged, and had enjoyed vaginal and oral sex with their future husbands on several occasions. None of them had ever engaged in any even mildly “kinky” sexual activities.

“Let’s start with that one,” said Captain Laws, pointing at Merry. “She’s just about the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen.”

Major Hoskins shook his head regretfully. “I agree, but unfortunately that one is off limits by orders of General Cafferson himself.”

“Well, why did she come here, if we can’t fuck her?” whined Laws.

Hoskins looked at him and made a face. “You have no imagination at all, do you, Tom?” He gestured to Merry. “Come over here and lie across my lap, Bransom,” he ordered. Merry went to the sofa, and bent over the Major’s thighs. “Lift your ass higher, Cadet, and arch your back,” he told her. He trapped her hands under his legs, stroked the taut golden hemispheres before him and asked, “Did you ever see a more spankable ass than this one?”

Captain Laws stood, approached them and took a closer look. Then he  replied, “Now that you mention it…” Captain Corcoran and Dr. Perkins also arose and  came nearer to watch as the Major began to swat Merry’s delicious bottom.

Major Hoskins’ hand was big and hard, and he had a strong right arm. Merry did not wiggle or make a sound until after he had spanked her more than forty times, and her ass-cheeks were blotched in a variety of shades from scarlet to magenta. Finally, a soft cry escaped her compressed lips, and the Major paused.

“So you can feel something, after all,” he said, looking down at her. “I was beginning to wonder.” Merry said nothing.

“Let me have a try,” Laws volunteered. “I bet I can make the little bitch beg for mercy.”

“O.K., you’re on,” Hoskins replied. “Twenty bucks says you can’t. I’ll give you fifty spanks to make her beg.”

Laws made Merry rise, then bent her over a wooden chair. He ordered her to hold the legs of the chair at the base and arch her back with legs well apart and straight. Finally, he blindfolded her, so that she would have no warning when the blows would fall, and no chance to tighten her buttocks in preparation for impact.

“Count them, Cadet,” Laws said. “If you break the position, you get a penalty stroke. You can end it any time, just by asking me for mercy. Understood?”

“Understood, sir,” Merry gritted out, barely restraining her urge to add, you little prick.

After the spanking by Major Hoskins, Merry’s ass felt as if it had been smoothed with coarse sandpaper. The first heavy blow of Captain Laws’ hand felt like  a hot griddle was being applied to her flesh. “One!” she grunted.

Laws applied the first fifteen strokes with the full force of his arm at a count of four per minute, to give Merry time to feel the full effect of each one. She continued to count and maintain the position, but she could not control the movements of her bottom, that began to wag side to side after each stroke. After the fifteenth stroke, Laws bent over Merry and reminded her that her suffering would cease as soon as she begged for mercy. She remained silent. Kate briefly considered advising Merry to surrender, as her courage had already been proven and there was no point in taking further punishment, but decided not to interfere. She knew what she would have done in Merry’s place, and it would not have been to give in to Laws.

Merry’s defiance seemed to anger the Captain, and he flailed at her reddening behind so rapidly that she had a difficult time keeping up the count. By the time he reached forty, Laws’ arm was so tired his blows no longer had much force. After the forty-second, he gestured with both hands at Merry and her now flaming bottom, and walked away.

“To hell with her,” he told Major Hoskins, “she could probably take a hundred. Anyway, I don’t want to spend all night playing with the only one we can’t have.”

Merry, whose ass felt as if it had been massaged with hot coals, doubted that she would have been able to endure a hundred strokes. As soon as the spanking ended, she asked herself why she had been so stubborn. What the fuck did I think I was doing? she wondered, as the angry waves of pain radiated from her abused bottom.

The four men surrounded the remaining five cadets, forgetting all about Merry for the moment. They decided to begin the party by doubling up on the virgin Amy Talbott and the near-virgin Rachel Golden.

