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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words

Maid Service - Part 1 by Peter Birch

Maid Service - Part 1 
(Peter Birch)

Maid Service - Part 1




Many readers will be unfamiliar with slang terms both from British public schools in the middle 20th century.


Bumph – rubbish, usually litter but also nonsense, especially unnecessary bureaucracy or pedantic detail. The term seems to have originated with military slang for lavatory paper.


Gated – restricted to college grounds, a punishment normally reserved for senior pupils a little too inclined to make use of their freedom under national law. The author himself was gated for visiting a girlfriend in a city some seventy miles away and hitchhiking back in the early hours of the morning.


Prefects – the official hierarchy among public school pupils can be almost military in its complexity and precision. Most schools have their own system, but there are frequently two or even three tiers of prefects, each with their own responsibilities, privileges and areas of authority, jealously guarded and not infrequently absurd. In one school only the Head Boy was entitled to grow a moustache, while woe betide the junior who carried an umbrella after lunchtime.


Ragging – making a nuisance of yourself, whether it be fighting in dormitory or giving an unwelcome lecture. The university term “rag week” is related.


Sneak – somebody who reports others to authority, for whatever reason. Like a grass in the world of gangsters, a public school sneak is the lowest of the low.


Surnames – it is a curious and now dying feature of the British class system that at old fashioned, male public schools pupils were always addressed by their surname. This habit persists into later life, but almost entirely among those who went to the same school, save perhaps for close university friends who went to different public schools. Curiously, the same form of address is used for servants or social inferiors, creating a minefield of social nomenclature in which the outsider can give offense all too easily.


Toasty girl – technically a girl who warms up another girl’s bed for her, although the term has strong sexual implications.


Wet – somebody lacking physical resilience or courage, especially when it comes to breaking rules or taking risks.


PART ONE – Broadfields, Berkshire, 1968


Chapter One


‘Five shillings and I’ll let you watch while I give her a good spanking.’

Peter Finch was holding Tiffany by the hand as he made the offer and pulled her forward a little, allowing his companions to get a better look at her. Willowy, dark, with her lustrous brown eyes looking out from beneath the fringe of her neatly bobbed hair and her lips painted in the latest Quant pink, she looked better suited to the streets of Chelsea or Knightsbridge than the gloomy old barn, while she had certainly outgrown her school uniform. High, white socks covered her long, coltish legs to above the knee, but still left a great deal of thigh showing beneath the hem of her pleated tartan skirt, while her small, high breasts pushed up beneath her blouse, braless and impudent.

‘Well,’ she asked after a moment of silence, ‘who wants to watch me being spanked?’

None of the six young men replied immediately, but glanced among themselves and at Peter, as if surprised that Tiffany had dared to speak up at all. Like Peter himself, all six were dressed in the formal uniform demanded by Broadfields College for senior boys; gowns, frock coats, hats and gloves. The breast pocket of each coat was neatly embroidered with the college arms and a blue chevron to indicate membership of Grove House, one of eight that made up the college. All but one of them sat on bales of hay pulled down from the stack that occupied half the barn. Daniel Stewart stood, a little in front of the others, in a pose of casual, languid elegance, his arms folded across his chest, one knee slightly extended, his handsome face amused but also calculating. Only when he’d gauged the reaction of his friends did he speak up.

‘Five shillings... we can probably manage that, but you have to take her knickers down.’

Peter gave a casual shrug.

‘Ten shillings, if you want her knickers down.’

‘Hey!’ Tiffany protested. ‘You said a spanking. You never said anything about having to go bare bottom!’

‘I didn’t say I’d leave them up,’ Peter pointed out. ‘You’re a girl, and when girls are spanked their knickers are pulled down, everybody knows that.’

Tiffany had put on a sulky face but said nothing, apparently accepting the logic of his argument. Gabriel Howard, a dark, handsome boy with a thoughtful manner, raised a hand then spoke.

‘Hang on, Finch, if girls always get their knickers pulled down when they’re spanked, then it ought to be five shillings, shouldn’t it?’

‘Why?’ Peter demanded.

‘Because,’ Gabriel insisted, ‘you said you’d let us watch you spank her for five shillings, and if girls always have their knickers pulled down when they’re spanked, then that means you were going to pull her knickers down anyway, so...’

‘It’s ten shillings,’ Tiffany interrupted, now pink faced with embarrassment. ‘If you want me bare bottom it’s ten shillings, and that’s that.’

‘You heard what the lady said,’ Peter agreed. ‘Take it or leave it.’

Hunter Rackman, a lanky redhead with a strong American accent, blew out his breath in a wistful sigh before speaking.

‘Back home in Arkansas we give ‘em the paddle, and it’s always bare bottom. Bent over so they’re touching their sneakers, panties pulled down so their little bare tushies are all on parade, then smack, smack, smack! I say she gets the paddle.’

‘We don’t have a paddle, Rackman,’ Daniel pointed out. ‘Well, boys, what’s it to be? Ten shillings to watch Tiffs get a knickers down spanking?’

