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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

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Search by Title, Author or words

Committed Into Slavery by Peter King

Committed Into Slavery 
(Peter King)

Committed Into Slavery:



Dr. April Meadows was very surprised by the invitation to meet with Dr. Jarvis Milner; especially considering her license had recently been suspended. She had been a researcher studying mental processes for a large federal contractor who was tasked with finding a more effective way to interrogate people. Unfortunately for Dr. Meadows, she chose to experiment on her own girlfriend in secret and was caught when Dolly had an adverse reaction that left her nearly comatose. That error in judgment cost April her job and her license, and over the weeks that followed she began to despair that her future appeared bleak at best.

That was why this invitation for a meeting was so surprising. But the fact that Dolly had been committed to Dr. Milner’s mental hospital was the main reason for his appeal to meet with her. April knew his reputation was that of a maverick in his own right, but his early successes with helping people get over very traumatic experiences led to him opening his private facility. He had faded from the limelight over the last few years, but his institution was a place that many people still came to when conventional methods failed to help them come to terms with a traumatic experience.

As she drove to the meeting at the hospital, which was situated on a secluded tract of land in the countryside, she hoped that he had made progress with Dolly. She was April’s assistant before they became intimate, and despite their age difference, April was in love with her. Dr. Meadows was forty-two years old, while Dolly was half her age, but that hardly bothered April anymore. Though she was over forty, her blonde hair, blue eyes, and svelte figure made her appear much younger. Dolly was a busty redhead who initially expressed her attraction to April, and the two developed a mutual bond. It was so strong that Dolly actually begged April to test her treatment on her, as she was so captivated by her lover that she was willing to do anything for her.

As she entered the grounds of the asylum April felt nervous, not sure if she was about to be castigated once again for what she did. Her fears were warranted and she was heading for even more trouble, as April was about to be inducted into a modified version of the very experiment she had developed. After entering the main building and being escorted to Dr. Milner’s office, she noticed that the girl who was in front of her seemed almost too accommodating. She was dressed in a very tight, old style white nurse’s uniform. The high-heeled white pumps that clicked on the floor as she walked in front of her seemed out of place too.

They soon reached Dr. Milner’s office and the nurse led her in, but he was not there. She offered a chair to April, and once she was seated, the nurse excused herself and told her that the doctor would be with her soon. As she waited April was worried that he would tell her that Dolly was beyond his ability to cure, but she was about to find that she was here for a very different reason. Dr. Milner was about to give her a new perspective, and would send her onto a strange voyage, one that she would never have considered acceptable prior to her fall from favor. But Dr. Milner saw a kindred spirit that could help him achieve his real goals. He planned to convince her that she had to enlist with him, but with a set of conditions that would overwhelmingly alter April’s place in the world.

Chapter 1: Relegated To His Care


When the door to the office opened after a few minutes, April turned to see Dr. Milner enter the room. She stood up and extended her hand to shake his. Once their hands were clenched, he said, “Dr. April Meadows, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thank you Dr. Milner, I am honored to meet you.” April replied. She had seen pictures of him, but they did not do him justice. He was staggeringly tall, well over six feet, which made her five foot six inch height seem slight in comparison.

As he pulled his hand back, he said, “Please sit, I am sure you are wondering how Dolly is doing.”

“Yes doctor, has there been any improvement?”

“She has shown significant improvement, which is why I have asked you to come here. Since she came out of her catatonic state she has expressed a strong desire to see you,” he answered, as he took his seat behind the desk.

“She is lucid?”

“Completely, but I do believe she may have changed somewhat since you last saw her, I mean before the incident that sent her here.”

“How so?” April asked, now concerned that she had damaged Dolly in some terrible way.

“When she first came to and spoke to me, Dolly asked where her Mistress was. Of course I had to ask what she meant and she told me you were her Mistress. Is that true? Or is it just a side effect of the treatment you tested on her?”

His comment left April stunned, mainly because it was true. Dolly was her submissive and she was her Mistress. That was why Dolly had begged her to try the treatment she had designed on her. It was formulated to reduce inhibitions; a method April determined would make it possible to extract information from someone. But Dolly wanted to try it to shed her lingering reticence about the kinky games April liked to play with her. As she stared at Dr. Milner she was confronted with a dilemma that troubled her, admitting her sexually dominant nature was a secret she had always kept between herself and her submissive lovers.