Captains Laws and Corcoran chose the little dark-haired Rachel. As Corcoran was putting her wrists in the rear cuffs of her belt, Laws was fondling her breasts, which were small, firm and capped with chocolate-brown nipples, and pressing his stiff cock against her flat stomach.

“You’ve never had two once, have you, Cadet?” Laws murmured, as he nuzzled the trembling girl’s neck with his lips and nibbled her earlobe. When the girl shook her head in mute denial, he said,  You’re in for a treat, then.”

They maneuvered her to an ottoman and forced her to her knees. Corcoran produced a pair of short ropes that he used to tie her thighs to the legs of the ottoman, while Laws held her by the hair and gently slapped her tits back and forth.

After he secured Rachel’s legs, Captain Corcoran slid his hands up the narrow chasm between the girl’s parted bottom globes, stopping to rest his index finger lightly on her minute rear opening. “Still a virgin here, anyway,” he said, beginning to rub her asshole with a circular motion.

“Pl- please, sir…” Rachel began, teardrops gathering in the corners of her eyes, “please don’t…”

“Now, Cadet,” Laws said, putting a hand over her mouth to still her, “you weren’t about to tell your superior officers what to do, were you?” Rachel shook her head hopelessly.

“Good,” he said, dropping his hand to her breast. “Now lean forward, and start putting those soft lips of yours to work on my cock.” He knelt and pulled her head down until her mouth was an inch away from the purplish-red head of his erection. She rolled her dark eyes up at him in appeal.

“Captain, sir, I’ve never… done…” she began hesitantly.

He urged her forward with his hands on the back of her head, until her lips met the swollen head of his erection. “Well, after tonight, you won’t be able to say that anymore. Corky, if you wouldn’t mind, I think Cadet Golden may need a little encouragement.”

Corcoran sprang up, and returned carrying a heavy wooden paddle. Without any warning, he lifted it overhead and brought it crashing down on Rachel’s defenseless hindquarters. She screamed, and Laws took advantage to insert his cock into her wide open mouth, which partially muffled her cries.

“If I feel your teeth, you will be feeling a crop on your cunt,” he warned her. She nodded to indicate her acquiescence, and then screamed again as the heavy paddle smacked into her other bottom cheek.

“Lift your ass up higher, cadet,” Corcoran ordered.

Yss srr, ah wull, plss don ha me,” Rachel implored indistinctly, her mouth filled with Laws’ meat pole. The Captain hit her again with the piece of polished oak, printing another red oblong on her pale bottom, and drawing another stifled scream from the suffering cadet.

“Are you ready to take me up your ass, Cadet?” Corcoran demanded, raising the paddle again.

Yss srr, wahaher oo ann,” she replied fearfully looking back at him submissively. “Plss dun her ee,” meaning, “Yes, sir, whatever you want. Please don’t hurt me.”

“Then keep your ass nice and high while I fuck you,” Corcoran said. His fingers, which had been busy stimulating her pussy, now carried some of the lubricant she had produced to the tight circle of her anus, and began plunging into the little hole, stretching and preparing it for his swollen organ. The dark-haired girl groaned as her wrinkled star was forcibly spread open by the sadistic officer.

Captain Corcoran finally satisfied himself that Rachel was ready for him, and pressed his stiff erection against the entrance to her back passage. “Keep your bottom up, cadet,” he warned again. He pushed the head of his cock into the now-slippery circle, and the tough little ring, already fatigued from fighting Corcoran’s fingers, yielded after only a brief resistance.

“Nnnn! Pllss!” she begged as she felt his meaty club invade her virgin bottomhole, forcing it to hug his shaft in a tight embrace. Corcoran paid no attention, taking her hips and driving himself inexorably deeper, until her narrow tunnel had absorbed every inch of his shaft. Rachel writhed in distress under him.

“Now stroke me, up and down, nice and slow,” he directed. As he said this, he reached down between her swollen labia and rhythmically twirled her slippery love button.