The stocky, blond Ben Thompson nodded immediately, his eyes bright with excitement and fixed on the bare, pale flesh of Tiffany’s thighs where they disappeared under her school skirt. Clive Sumner, small and round, gave a more cautious approval but Gabriel Howard spoke up again.

‘Seven and six? I’ve only got one and eight pence ha’penny.’

‘For God’s sake show some dignity, will you?’ a voice spoke from the back, Stephen Richards. ‘It’s only ten shillings. Here we are, Finch, you dirty bastard.’

‘Good man, Richards,’ Daniel said, taking the ten shilling note being offered by his friend and passing it on to Peter. ‘Here we are, Finch, to watch you spank her, knickers down and no cheating. I want to see everything.’

There was an immediate chorus of agreement from around him, while Tiffany’s blushes had grown hotter still and her gaze had moved down to the toes of her smart black school shoes. Stephen had stood up as he took the money from his pocket and came to join Daniel. Both stood taller than Peter Finch, both carried an easy, aristocratic self-assurance, but neither could quite match his complete confidence as he turned to Tiffany.

Are you sure want to be spanked, Tiffs? This is your last chance to back out.’

She responded with a barely perceptible nod, still looking at her shoes, and Peter turned back to the others. 

‘Very well, gentlemen, we have an agreement. Come along, Tiffs, spanking time.’

Tiffany glanced up from beneath her fringe, her expression still sulky but also excited. Her mouth was slightly open and her full lower lip trembling for the prospect of what was about to happen to her, but she held her ground, allowing Peter Finch to take her hand and lead her across the barn to where a solitary bale of hay sat in a patch of bright sunlight. Tiffany made to bend over, but Peter sat down, making himself comfortable on the bale. He removed his hat and gloves before patting his lap as he spoke.

‘I’ll deal with you the old-fashioned way, over my knee. Come on.’

She was pouting slightly as he pulled her down across his legs, and cast a nervous glance towards the watching men, but gave no resistance as her school skirt was turned up to expose full cut, white knickers so taut over her sweetly turned little bottom that they seemed to have been painted onto her flesh. Gabriel was already squeezing his cock through his trousers, while Ben gave a low sigh before speaking out.

‘Oh yes, so pretty. Pull her pants down, Finch, pull her pants down! You said you would!’

‘All in good time,’ Finch answered as he began to stroke Tiffany’s bottom through the seat of her panties. ‘A good spanking should never be rushed, especially with a pretty lady on the receiving end. You have a lovely bottom, Tiffany.’

She didn’t answer, but her breathing had grown short and deep, while the expression on her face was flickering between ever greater consternation and involuntary pleasure as he explored her bottom. He was making a thorough job of it too, stroking and squeezing her flesh, occasionally allowing his fingers to slip down to the gentle furrow where her panties were pulled taut between her cheeks and even the soft, plump bulge where the thick white cotton cupped her sex. She’d begun to sob and shake as he teased her slit, but she kept her bottom up and her feet braced apart in fine spanking position, while a damp patch had begun to grow over the mouth of her vagina. When Ben spoke again his voice was filled with awe.

‘She’s wet. That means she likes it!’

Tiffany turned her head, her voice a sob as she spoke.

‘No. It just means I can’t help it! Now if you want to watch, be quiet.’

Of course she likes it,’ Gabriel put in, ignoring her instruction. ‘All girls like to be spanked. That’s why they don’t get it, not so often.’

Yes they do,’ Ben said, licking his lips as Peter adjusted Tiffany’s knickers to leave a generous slice of teenage bottom cheek sticking out from each leg hole.

Yes they do what?’ Gabriel demanded. ‘Like to be spanked or get it a lot?’

‘Both,’ Ben replied with the air of an expert, ‘last Christmas hols Jenny and Hannah both got it twice, with their pants down, and they were wet, just like Tiffs.’

‘They get it plenty in Arkansas,’ Hunter put in. ‘Hell, I’ve seen six cheerleaders in a row, skirts up and panties down for a paddling, six of the finest pieces of ass you ever did see, but no finer than Miss Tiffany here.’

‘She is pretty,’ Clive added, his voice weak with need.

‘The best, but better bare. Go on, Peter, pull down her knickers.’

‘Yes, I want to see her bare. Pull down her pants.’

‘I want to see her fanny.’

‘I want to see her bottom hole.’

‘Go easy on her, boys,’ Daniel advised. ‘It’s heavy enough for her being spanked in front of you lot, without a running commentary. Come on, Peter, get her knickers down and get spanking.’

‘Never rush a craftsman,’ Peter answered, but he’d taken hold of the waistband of Tiffany’s panties.

The big white knickers were already pulled up so tight that most of her bottom was spilling out at the sides, with the shape of her cunt displayed to perfection. Only the very rudest details of her slit were hidden from view, and those not for long as the tight white cotton was peeled slowly down over her cheeks. Her breathing had grown deeper and faster still as she was exposed, and her lips broke apart in a gasp as the tight, dun-coloured star of her anus came on show, followed by another as her panties were given a final, sudden jerk to tug them out from between her thighs and the full glory of her rear view was revealed.

