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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words

The Geisha And The Gardens Of The Goddess by Michaela Francis

The Geisha And The Gardens Of The Goddess 
(Michaela Francis)

Slaves Of The Amethyst Volume 8


The induction of Jennifer Walstow as a slave into the Order of the Amethyst marks the beginning of many events in the history of the Line of the Goddess. We see, at that time, for instance, the emergence of the new dynasty of the House of Mathom. Jennifer was, simply put, the vanguard of the new generation of slaves who would come to rejuvenate the elder house of the Line. It is a mistake, however, to regard Jennifer's enslavement as the sole motivating factor of this new expansion. Many of the new wave of slaves owed their own induction into the ranks only indirectly to Jennifer and there were others who could not even claim an indirect link and whose arrival coincided with greater events taking place.

The very same week that Jennifer completed her initial indoctrination into the Order, and was released from imposed captivity in the Mathom Hall cellars to the Oriental Gardens, saw the emergence of several pivotal factors. The senior male of the House of Mathom, the lord Robin, arrived at the White Mountain research facilities in Switzerland to join the growing army of scientists addressing the all-pervading challenge of the revelation of Prophecy One. The sense of crisis ignited by the startling discovery of Prophecy One was, by this time, dominating the attention of the leadership of the Line. Indeed, the domestic changes taking place within the House of Mathom seemed but parochial and irrelevant trivialities in the face of this terrible urgency. Yet even while the Line's attention was focussed on a distant point beyond the orbit of Pluto a closer and more immediate peril was beginning to manifest itself. These were the days that saw the opening shots of global conflict.

It is difficult, with any accuracy, to exactly date the beginning of the Wars of the Goddess. There was no declaration or even a definable start to the offensive. Indeed, there was not even, at this point, an identifiable enemy. Yet, even as the lady Jennifer languished in the Oriental Gardens of Mathom Hall, fighting was breaking out around the world marking the beginning of a struggle that would imperil the Line and directly impact the House of Mathom. Much of the future dynasty of the House would be determined by this conflict as the flotsam of war washed up on the shore of Mathomdale. The remarkable influx of young people who would so enrich the new dynasty were already fleeing their homelands in search of sanctuary.

Overlooked amidst these daunting new challenges was the curious and seemingly small matter of Julie Hawthorne. It may seem, on the face of it, odd that this narrative devotes so much attention to the minor concerns and tribulations of an unknown teenage girl; the girlfriend of the lady Jennifer Walstow. We know with hindsight, however, that this extraordinary young woman was to play a crucial role in this story and that her contribution would ultimately be decisive. I make, therefore, no apologies for detailing the young Julie's journey for it is important to understand this curious and enigmatic character and how she would come to be such a vital component of an uncertain future.

This part of the narrative, therefore, will try to tie together and reconcile the deviating strands of the tale as they unfolded; relating the apparently localised events taking place in Mathomdale and, at the same time, beginning to explore the larger meta story that would have such profound consequences not only for the people of the valley but for the Line of the Goddess as a whole.


Chapter One


Rebecca woke first in the cellars and gazed in total satisfaction at the sleeping Jennifer, face down, at her side. She was beautiful with her auburn tresses lying in a great sheath on the pillow. Fondly, Rebecca stroked her back feeling the traces of the whip on the velvet skin. Jennifer stirred and murmured in her sleep. Rebecca felt an over powering love for the lovely girl at her side and bent to kiss her softly on the back. Part of her mind was still lost in the enchantment of the afternoon and night before and she closed her eyes, revelling in the memory of it.

Their whipping had been an act of consecration. Sebastian had curled the lash around both their bodies until they had screamed in mutual torment. The flogging had seemed to last forever and their burning bodies had been slick against each other with perspiration, while they'd tasted the saltiness of the tears on each other’s face. At last it had ended, and Sebastian had left them to blubber out their love for each other through their anguished sobs. By the time Sebastian had returned to release them, they’d been on fire with passion and they’d clung to each other in a frenzy. So heated had their desire been that they’d collapsed to the stone floor and started to make love immediately. Sebastian had retired discreetly.

