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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words

Paradise Adventure by Adam West

Paradise Adventure 
(Adam West)




Reality holovision!  The genre had existed for hundreds of years and by now had been done to death.  The hard-bitten Controller of the planetary Triple X, holocast channel was sceptical about its wider appeal.  Nonetheless, with certain audiences it remained quite lucrative and one of his more imaginative producers had come up with a novel twist.  He’d suggested making a series in which the participants would be snatched from a far less prurient and sophisticated world and confronted with the contemporary dilemmas of a modern day sexual theme park. 

At first it had proved virtually impossible to obtain the necessary funding and essential authorisations.  Fortuitously however, the separate antecedents of the hosts’ superior, high-tech world and those of the unwitting players had both migrated millennia ago, from the same overcrowded planet in another, more distant part of the galaxy.  Accordingly, a leading biological research institution had jumped at the unexpected opportunity to study at first hand the subsequent, genetic, species mutations that presumably must have occurred.  So, instead of being focussed solely on entertainment, the anticipated project had also acquired a parallel, scientific objective and at last was fully under way.

Although they were unaware of it, samples for analysis had already been taken from the recently identified couple who’d feature in the pilot programme.  In addition, while they were still in transport, they’d been subjected to various internal body scans.  They’d also not been told they were destined to star in a film, nor that they wouldn’t suffer any permanent physical harm.  This information would only be disclosed towards the very end of their unavoidable, expected peccadilloes.

Surveillance equipment had already been hidden at various key locations and in addition, high-tech miniaturised cameras disguised as flying insects could monitor their adventures in the open.  These would transmit intimate details of everything as it occurred.  Sex guaranteed audience appeal and doubtless the series would achieve high ratings.  It should also prove a popular and highly profitable addition to the interstellar porno library.

It was time to check on the involuntary performers.  Alone in his private office, the Controller activated a visi-screen and entered an appropriate code.  A shot of the selected, newly married woman immediately flashed into view.  She’d already been stripped to the buff and her young and nubile body looked absolutely stunning.  Her outstretched limbs were heavily shackled and as envisaged from the start, she’d evidently just been screwed.  Glistening trails of semen were leaking from her gaping vagina and to judge by the engorgement of her nipples, she remained very much aroused.  The medics’ preparatory interventions had obviously resulted in the desired effects.

On a separate screen, the nubile production assistant Melissa, could be seen assisting the subject’s husband to settle into his novel surroundings.  The ‘Honey Trap’ hotel, where he and his hijacked bride would reside for their first few weeks, commanded a cliff top position on the most accessible and largest of the islands in the remote and scenically spectacular, Paradise Archipelago.  Melissa, a lissom and sporting black girl, had travelled there in person to be permanently on hand, while the hotel’s reluctant and disoriented guest started coming to terms with his unforeseen and imposed scenario. 

Her duties had included helping him select a trousseau for his newly conditioned and purloined young wife, whom in due course, would have to make her way to join him without so much as a stitch of clothing.  The man had needed little encouragement to assemble a range of garments which were raunchy and revealing, in line with the theme park’s conventions.  The skimpy bits of lingerie and minimum daytime apparel he’d picked were all highly erotic.  Melissa had insisted in modelling them and as always intended, had ended up warming his bed.  Indeed, that’s where she was at that moment, unconcernedly starkers herself and skewered to her cervix on his cock!

Mind you, lax and promiscuous conduct was de rigeur on Paradise Island.  It had been designated long ago, as a unique holiday location for hedonistic swingers, who wished to indulge in wild and dissipated behaviour in the company of like-minded souls.  Its lush, tropical ambiance and lack of legal restrictions rendered it simply ideal as a setting for sexual excess. 

The Controller’s unruly libido suddenly shot into overdrive.  Abandoning the viewing screens, he switched instead to full holographic transmission.  The whole of the wall in front of him instantly seemed to dissolve to reveal a life-size image of the hijacked girl from Earth, fastened down, naked face upwards, just a few feet away.  She appeared so delightfully lubricious and real he almost believed he could fuck her himself.