Not one of the men spoke, Peter included, all six with their eyes riveted to Tiffany’s beautifully formed young bottom and moist, nubile cunt. Clive was gaping like a goldfish, Gabriel nursing a very obvious erection within his trousers, while Ben looked as if he was about to begin to drool. Stephen was standing with his feet braced apart as if ready for sudden, physical action and there was a feral gleam in Hunter’s eyes. Even Daniel was struggling to maintain his poise, and for all Peter’s attempt at nonchalance as he adjusted Tiffany’s legs to pull her panties taut between her knees his lust showed in his eyes.

‘Knickers down ready, as they say,’ he remarked, and he’d begun to spank.

A sob escaped Tiffany’s lips as the first, firm smack was laid across her bottom, more emotion than pain, but the second was hard enough to make her squeak and the third harder still. Her feet began to kick and her sobs and squeals turned to gasps and cries of shock and pain as he spanked her, until she was wriggling so badly that he was forced to put an arm around her waist to hold her in position over his knees. All six of the men watched in fascination, eyes fixed to her bouncing bottom as she squirmed and bucked, with her cheeks spreading as she struggled to make a thoroughly rude view of her squeezing, winking bottom hole and her invitingly wet cunt. Gabriel soon had his cock out, his mouth agape as he watched the spanking, and when Daniel told him to put it away he merely shook his head. Peter saw, and spoke out as he continued to spank.

‘They’re wanking over you, Tiffs, wanking over your bare, red bum. How does that feel?’

She twisted around at his words, her eyes wide and her pretty mouth parted in shock and disgust as her eyes focussed on Gabriel’s erect cock, but she made no effort to get up, or to stop her punishment. Peter was grinning as he carried on, now spanking with all his strength, smack after smack delivered across her cheeky little bottom until she was writhing in his grip and kicking her legs in her half-lowered panties, gasping and squealing in an exhibition as comic as it was erotic. Ben had soon begun to snigger, and Daniel allowed himself a short, curt laugh, but their reaction only made the situation worse, sending Tiffany into a full-blown tantrum, the tears streaming down her cheeks, her fists thumping on the rough wooden floor and her thighs pumping in her panties. Still Peter spanked, his handsome face twisted into a happy leer as she bawled out her feelings, yet she never said a word and made no effort to get off his lap or even to protect her bouncing bottom cheeks from the smacks. The men watched enthralled and clearly had no intention of intervening, until Gabriel came, spunk erupting from his cock to splash down on the dirty wooden floor, and at that the spell broke, Ben speaking out.

‘You are gross, Howard! Come on, Finch, that’s enough. You’ve made her cry.’

‘That’s how she likes it, nice and hard,’ Peter answered, but he’d stopped.

Still Tiffany made no effort to get up, but lay sobbing across Peter’s lap, her red bottom well lifted, her thighs spread to stretch her lowered panties taut between her knees, every single rude detail of her rear view on open show. Peter began to rub her cheeks and she gave a low, soft moan, as much of despair for the state she was in as of pleasure.

‘That’s some view,’ Hunter breathed, and he’d freed a long, red cock into his hand.

‘Look all you like,’ Peter responded. ‘No touching, that’s all. I’m the only one who gets to touch, but I’ll show you something.’

His fingers had stolen between Tiffany’s cheeks, loitering on the now sweaty little hole of her anus before moving to her cunt, at which she gave another low, impassioned moan. He began to torment her, deliberately spreading her lips to display the wet pink flesh of her slit, with the tight arc of her hymen clearly visible. None of the watching men seemed to realise the implications of what he was doing, but she knew, gasping and sobbing once more as he made an exhibition of her virgin hole, but she’d soon begun to push her bottom up in unmistakable excitement. Stephen blew out his breath.

‘You know how to handle them, I’ll give you that.’

‘Practise,’ Peter said casually. ‘Now watch this.’

He’d begun to masturbate Tiffany as he spoke, with his thumb pushed to the mouth of her cunt and a finger rubbing in her slit. She’d surrendered herself completely, every last scrap of modesty and of dignity abandoned as she wriggled her bottom against his hand. Peter began to spank her again, with sharp, left handed slaps applied turn and turn about to her cheeks as he rubbed at her cunt, with her cries growing ever sharper and more urgent. The muscles of her bottom and thighs began to squeeze and she’d pushed her hips up higher still, showing herself off like a cat on heat, with her wet cunt flaunted as Peter worked her clitoris. She gave a last, anguished sob and then screamed, a sound as rich in pain as in ecstasy as her muscles locked tighter still and a sudden spurt of fluid erupted over the floor and down Peter’s leg.

‘Wow!’ Gabriel breathed. ‘I didn’t know girls could do that!’

Of course they can,’ Peter assured him, ‘and that, my friends, is the secret every young man needs to know. Girls like it too.’

‘Sure thing,’ Hunter grunted and he’d stepped forward, jerking hard at his cock to send a long stream of spunk over Tiffany’s hot red bottom, soiling her skirt and panties as well as her skin, ‘and that’s how we finish ‘em off where I come from. Spank ‘em and spunk ‘em, that’s the way it’s done.’