As he stared at her waiting for an answer April realized she had to tell him, so she said, “It is not a side effect, she was my submissive lover.”

“Ahhhh, that is very encouraging, I was concerned that she might be delusional. Now tell me about your fetish, I think it will help me to design a better therapy for Dolly,” Dr. Milner said, and his tone of voice did not indicate that he was bothered at all by her revelation.

April was somewhat confused and also anxious; she did not want to explain the kind of games she played in private. But Dr. Milner was looking at her with an odd smile, as if he was eager to hear what her particular kinks were. April squirmed a bit in her chair, not sure what to do.

Since her mouth was parched and she wanted to buy some time, she said, “Forgive me doctor, but my mouth is rather dry, could I please get a glass of water?”

“Certainly,” he said, before pressing a button on his desk phone, and saying, “Amy, could you bring in some bottle water for my guest?”

“Yes doctor,” came a thin piping voice from the phone’s speaker.

After that, he looked at April and said, “I am sure you have misgivings about revealing your private life to me Dr. Meadows, but I can assure you that I do not have any intention of judging you. I have similar inclinations, but this is about Dolly and what she will need to fully recover. So please tell me about your relationship.”

The small suggestion in the middle of his statement caught April by surprise and she wondered if it meant that he was also a dominant. But she also knew that he had her boxed into a corner, the cat was already out of the bag and her delay tactic did nothing to help her to formulate any answer other than the truth. So April thought about how she could lay it out, and she chose a clinical approach.

“I was her dominant and used bondage and some corporal discipline as foreplay in our sexual encounters. I knew I was twice her age, and not to play down my part in our relationship, she did her best to show me she was both attracted to me and had a distinctly submissive side,” she answered nervously.

“Was it your idea to try your treatment on her? I know all about it, as I was given a full reporting of what happened to her.”

“No, I told her that I was working on it and she begged me to test it on her. Allowing myself to be convinced by her will always be my greatest regret.”

“Because you care about her or because of all it cost you?”

Before she could answer a girl came in carrying a tray with a bottle of water on it, which she brought over to April. The doctor thanked her and she trotted off. April, once again, noticed this other girl was wearing a form fitting nurse outfit and high-heels. She also looked far too young to be a nurse, but she said nothing and just took a mouthful of the water. It was flavored with a hint of orange and it felt refreshing.

Once the door closed, April said, “I care about her deeply, so that is the main reason, but what it cost me is also hard to accept,” she answered before taking another drink from the bottle.

“Perhaps I can help you redeem yourself, as I believe your experiment has promise, but not in the context you envisioned,” he answered.

“I don’t understand, I thought my work was banned after the incident.”

“It has been, but in order to treat Dolly I was given your research. I found the flaw in it and unlocked what it can really do. But before we discuss my findings, we must address your failure as both a doctor and a Mistress. Both positions demand that you do no harm, yet that was what you did to Dolly. Are you willing to commit yourself to learning from that mistake and making it up to her?”

“Of course, what can I do?” she asked. Then she took another swig from her water bottle, her mouth becoming dry again shortly after her last drink from it.

“I have been considering a therapy that would include your participation. In order for Dolly to recover and come to terms with the side effects of your treatment, I believe your presence will make it easier for her to accept.”

“What side effects?” She asked, and then she took another long drink from the bottle, nearly draining it all this time.

“She has been in a constant state of sexual arousal since she came out of her stupor, so much so, that we have to keep her restrained so she can’t play with herself.”

“Oh my God!” April exclaimed. Suddenly her mind started spinning, the feeling of guilt washing over her thinking that she had done something horrible. But there was another sensation she felt, her body growing warm and relaxed, as if she was melting into the chair.

“Are you all right Dr. Meadows? You look a little pale, I am sorry if this news is upsetting.”

“What have I done? I am a monster!” April cried out, but her voice sounded dull and not as distressed as her words implied.

“Some might think so my dear, but not me. Now tell me Dr. Meadows, how are you feeling…physically?”