Instead, however, he merely unzipped his trousers and took hold of his hardening penis.  A coarse and lascivious leer spread slowly across his face as he prepared to jerk himself off.  Sitting back in his chair, he waited with growing impatience for the next absorbing phase of the hapless honeymooner’s pre-planned debauchment.


Love and Marriage


Spread-eagled on her back and as naked as the day she was born, Mrs Sally Cox lay on the little sloop’s foredeck as it danced across a sparkling sea, cresting the very slight swell and small choppy waves with ease.  Her wrists and ankles were secured by ropes, keeping her limbs splayed widely apart and pinned to the underlying planking.  Consequently, she could wriggle, but was not able to change her lewdly indecent position in any significant way.  Above, the boat’s taut white jib sail gave little protection from the sun, now warming her skin from an unblemished blue sky.  

It was, she reflected, perhaps very fortunate she’d acquired an excellent tan.  Her abductors had prepared her well for the disorienting happenings currently unfolding in her life.  They must have used a sun lamp on her while she was drugged and unconscious.  Her body was a deep, golden brown all over including its rather more intimate bits which were usually kept just about covered by the tiny bikinis or thongs that she wore, whenever she went to the beach.

The day was absolutely glorious and in different circumstances Sally would have been more than happy to sunbathe in the nude.  During the previous summer she had often done so in private, latterly with her boyfriend Ian whom she’d married four weeks earlier.  However, she hadn’t seen Ian since the morning after their wedding night and had only the haziest notion as to where he was.  She felt extremely vulnerable and shaken to the core by the bizarre series of events they’d inadvertently set in train by signing up for their offbeat honeymoon.

At present, it was quite impossible to relax and very difficult to think.  She was utterly distracted by the excruciating sensations, stemming from between her legs, triggered by one of her captors.  He was sitting right beside her playing with her genitalia, teasing her recently enlarged and medically sensitised clitoris.  Sally was hugely turned on.  Her nipples and love bud were swollen fit to burst.  So, too, were her sex lips beneath the narrow, darker stripe of fur bisecting her pubic mound.  She was conscious of just how dissipated and wanton she must look, with everything on show and a slimy trickle of semen oozing from her slit.  There seemed to be an endless amount of it, dribbling down under her bottom and making the deck beneath noticeably wet and slippery. 

Sally writhed and moaned softly to herself as rudely inquisitive fingers worried and explored her vagina.  Their owner, a swarthy Arab lad named Yusef, whom Sally had judged to be no more than nineteen, grinned down at her.  He was obviously amused by the involuntary effects that his unrelenting massage was inducing in his victim.  Mahmoud, his less fortunate younger brother who was occupied in helming the boat looked on with obvious envy, as his sibling trifled with her quim.

No more than half an hour before and ignoring her initial protests, both of the youths had fucked her.  They had been invited to do so by one of the appointed organisers of the weird sexual adventure in which Ian and she had now become inextricably involved and seemingly in which, she’d be taking the leading role.  Each of them had made her come, despite her attempts to resist.  They’d carried out their allocated task with all the zest and enthusiasm of emerging, post adolescents.

Sally felt very mixed up.  Her enforced separation from Ian at the start of their planned vacation and subsequent, preordained coupling had left her highly distraught.  On the other hand, she had to admit that her multiple ravishment had not been unduly distressing or in itself disagreeable.  Indeed, it had proved rather exciting to be taken against her will by two horny and hot-blooded youths and her nubile and treacherous young body yearned to be conquered again.  She concluded this must be due to the wickedly effective, slow release aphrodisiacs, implanted in one of her thighs shortly after capture. 

Her captors had made it clear that over the coming four or five months she was destined to act as a bedtime toy for a number of different consorts, in addition to her brand new husband.  In preparation, she’d also been rendered subject to powerful physical urges quite beyond her control.  There was no means of escaping their effects or removing herself from the local scene and Sally was extremely concerned as to how her scheduled adulterous dalliances would affect her evolving relationship with her marital partner. 

