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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words

The Twin Submissives by Argus

The Twin Submissives 

The Twin Submissives

Chapter One


Paige groaned as the alarm woke her. She stared up at the dull ceiling above, then closed her eyes, sighing, rolling onto her side and slapping at the alarm as she curled into her covers. It was cold out and warm in the bed.

She felt a warm back in front of her and her fingers slid up and down it, then she wriggled in closer as another voice groaned in front of her. A mass of blonde hair smelling faintly of apples was in her nose as she sighed and slid her arm over a narrow waist and then upwards, filling her hand with a soft, full breast.

“Good morning,” a sleepy voice said.

She smiled and wriggled a little, feeling Kayla's soft buttocks rubbing against her thighs and groin, and let her hand slide downward, fingers finding the narrow line of her friend's sex and stroking lightly.

“We have to be at work in...”

Kayla rolled over to face her, and Paige grinned. It was sort of like looking in a mirror.

“... very little time,” she continued.

“It never takes you long,” Paige replied. “Slut.”

She could see the pale skinned blonde's face already starting to flush as she wriggled in closer, their warm breasts pillowing together. Then she kissed her as she felt Kayla's upper arm slide around her, her fingers finding her buttocks and squeezing.

She let her weight roll her atop the other girl. They were both slender and weighed roughly the same, but she had always been the aggressive one.

She slid downward, taking the center of Kayla's left breast into her mouth, closing her teeth just enough to make it hurt a bit, sucking as her tongue stroked the already-hard nipple. She rose a bit, her hand kneading Kayla's breast, then sliding upward, her fingers delicately circling her lips, then slipping inside.

Kayla closed her lips, sucking them, licking at them for a few brief seconds until Paige pulled them back. They dropped between Kayla's legs and the other girl moaned as Paige began to stroke her, harder than before, for effect now.

Kayla's slender thighs spread apart as her chest began to rise and fall more quickly, and Paige bent to take her nipple into her mouth again, sucking rhythmically, chewing lightly, achingly, on the surrounding flesh as Kayla moaned and her back arched slowly.

Paige slid a slim finger into her, feeling her already moist inside. She added a second, then a third, pumping them in and out as she brought her thumb up against her clitoris. It didn't take long. It never took long. That was one of the fun things about Kayla – how incredibly responsive she was.

Her legs spread wider, and her breathing grew more ragged, and then louder as she began to cry out with the rising orgasm. Her hips ground more and more frantically, then began to buck up against Paige's fingers and thumb as she worked them harder.

Watching her coming was fascinating, and exciting in itself. It was an incredibly erotic sight, for Kayla was a beautiful, shapely blonde with masses of soft hair spilling across her lovely face. Watching that face contorted in pleasure, and that beautiful body arching and writhing in heat couldn't help but arouse anyone watching.

She went limp and Paige laughed softly. “Slut. I swear I could make you come just by blowing in your ear.”

Kayla grinned tiredly, drained, and Paige sniffed and rose on her knees, then crawled forward, straddling the other girl, deliberately pinning her arms down with her own knees and then settling her sex down against her mouth.

“Now please your mistress, slut,” she said in a stern voice.

Kayla's tongue pushed up as she quickly obeyed. That was another thing Paige loved about her. She pretty much did whatever Paige wanted with usually very little protest.

Although... that was also one of things that made Paige worry. A girl who looked like Kayla was prey to so many male animals – as, in fact, Paige was herself. She needed to be able to say no, and to resist pressure, and she often didn't seem to be able to stick up for herself.

So Paige did it for her. But at the same time, she herself was a determined and self-confident girl who liked to get her way.

Kayla licked and sucked her just the way she wanted it done. She had experience in it, after all, and Paige had certainly let her know exactly how to please her.

She groaned as she felt that lovely pink tongue working away at her. Sex with girls was so much easier than boys. You didn't have to worry about ego or flattery. It was easier to communicate, and the sex could go on a lot longer if you wanted it to.