“What?” she asked, sounding confused for a moment. But then she asked, “Was something in the water?” her mind grasping that something was affecting her.

“Very astute of you April, and the answer is yes there was, my modified version of your serum to be specific.”

“But…but it hurt Dolly,” she answered, suddenly having a hard time articulating the words in her head.

“I have corrected your errors doctor, and now it will just help you to understand why you belong here along with Dolly.” She looked like she wanted to answer, so he paused and waited, but nothing came out of her mouth.

“Don’t worry, in a little while the initial effect will subside and you will be able to speak again, but for now just listen. What you do not know is that the authorities were preparing to bring charges against you, until I convinced them otherwise. I told them that I could get you to voluntarily commit yourself to my asylum and that you needed medical care rather than incarceration. I have all the paperwork ready and now I am sure you will be happy to sign them.”

She stared at him blankly, but his message was loud and clear, he intended to have her committed for psychiatric care. She felt no desire to resist what he just said, and it dawned on her that her modified formula had to have something to do with it. She had designed it to release inhibitions and her placid acceptance of what he was telling her seemed to confirm it was working.

But he kept talking, and she felt obligated to listen, “You have a brilliant mind, but apparently a lack of self control. That is bad for both a doctor and a dominant, but I have a plan to help you learn how to manage your self-discipline. Before you can help me with Dolly, you will need some special therapy of your own. If you understand what I am saying you will say, ‘yes sir.’ Now give it a try.”

“Yes sir,” she responded slowly, not because she hesitated, but because she felt so sluggish. She thought that whatever he gave her was working very well; she could only respond to what he said.

“There you go, now you will stand up,” he said.

She had felt disconnected from her body, but when he told her to stand up she was surprised that she could, slowly rising to her feet. But it felt so strange, she could do nothing more than what he told her, as she stood there looking at him with a look of surprise in her eyes.

“Excellent April, now step up to the desk and pick up the pen,” he said, placing one at the front edge of his desk. As she slowly stepped forward and picked it up, he also said, “Now sign your name right here,” as he slid a document toward her and pointed to the line where he wanted her signature. After she signed her name he told her to put the pen down and come around the desk. She walked around to where he indicated, standing in front of his chair, which he had turned to face her.

“You are officially committed to my care now April, so please remove your clothes so we can start your treatment.”

Part of April wanted to defy that order, but his influence over her was too strong. She was wearing a short sleeve dress that was demure and professional, but once she reached behind her back and unzipped it, she revealed the sexy lingerie that was hidden under it as it fell to the floor. Her generous breasts had been concealed behind the dress, but the sheer bra she was wearing did not hide her hefty 38D cups and the large engorged nipples perched on top of them. Her thong was nearly transparent too, revealing her freshly shaven pussy through the gossamer fabric.

“You are quite exceptional looking, now take off the underwear, but leave on the pumps and stockings,” he said, since she had paused after removing her dress.

She removed her bra and panties, kicking it all aside when the told her to do it. Then he had her bend over the desk, as he re-positioned the chair right between her legs. He had her spread her feet a few feet apart and then stared at her exposed sex and anus. He reached over and stroked the lips of her pussy, making her shiver, but also revealing the excessive moisture she was now producing.

“It appears that the other side effect of the treatment is still evident. Are you feeling sexually aroused April?”

“Yes sir,” she admitted, not sure what to make of this whole situation. She should have been terrified that she was in such a demeaning and revealing position with a strange man staring at her bare sex, but all it really did was make her realize that she was getting very horny. She was feeling less sluggish, but she was still unable to act on her own, her body and mind seemingly obedient only to his commands.

“Would you like me to fuck you April?” he asked, very pleased to see how well she was responding already.

“Yes sir,” she confessed again, unable to deny the fact that she suddenly wanted to feel his cock inside her. What made that strange was the fact that she had sworn off men years ago and considered herself a lesbian these days. But hearing him offer to take her increasingly wet sex was very enticing and it caused her pussy to wink at him.

“That is good April, but for now you will wait. You have to atone for the mistakes you have made, both professionally and privately. If you want to make it up to Dolly, you will first have to learn to see things from her perspective. With a little help from the modified treatment I will help you get in touch with your submissive side. Now stand back up and turn around.”