Luckily, they were both thoroughly addicted to sex.  It was one of the key ingredients in their passionate, reciprocal attraction and from the start of their short acquaintanceship they’d been steadily exploring the boundaries of each other’s carnal appetites.  However, she wasn’t at all sure how Ian would react to having to condone and perhaps even facilitate her imposed couplings with strangers.  Once or twice he’d jokingly remarked he’d very much like to watch while she pleasured other men, but she’d always assumed he’d been winding her up.  Likewise, she couldn’t predict how she herself would feel, when he himself was manoeuvred into sleeping with other women and which, she suspected, he’d secretly very much enjoy. 

The two of them had known each other for less than a couple of months.  They’d met very shortly after Sally had joined the Oxford based firm of Cox Publications, initially as a graduate trainee on the editorial team.  The previous year and a half she’d spent as a cub reporter for the local newspaper of a Northern town after obtaining a degree in English from the University of York.  Her latest appointment involved acting as an assistant in the firm’s science fiction, travel and erotic literature sections.  She had written articles on each of these topics whilst working for the newspaper and retained an active interest in them all.

The position was proving highly acceptable.  Most of the publisher’s staff were young, lively and intelligent.  They also worked very hard, were totally irreverent and always had lots of fun.  It was shortly after she started that Sally was asked along to their midsummer pyjama party, evidently an annual event.  It was there she had met the man whom she was destined to wed and who moreover by chance, happened to be the owner of the firm.

The party itself was being held on the outskirts of the city, in a large rambling house belonging to a senior colleague.  Sally’s invitation had been issued by one of the secretaries who also informed her that some of the female staff would be holding a competition to see who’d dare to appear in the most revealing attire.  The winner would be awarded a bottle of champagne and a date with the Company boss at an exclusive local nightclub.

On the evening of the party Sally was feeling like letting off steam and also exceptionally reckless.  Accordingly, she opted for her favourite shortie nightie and some matching tie side briefs, which were little more than a G-string.  Fan shaped and virtually backless, the nightie was fashioned from semi-transparent, wispy blue nylon cloth and didn’t quite reach her crotch.  Two, supporting pencil straps ran up from its low cut, halter neck bust line and met in a tempting, quick release bow, just behind her neck.  Similar cords, tied together across the centre of her back, kept it in place around her.

The garment was much too flimsy to be teamed with normal underwear, with which some of the other girls had decided to protect their modesty.  It clung very nicely to her untrammelled breasts, clearly outlining for everyone to see the spiky crests of her nipples, as they dented the diaphanous material.  She might as well have been in the buff.  A pair of stiletto heeled shoes completed the ensemble and made certain she’d wobble and wiggle as she walked.  Any normal male would regard her as a joy to behold and a legitimate target for lecherous advances.

Sally looked positively scrumptious and knew it.  Her figure was almost perfect, with size 35, D cup tits and a pertly provocative behind.  Five feet, seven inches tall, with slender and shapely legs, she was also blessed with a firm flat tummy and a cheekily attractive grin.  A cascade of fair, shoulder length hair, skilfully dyed by her hairdresser to a deliberately streaky blond, enhanced the overall effect.  In her current state of undress, she was a walking invitation to sex and felt certain to win the prize.  The fact that doubtless she’d have to cope with a sizeable number of gropers would merely increase the fun of the challenge.

Ian had arrived when the party was in full swing and straight away made a bee-line for her.  He succeeded in monopolising her attention, steering her rapidly away from the persistent group of Lotharios already trying their luck.  Sally didn’t know then that he was the firm’s proprietor, but was instantly attracted to this confident, determined, athletic looking man in wine coloured pyjamas, so obviously bent on chatting her up.