That didn't mean she was gay, though. She liked boys a lot. Well, men now, though it was hard not to think of them as mostly boys. God knew they acted like it. But she enjoyed sex with girls too, more than Kayla did, she knew. Kayla had little interest in sex with women – except for Paige.

But then, sex between them was almost like masturbation. They could have been twins.

The two had met in high school. It had been, for both of them, a startling experience, like looking in a mirror. They were almost exactly the same height, at five foot eight. Both were slender, blonde and athletic, and both had thirty six D-cup breasts.

More to the point, they both had egg shaped faces, blue eyes, small, slightly snob noses, high cheekbones, full lips and slightly narrow jaws. People often mistook them for sisters even when they didn't dress alike or do their hair alike. Which they had often found endlessly amusing, especially when they pretended to make out together in bars to pop the boys’ eyes.

When they did color and style their hair the same way they looked uncannily like twins. But as far as their parents knew there was no meeting point anywhere in their separate families' histories as far back as anyone knew. Of course, that was only a couple of generations.

Kayla's family were Fins and Paige's were Irish. A lot of Nordic Vikings had settled in Ireland and England over the centuries so who knew if somewhere in time they hadn't been from the same inbred village or something.

They had, of course, become fast friends, and often thought of themselves as sisters.

Sex between them had come as a casual exploration and sport, initiated by Paige, of course. They trusted each other, after all, and both were interested in experimentation. It was fun and safe and easy, and while Kayla wasn't really bisexual she made an exception for Paige.

Paige's fierce devotion to sports often made people presume she had sympathies in that direction. She kept her hair long partly for that reason, since the cliché about lesbians had them having very short hair.

The other reason, of course, was so she and Kayla could look more similar when they chose to do so. The hair on both girls hung halfway down their backs. Kayla's was currently a strawberry blonde, while Paige was a brunette.

They had moved in together after finishing high school, and both worked at The Morgan Guaranteed Trust company as clerks. Paige had gotten in first, and then gotten them to hire Kayla. It was unexciting work, and it didn't pay much, but it sure beat being waitresses. And they worked together.

It made enough to pay for the rent in their one-bedroom apartment anyway. And neither of them had any issues sharing a bedroom, especially since the apartment was fairly roomy and clean and near their work in downtown Seattle – which was NOT a cheap city to live in.

Paige didn't come as easily as Kayla, but with the blonde's tongue licking hard and her lips sucking she was soon gasping for breath herself, and then quivering and trembling, head thrown back as the orgasm swept over her and set her nerve endings crackling and spitting like live electrical wires.

She slumped, gasping, and then rolled off Kayla, who sat up wearily.

“We'll be late if we keep this up,” she said.

“They won't fire us. We're the only real eye candy in the building,” Paige said confidently.

Kayla snorted and climbed out of bed, brushed her hair away from her face as she glanced at the mirror, then went into the bathroom.

“Hey, wanna do the twin thing?” Kayla called.

“What? Today?”

“No, dummy, when we go to LA.”

Paige made a face as she got out of bed. “I don't know. LA is full of slutty blondes anyway.”

“So we'll blend right in!”

“Maybe we should be redheads.”

“I'm used to being blonde. I AM a blonde.”

Paige left the bedroom and pushed open the door to the bathroom as the shower came on, then joined Kayla inside, sliding the door closed.

“A dirty blonde,” she said.

“You better clean me then,” Kayla said with a smirk.

They picked up the soap and used it to wash each other, kissing intermittently, and doing more than a little stroking and caressing that quickly got Kayla heated up again before Paige decided they had to finish and rinsed them both off.

“Seriously. What do you think?” Kayla asked as she dried her hair.

Paige sniffed. “I like being a brunette. I don't get hassled as much by horny guys.”

“Yeah, but this is a vacation. It's time to party. Maybe we'll meet a hot movie star and he'll want to do twins.”

Paige grinned, remembering the last guy they'd had together.

“Might be fun, if we can agree on a style,” she said.

Wearing just the towel wrapped around her hair, Kayla left the bathroom and returned with a magazine, then flipped it open to show her a light golden blonde hairstyle with lots of waves.