The cadet was so distracted by what Corcoran was doing to her ass that she had forgotten to pay sufficient attention to the second officer’s pleasure. A sharp slap from Captain Laws reminded her of this duty. “Keep your tongue working on the head of my dick, Cadet,” he told the frantic girl.

The tight grip of Rachel’s narrow anal passage and the agitated motions of her pelvis were too exciting for Captain Corcoran’s ride to continue for very long without an explosion. He came while buried to the hilt inside her colon. “Ah, what a tight little ass you have, cunt!” He said.

Soon after that, Captain Laws suddenly clutched her dark hair in both hands to control her head, rammed his cock as deep as he could and pumped his hot seed deep in her throat. Rachel’s face turned bright red as she fought for air. Just before she thought she would black out, she was able to cough up enough of his goo to clear her airway and draw in a desperately needed breath. After the two officers were finished with her, she made no attempt to move, remaining on her knees, bent over the footstool, gasping and feeling lucky to be alive.

While the two Captains were putting the little Jewish cadet to rough use, Major Hoskins and Dr. Perkins were double-teaming the blonde Alabama cheerleader, Amy Talbott. Amy had been raised in as puritanical tradition as Megan O’Malley, and had found adjusting to the constant manhandling by the officers to be particularly difficult. Even after a week of being manhandled daily at the Academy, she still trembled violently whenever her naked body was fondled by of the instructors.

The Major and the doctor had her bent over a sofa, with her hands confined in belt loops at her hips. Dr. Perkins was playing with her pussy, fingering her clitoris until the girl began to produce slippery juice, then kneeling behind her and stimulating her engorged sex button with his tongue.

“Nothing like the taste of virgin pussy,” he announced, licking his lips.

Major Hoskins had chosen to use Amy’s mouth. He slapped her face with his hardening meat a few times. “Think you can handle all this, Cadet?” he asked, holding his rigid organ up before the girl’s horrified eyes.

She blushed darkly and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Please, Major, sir, I can’t… put it in my…”

“Open wide, Cadet,” Hoskins ordered. “It’s time you started learning your new duties.” He smacked her face with his erection again, for emphasis. Amy shook her head hopelessly. She tried to force herself to open her lips for the Major’s cock, but her body was unwilling to obey her command. Hoskins jabbed his cock at her closed lips, but they remained clamped shut.

“All right, we’ll just have to do it the hard way,” he said. “Swenson, front and center.”

Kate came over for her orders. “Give this cadet twenty-five strokes on her ass and thighs with a rattan cane, then we’ll see if she feels differently about following orders from her superior officers,” Major Hoskins commanded.

Kate saluted. “Yes sir,” she said. She felt a sickening sensation in the pit of her stomach as she fetched the yellow rod from a rack on the wall and returned to stand over Cadet Talbott’s deliciously round, pink bottom cheeks.

“Put a spreader bar on her first,” the Major said. “I want her to feel every single one.”

Kate attached a wooden bar to Amy’s ankles which forced her legs a yard apart. She bent down to whisper to the terrified girl, “I’m sorry, sweetheart, but this is going to hurt. Try to be brave.”

“Twenty-five hard ones with legs straight and ass high,” Hoskins told her, holding her head up by the hair, his face inches from hers. “If you bend your knees, you get a penalty stroke.” He signaled to Kate. “Begin.”

If Amy still hoped that her fellow cadet would somehow make the punishment easier on her than an instructor would, she was quickly disabused. What Jody had told them on the first day and Kate had repeated just before they came over was no less than the truth: the “mother cats” were going to use their full strength when they were ordered to administer corrections to erring kittens. Kate knew from painful experience that there was no possibility of deceiving the officers, and the attempt to do so would only lead to further, even more painful punishments for the luckless victims.

Amy screamed and cried as the cane ripped into the pale pink flesh of her hemispheres. Kate alternated from one cheek to the other, producing a series of parallel ridges on either buttock.