He stood about four inches higher than she did and when he swept his eyes up and down her body it was all too apparent that mentally he was stripping her bare.  Mutual lust was instantaneous, which neither bothered to disguise.  Much later that evening, following salacious gyrations on the dance floor and some hot and heavy petting in one of the darkened rooms, she agreed he could take her home.

Earlier he’d booked a taxi.  When it eventually arrived, the night was still very warm and much to the appreciation of the driver, Sally didn’t bother with her coat.  During the drive to her flat, in the vehicle’s rear compartment, her new found suitor was simply all over her.  He kissed her repeatedly, long and hard, crushing his lips to her open mouth and probing it with his tongue.  She embraced him with equal fervour and suitably encouraged, he delved beneath her filmy nightie to sample her charms unimpeded.  His caresses felt quite electric, his touch on her skin was exquisite.  It had been far too long since she’d offered her body to a man!

Accordingly, she made no attempt to resist when he shifted his attention to her breasts, squeezing and gently kneading them.  Growing bolder by the minute, he slid one of his roving hands under her minuscule thong to rifle the well-trimmed bush at the junction of her legs and locate the delights of the crevice it concealed.  The latter was already nicely moist and by the time they reached her flat, the whole of her fleece was sopping wet.  Sally seldom went in for one night stands or actual intercourse on a first date, but this guy was something special and she was ready and ripe for the taking.  With shameless abandon she led him on.

“I assume you’d like to come up.”

“Just you try and stop me!”

The taxi driver winked knowingly as Ian paid the bill and gave him a generous tip.

The flat was on the top floor of a modern purpose built block on the outskirts of Oxford.  Sally led her prospective conquest into its modest sitting room and throwing her coat over a chair, plucked off her shoes and turned to face him.


“No, YOU, you hot little minx!” he said and reached behind her back to release the bows on her nightdress.  It slithered to the floor, gathering around her ankles.  She stepped out of it at once and kicked it away to one side.  Ian tugged at the ties on her briefs which also dropped to her feet, leaving her gloriously nude in front of him.  Her only visible adornment was a small gold ring in her navel.  Sportingly ten weeks earlier, she’d had her belly button pierced to please a male admirer before they’d both split up.  She’d had no decent sex since then and was well overdue for a shagging.  She intended to take advantage to the full of her latest opportunity.

Evidently so did Ian.  Grabbing one of her breasts, he planted a kiss on its protruding nipple and nibbled the swollen nub with relish.  Then, once more, he kissed her on the mouth, insistently inserting his tongue.  She rubbed herself sensually against him and he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her even closer.  Trailing three of his fingers, slowly down through the cheeks of her bottom, he reached under her trunk between her parted thighs to finger the lips of her pubic slit, beneath their blanket of fur.  Soon, however, impelled by a compulsion to quench their lust, both of them drew back and scrabbled at Ian’s pyjamas, tearing off one of the buttons in their impatience to slake their desires.

Bollock naked together, they coupled on the sitting room floor like a pair of animals in rut.  Sally grunted in contentment, as without finesse, Ian rammed home his penis as if he was attempting to split her apart.  He thrust in and out of her love tunnel, slamming into her with savage intent while pinning her wrists to the floor.  Raising her knees, she bent her legs into a vee on either side of his body, simultaneously opening them wide to facilitate his assaults and encourage yet further penetration.  As she bucked and heaved spiritedly beneath him, very soon he lost control and with his cock buried up to the hilt, shot the contents of his over-burdened testicles deep into her interior.  As his semen drenched her cervix, she uttered a contented wail and gave herself up without constraint to a massive, explosive and satisfying orgasm.

Later, with passions temporarily blunted, they retreated into her bedroom.  Before they went to sleep, Ian fucked her again, this time with greater expertise, maintaining his erection for very much longer and this time taking noticeably more care to ensure that his luscious new bed mate was satisfactorily brought to her peak.  After a series of shattering climaxes, she cleaned his cock with her tongue and then settled down for the night, naked within his embrace.  The following day was Sunday.  They both awoke very late and immediately made love once more.  Then they stayed in bed, making the most of each other’s eroticism and the tantalising sensuality of slow and languorous sex, sporadically interspersed with bouts of wild and frantic coition. 