“I like this,” Paige said.

“We'd look fabulous together!” Kayla said enthusiastically.

Paige pursed her lips. “Remember, this is what it looks like when the hairstylist is done. That doesn't mean it'll look like that after a dip in the ocean.”

“No, but if we get a perm it will hold for a while.”

“Paige thought about it. She wouldn't want to look like this at work. She already got too much attention from jealous, middle aged women and horny middle-aged men. But this would be for vacation. Yeah, maybe,” she said.

“That means yes!” Kayla said, throwing her arms around her.

That brought their bare breasts together again as they kissed lightly, but Paige reached around and slapped the blonde's bottom, making her squeal and pull back.

“We have to get to work, slut.”

She used the hair dryer in the bathroom while Kayla went to the bedroom to use the mirror there. She would take longer, Paige knew, for her hair was more complicated. It always was. She was more of a girly girl than Paige had ever been.

While Paige had been taking volleyball, soccer and baseball, Kayla had been enrolled in ballet and dance. Paige's preferred clothing style was simple and comfortable with subdued colors. Kayla liked pink and yellow and lace, and preferred tighter, more revealing clothes than Paige liked.

It wasn't, Paige thought, that she was shy. She'd simply learned from years of experience that most of the attention you got from guys was unhelpful. And most of the guys were not guys she needed, or even wanted to know. Kayla seemed to measure herself more by male interest – any male interest.

Paige had higher standards. Find her the right kind of guy and she'd wear tight pants and cleavage that showed half her breasts if that was what it took to interest him. But she wasn't going to find that guy at Morgan Guaranteed Trust, nor on the bus getting there.

She put on black dress pants – form fitting, but black, and a dark gray button-down blouse with high collar. Kayla wore a tight, clingy red sweater dress which did nothing whatever to hide her shapely body, including high, full breasts.

Paige would wear flat healed black walking shoes. Kayla stuffed a pair of white, high-heeled booties into her bag before wearing her own black flats.

“Let's go already,” Paige sighed, looking at her watch.

“In a minute!” Kayla called from the bedroom where she was doing her makeup.

Paige made a face and stalked into the bedroom. She knew what 'in a minute' meant.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!”

Kayla quick finished her lipstick – very quickly. She knew what that look meant, as Paige grabbed her arm and yanked her away from the mirror.

Although they weren't particularly dressed up to draw male interest, they did, regardless. Every man eyed them, some furtively, some discretely, some boldly and longingly, as they boarded together and made their way to the back of the bus.

“You know, on second thought, that style is a bit girly for me,” Paige said, thinking back to the picture.

“I like it.”

“You would. Princess.”

Kayla stuck her tongue out.

“Maybe we should make it straight hair.”

Kayla rolled her eyes. “Boooring.”

“It's going to be hot and sweaty. It's going to get straight anyway.”

“So you don't have to worry. Anyway, it's a perm. It should hold up fairly well. Angela is very good at these kinds of things.”

Paige made a face. She'd wait to see what it looked like. Of course, by then it would be a done deal. But it was only right that Kayla got her way occasionally.


“I love it!” Kayla squealed, spinning in circles as their hairstylists looked on.

Both had sat side by side so that the two hairstylists at Angela's would make sure their hair was identical in color and style. Kayla had compromised somewhat. The dye was more of a honey blonde, a bit darker in shade than the golden blonde she had favored. And it was straight to a little above the jawline, and then, especially on the sides, long, lazy lengths of it curved gently back and around in a relaxed wave.

“It's very... fluffy,” Paige said doubtfully.

“Full and soft, you mean,” Kayla said.

“Yeah, but it sure looks like there's a lot of it.”

“And you're complaining?”

“Gonna look strange with a baseball cap.”

“So don't wear one.”

Paige looked at her as if she were crazy.