After the tenth stroke, Amy bent her knees and received her first penalty stroke. After the seventeenth, she could no longer hold still when the cane cut her flesh, and she bent her knees as she jumped under the painful blow. She cried continuously, turning to stare back at Kate between strokes in astonishment at her cruelty, and begging for her to stop. Amy never did officially complete the punishment, as after the twentieth stroke she could no longer control her body, and jumped or moved her legs each time. Eventually after she had taken many more than the original twenty-five strokes and her bottom cheeks were corduroyed from top to bottom with scarlet ridges, Major Hoskins relented, and granted the cadet’s hysterical pleas to be allowed to suck his cock. Kate went back to stand with the remaining kittens, her body gleaming with sweat from her exertions, her face an expressionless mask. The new cadets stared at her in horror.

For Kate, caning young Amy Talbott into submission was perhaps the worst of many terrible experiences she had endured at the NWMA. She wished there was some way she could have been caned in the place of the little cheerleader and asked herself when she had become so hardened to suffering that she could follow such an order. Perhaps, she thought, she had been turned by the Academy into as much of an unfeeling monster as the instructors.

Kate stood watching impotently as Dr. Perkins deflowered the defenseless girl. The broken former cheerleader submissively raised her hips to welcome his cock into her virginal pussy, and he fucked her vigorously, directing her with his hands on her hips. As the doctor was having his way with her, Major Hoskins was plunging his stiff rod repeatedly in and out of her open mouth, producing wet slurping noises, while Amy’s bright blue eyes seemed to bulge halfway out of their sockets.

Dr. Perkins climaxed first, his cock pulsing deep inside her soft sheath. He grimaced as he came, softly crying, “Ah, fuck, that’s good. Fuck!” Major Hoskins pulled his rod out of Amy’s mouth just before he came, and directed it to shoot wads of glistening spend on her face. It hung from her long eyelashes, snub nose and full, red lips, to drip down in long strands to the floor.

The four men sank into comfortable chairs to recover, momentarily depleted. Captain Laws gestured at the as yet untouched cadets, Dorothy Petrosian and Sandy Ruskin who stood trembling slightly, awaiting their turns.

“You two bitches haven’t done anything yet,” he said. “Suppose you provide a little entertainment for us while we rest up, and sixty-nine each other?” This suggestion was met by agreement from the other officers.

“I’m sorry, sir. I don’t know what you mean by ‘sixty-nine’,” Dorothy said hesitantly.

“That’s all right, Cadet. That’s why we have these training sessions, so you can receive instruction and practical experience,” Major Hoskins said genially. “You simply put your tongue in Ruskin’s cunt and lick her until she comes, and she does the same for you.”

Dorothy’s olive complexion seemed to go a shade lighter. “Sir, I’ve never… been with a woman…” she trailed off.

“Neither have I, sir,” added Sandy Ruskin.

“Then both of you need to learn how. There’s no time better than the present,” Hoskins said. When they failed to move, he added “Now, cadets,” in a sharper tone.

The two women slowly sank to the floor and arrayed themselves lying on their sides, head to foot with their mouths next to their partner’s sex. They edged their faces closer slowly, tentatively, clearly reluctant to make physical contact. Finally, Major Hoskins lost his patience.

“We’re not going to fool around with you two little cunts any longer. You both have to understand that an order is to be obeyed. Swenson, go over there and cane these insubordinate whores until they both come,” he ordered. “Start them at two strokes a minute, and if that doesn’t get the job done, we’ll increase it.”

Upon hearing this, the women hesitated no longer, but buried their faces in the pussies in front of them. The four men watched avidly as the cadets’ mouths clamped over the other’s lower lips and their tongues probed inside the increasingly wet slots, spurred on by sharp blows from Kate Swenson’s rattan cane. It was not long before their writhing bodies were gleaming with sweat and they were moaning softly as they approached climaxes.

As they watched the lovely cadets’ ever more urgent movements, the officers’ cocks slowly began to harden again. “It’s going to be a late night for you cunts,” Captain Laws predicted, grinning broadly.