They emerged from each other’s arms only to go to the loo or get something to eat or drink, prior to further love-making.  Sally was very impressed by her partner’s powers of recovery.  By the end of that afternoon, when reluctantly they decided they’d better get up, he’d succeeded in replenishing her with his seed, at least four more times.  Twice he’d taken her in the missionary position, then later on from behind, cupping her breasts in his hands and gently squeezing her nipples as she knelt before him on the mattress, waggling her bottom in the air and flaunting the vertical slash of her quim in unmistakable invitation. 

On the fourth occasion however, she’d treated him to a blow job.  He ejaculated inside her mouth and she greedily swallowed his cum, something she’d done before with only a single previous partner.  Shortly afterwards, much to her astonishment prior to them getting dressed, he managed to fuck her one last time while they were both in the shower.  With her legs up around his hips and sandwiched tightly against the wall, Sally was happier than a mare with a stallion.

Over the next few days they got together most evenings.  They just couldn’t get enough of each other and it quickly became apparent that the pair were natural soul-mates.  So, come the following weekend, Sally moved in permanently to the rural Oxfordshire cottage, where Ian was currently living.  During the following week or two, their infatuation deepened and they soon became the best of friends as well as intensely passionate lovers.  Within no more than a month of their first sexual encounter, impulsively they’d decided to get married.

Neither had close relatives any longer alive.  Sally was an orphan and Ian’s parents and a sister had all been killed in an air crash while he was at University.  Nonetheless he’d graduated with an excellent joint degree, obtaining first class honours in bio-genetics and psychology.  Shortly afterwards and quite unexpectedly he’d inherited a business from his one remaining uncle, a small but reasonably thriving, scientific publishing concern. 

Over the following seven years, by the dint of long hours and continual hard work he’d absolutely transformed it.  He’d added adult fiction, various magazines and educational publications to the firm’s existing range.  As a result, profits had increased substantially and now, at a mere twenty-nine years of age, he was confident that he could leave the day-to-day running of the firm to his senior editorial team.  Accordingly, he’d readily agreed, that following their actual marriage, he and his bride should take some leave for a lengthy and self-indulgent honeymoon.  

By chance, he had seen an intriguing advertisement in “Playmates”, one of the racier men’s magazines that they published.  It focused on sex and adventure, elements appealing hugely to them both.  It read:


Exclusive offer for fun seeking readers, who must be under 30 and just about to get hitched.  Sun, sea and intimate encounters in highly romantic locations.  Let Playmates organise the wedding in an exotically different setting.  Then start married life as naturists, entirely alone on a tropical island.  Afterwards fly to the Andes for a cloud forest trek, visiting Inca antiquities.  Finish your honeymoon in Rio, staying discreetly in an upmarket brothel during uninhibited carnival week.  You’ll need to be pretty fit, highly sexed and unshockable.  Cost £15,000 per couple.  Write to Playmates, c/o Cox Publications.’

With Sally’s excited approval, Ian had contacted the advertisers.  He discovered that participants would get married in St. Lucia and immediately afterwards be conducted to an exclusive private retreat, elsewhere in the Antilles.  There, they’d have six days by themselves before transferring to Peru for a camping trip through the jungle ending up at a luxury hotel on the shores of Lake Titicaca.  In Rio they’d attend a carnival ball and some of the set-piece parades.  Their self-contained, bordello apartment would be generously stocked with sex toys and if its resident, avant-garde honeymooners should happen to fancy a threesome, they’d be welcome to hire any of the girls!

The exact location of the Caribbean island where they’d be spending their first days and nights immediately following their wedding was a closely guarded secret.  However, this hardly seemed to matter.  Ian’s penis twitched in anticipation as he contemplated the delectable prospect of having his ardent, newly-wed spouse totally bereft of clothes and primed for virtually nothing but uninterrupted sex, for the best part of a week.