For the rest of the afternoon and well into the night they’d slaked their lust on each other in delirium, driving each other into madness by scoring their fingernails across each other’s whip marks and releasing one searing orgasm after another. They’d added scratches and bite marks to their weals and bruised each other in the fury of their passion. At one point Rebecca had played the man to Jennifer and had utilised a strap-on artificial penis to pin her to the bed and ravish her fiercely. Jennifer had screamed under the violation and thrust her hips against Rebecca’s in an orgy of indulgence as the echoes of the thunder from outside rumbled down into the cellars. Well into the night they had collapsed, finally exhausted, and deep untroubled sleep had claimed them.

Rebecca sighed in the recollection. This girl was now hers forever. They’d made vows of terrible finality in the aftermath of their whipping and committed themselves for the duration of their lives to the love of each other in the sweet moments between the satiation of their desire and blissful sleep. There was one last thing that Rebecca wanted to do to cast this bonding in solid granite and she was worried, for she needed pleasant weather for it. Leaving the little cell quietly, so as not to wake Jennifer, she made her way to the dining chamber. With deep gratification, she saw that the rain of last night was gone and the morning sun was glancing down through the skylights overhead from a blue sky. It was just perfect for the day of wonder she had long planned. Sebastian entered the chamber and she greeted him with a fond kiss.

“I trust that you slept well Miss Rebecca.”

“Beautifully Sebastian!”

“I am pleased to hear it. The day has dawned most pleasantly Miss. I think it will be quite hot by this afternoon. I’ve ordered your car for half past nine just after breakfast as you desired. I understand you will be taking luncheon with Shiro-san.”

“That’s correct Sebastian and we’ll be sleeping in the garden so I’m afraid I shall be taking your charge away from you.”

“I shall certainly miss her Miss Rebecca. It has been a delight to have her here.”

“I’m sure you will see her again in the near future. She’s very fond of you and I’m certain she’ll be a frequent visitor. We’ll both visit you!”

“You fill me with great joy Miss Rebecca and you are always welcome.”

“I know Sebastian. I love you!”

The feeling is entirely mutual Miss. You grace these humble caverns with your presence.”

“Thank you, Sebastian. I’ll go and wake Jenny now and we can bathe and have our breakfast.”

Jennifer woke dreamily to Rebecca’s kisses and tried to drag her back into bed. Rebecca laughed and told her “No time now darling! We’ve got a tight schedule so we must be up and away. Its eight o’clock now and breakfast is at half past so let’s go jump in the bath.”

“What is this schedule Becky?”

“It’s a surprise Jenny! Something wonderful. There’ll be magic in the air today! Come on shift your sweet fanny!”

After breakfast Sebastian came into the dining chamber carrying two long cloaks over his arm. “Your car is waiting ladies and I’ve brought you your robes.”

“Car? What car?” asked Jennifer in bewilderment.

“We’re leaving the cellars Jenny honey. Last night was your last night down here!”

“Oh, we’re going upstairs?”

“Not immediately Jenny. We’re … er… taking a little detour you might say!”

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere special! You’ll see! Now say goodbye to Sebastian.”

“Oh!” Jennifer was flustered and confused but she jumped up to hug Sebastian “Thank you Sebastian! I… I’ll never forget these last few days. Thank you so much!”

“The pleasure was entirely mine Miss Jennifer. I do hope that your stay was not too uncomfortable.”

Jennifer laughed, “I don’t know how to answer that Sebastian! If a week ago somebody had told me what was going to happen to me and had told me that it would be sheer bliss I would have thought them quite mad!”

“Well then I am content Miss Jennifer. It has been a great joy to have you here. I do hope that you will visit me again soon.”

“Oh I will! I will, I promise!”

“I am most gratified to hear it Miss. Now your cloak Miss if you will allow me.” Sebastian held out a long cloak in silvery green. It had no sleeves but just draped over the shoulders and fastened with a clasp at the collar. Other than that, it fell just loosely nearly to the ankles. You had to clutch it about yourself to hide your nakedness beneath. Jennifer was surprised.