Nathan Scott looked out from the massive glass walled back of the great room onto the enormous yard below. The yard was rectangular, and well-treed for privacy. In fact, the landscaping was gorgeous. The upper deck was large and sunny, with three large, padded leather loungers. Each was the size of a king-sized bed, and could be cranked up at the push of a button, much like hospital beds, if one desired to sit up

A large, square, in-ground hot tub sat in front of two of them, and off to the right was a large conversation area with padded leather, all-weather benches facing a long, elegant looking, raised fire pit.

Down below was a formal pond with fountain, and past that, an enormous swimming pool painted in a darker blue.

Large, comfortable stone loungers ran along one side of the pool, the lower parts under about six inches of water, the upper parts angled enough to keep a lounger's body from the waist up out of the water.

Facing it, on the right, was a mock stone wall with waterfall running down to a more natural looking pond with water plants. And between them was a beautiful broad, green lawn. Off to one side was another conversation area, this one covered, with a barbecue kitchen and wet bar for outdoor gatherings.

Quite the paradise. Very private, very secluded. And they were atop a hill, so that no neighbors overlooked them.

“Forty-five million is pretty high,” he said.

“This is a jewel of a house,” the realtor said.


It was certainly very modern looking, with a lot of light, and well-designed to be airy and open. There was substantial luxury as well, of course. But one expected that in Beverly Hills.

The floating mahogany stairs led to the second floor, which was just as exquisite, including the large master bedroom which looked out on the front, and then down onto the valley below, and further, between two hills, to downtown Los Angeles. It had its own wide deck, hot tub, and fireplace, of course.

The master bathroom was done in white marble from Italy, about twenty feet by twenty feet, with long, elegant white counters facing each other across the room. In the center was the tub, tall, oval and gleaming, and at the far end were the separate toilet area, and then the huge glassed-in shower.

There were two walk-in closets, both about the same size as the toilet. One was very masculine, done in gleaming African blackwood, drawers and cupboards running along two sides, with shelves at the far end. Of course, there was also an enormous cabinet in the middle, with a leather bench set against the front.

The female closet was done in a creamy white spruce, and had more mirrors.

There was, of course, a home theater, a large home gym, several studies and offices, a half dozen bedrooms, a games room, a large wine cellar, and a sauna and spa.

It was not a place he would buy for himself. He had no need of a house this large. He lived in a penthouse downtown. But as an investment, well, no one was making more hills in Beverly Hills, and this one had unexpectedly come on the market shortly after it had been built. And it would be useful for entertaining his clients.

Of course, he'd have to hire a maid service or something to maintain it as it would be empty much of the time. Maybe he should put it on Airbnb, he thought with an inner smirk.


“It's kinky when we look so much alike,” Paige said as she watched them in the mirror.

Kayla was sucking on one of her nipples, her hand between her legs, skillful fingers stroking her.

“I know,” Kayla said, giggling as she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Yeah but... this hair is so... similar. I mean, we've looked nearly identical before, but this hair makes it really look like we're twins.”

“Cool, huh!?”

Paige snorted. “No screwing around pretending we're lovers in public.”

“But we are lovers... kind of.”

“Yeah, but people will be sure we're sisters looking like this. I don't mind being seen as a little kinky, but I don't want people thinking I'm a freaking pervert.”

Kayla laughed. “We're never going to see these people again once we come home.”

“Still,” Paige said stubbornly.

“What if we get a movie star that wants to fuck us?”

“If he's hot, then okay. But he has to be hot.”

But it was kinky, as she watched in the mirror, as she pushed Kayla to her knees before her and the girl began to lick with the expertise of long practice. It was... weird. It was like watching her perform oral sex on herself!

And she looked so... sexual! The flowing blonde hair made her look like a real sex pot! She'd had blonde hair before, dyed to match Kayla, but not this thick, flowing, wavy mass that spilled over her shoulders and down her back like a golden waterfall.

She let her fingers slide through Kayla's hair, knowing it felt identical to her own, gathering it in, moaning softly as she tugged on it insistently, urging the girl on to greater efforts.

“Ohhh. I love your mouth, you hot little slut!” she moaned.