“Are we to leave the house dressed like this?”

“That’s right Jenny.” Rebecca told her. “Just a cloak and a pair of sandals. Don’t worry you won’t need more where we are going.” Rebecca’s cloak was in deep purple.

“I’m not worried Becky! It’s more clothes than I’ve worn all week! It feels strange to have anything on at all other than my collar and cuffs, to tell the truth, but you mentioned a car. Does that mean that we might have to appear in public like this?”

“We’re not going far Jenny and it will be very, very private. Very secret.” Rebecca donned her own cloak and the pair of them slipped on light sandals. Wishing Sebastian a final farewell Rebecca led Jennifer up some steps to a doorway that opened out into the grounds. As they left the cellars Jennifer looked back with something akin to grief at her parting. That those caverns of torment could have become such a domain of comfort and contentment she could scarcely credit. She knew that she had left a part of her, wandering those dungeons forever. Chester accompanied her to the door and she reached down to stroke his large head one last time, but he would not venture beyond the confines of his strange underworld. She was sorry to part from him. There were tears in the hazel eyes that blinked in the brightness of the morning sunshine.


Chapter Two


A limousine was waiting for them there and a uniformed chauffeur held the door open for them. Jennifer clutched her cloak tightly about herself and climbed into the big car hastily. Once they were both seated the driver steered the car around the Hall and down the long drive to the gates of the grounds. Jennifer looked at Rebecca questioningly but her companion just patted her hand and smiled. Beyond the grounds the driver transported them through the countryside and then up onto the fell tops above. On a lonely road, across the heather clad hillside, the car stopped and the chauffeur rushed around to open their door for them.

“Here we are Jenny.” Rebecca informed her.

Jennifer climbed out of the car in complete bewilderment. There seemed nothing but the bare hills and moorland in every direction. “Here Rebecca? But there’s nothing here. We’re just up on the fells here.”

“Oh but there is Jenny. Look.” Rebecca pointed to a simple dirt track leading over the swell of the hill. “That’s our path. That’s the track to a fairy kingdom honey. It’s not far and this is going to be the experience of your life believe me.” Jennifer shook her head in confusion. The big car drove off and left them on the lonely hillside with the breeze in their hair. “Come on Jenny. We don’t want to give some old shepherd up here a heart attack now do we?” Slowly they walked along the track, serenaded by the skylarks on the hilltop. The ground rose for some distance but then began to descend. They came upon a tiny stream and the path followed it, questing downwards. Eventually they rounded a crest and Jennifer realised that they must have taken a roundabout route in the car for she could see the great Hall far in the distance. The little stream plunged down into a little valley and they followed it until they came to a gate. It was a strange entrance, an ornamental brick archway, closed by a wrought iron gate bearing a sign declaring this to be private property. Beside the gate was a large gong and a hammer hanging on a chain. Rebecca took the hammer and struck at the gong three times and its sonorous reverberations echoed in the little valley. “Make a wish Jenny.” She told her.

“Where does this gateway lead to Becky?”

“This is the way down into the Oriental Gardens Jennifer. Beyond here, if you like, lies the spiritual home of our House. This is the most magical place in Mathomdale. This is our Garden of Eden Jenny. This is where our spirits live. Now make a wish.”

Jennifer looked at the cuffs still on her wrists and the lovely Rebecca looking at her expectantly. In her mind’s eye she saw all the people that she was coming to regard as her family, Rachel, the twins, Abigail, Sebastian, Alice, her wonderful Julie and finally the overpowering presence of her Mistress. “I think all my wishes have come true already Rebecca.”

“There’re always wishes and dreams Jenny. Look there.” Rebecca pointed to a gilded plaque on the wrought iron gate. It said, “Audet Somniare” “That’s Latin. It means “dare to dream”. It’s the motto of our House Jenny. Beyond these gates there are dreams. You only have to wish them to come true. We’re the House of Mathom; your original dream team.”