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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

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Search by Title, Author or words

Her Master

Her Master's Degree - Part 2 
(Sean O'Kane)

Her Master's Degree - Part 2





Mia’s punishment was swift and brutal. The High Master of the Schloss had had her thrown into the deepest cellar they possessed when she had been overtaken just outside one of the doors leading out into the grounds. In all probability she would not have made it across the grounds and over the wall but that did not alter the fact that a girl had tried to defy the will of her masters.

All the other girls had been locked down for a whole day and Girl Ten supposed they were deliberating on Mia’s fate. They were only allowed out of their rooms for the evening meal and then they were locked down again. In Ten’s experience it was completely unknown for a girl to be left untouched for twenty-four hours in that place.

The next morning a frame had been erected in the hallway, which all the girls would pass through several times a day on their way to the kitchens, the dining rooms, the library, the dungeons – wherever they were required to be.

Mia, naked apart from a hood was strung up in it spreadeagled. Her nipples were gripped tight by screw clamps and thin chains ran down from them to a further clamp screwed tight onto her clitoris. The chains were taut – the breasts dragged down, the clitoris stretched up. From between her legs wires trailed down to a Tens machine, such as Girl Ten had experienced at her master’s hands. She could see that they led up into both the wretched girl’s entrances. The machine had obviously been set to deliver random pulses and at each one she would jerk convulsively, arching her back and groaning as each convulsion increased the tugs at her clitoris and nipples.

At times during what must have seemed like an eternity of pain to Mia, the clamps were removed and her cries as blood flowed back into crushed nerves rang throughout the schloss.

And even while the naked body flinched and jerked in its unremitting bondage there was a notice pinned to the top of the frame. It read; ‘She awaits her sentence.’

Girl Ten could only tremble at the thought of what the masters would do if this was only a foretaste.

Any girl caught trying to avoid looking at the criminal as she suffered was flung to her knees on the spot and her upper back – which her uniform left bare – was whipped with the crops the guards all bore.

The day after that, Mia was strung up again and this time a tube of toothpaste and some chilli and ginger were left on the base of the frame.

As the girls passed to and fro, the guards would from time to time, grinning nastily, order them to rub one or more of the items on Mia’s clitoris or insert some up her anus. Once again she writhed and screamed her way through an entire day of torment.

Only on the third day did her punishment begin and all the girls were lined up around the galleried landing which ran round three walls above the hall. The guards stood behind them and were ordered by the High Master to whip any girl who attempted to look away.

Once again the frail and vulnerably naked girl was led out and tied in full extension into the frame. She was not hooded or gagged and she cried and begged for mercy as she was tied.

There was none. And Girl Ten had to approve of that. There could be none or the whole edifice of submission and dominance on which the schloss stood would crumble.

Four of the masters delivered fifty lashes each simultaneously, two from in front and two from behind.

It was so different from the sensuous, prolonged beatings she was used to that it took Girl Ten’s breath away. The great hall was filled with the non-stop swish and thump of leather on female flesh. The victim’s cries flew up to the rafters and Girl Ten couldn’t help loving them as she watched the black hair toss while the body bloomed into savage cross hatching as blades cut it from all angles.

It was over shockingly quickly and for a while no one moved. Mia’s head hung down between her shoulders, snaking trails of crimson slowly wandered down her back and hips.

Then the High Master stepped forwards and spoke in German first and then English.

The first part of her punishment is complete,” he told them and Gina was amazed that they thought the girl could take any more. But the masters knew very well what girlflesh could take and Mia deserved everything she was getting.

The following day was a shorter session and was held in the afternoon once lunch had been served. The frame was laid horizontally on four supporting posts in the hall and Mia was tied down on her back. A fifth post was put in under the small of her back to keep her body stretched taut and then she was ringed. She had a ring in one nostril, then a thick one in each nipple. She had a navel piercing and then the finishing touch was applied. She had six labial rings of extreme heaviness inserted. She had to be revived to savour the full pain of the final four piercings but eventually she was dragged up and held upright, unable to stand unaided and Gina, like many around her gasped in admiration at the way the lips were distended down between the slender thighs. They had all seen one other female similarly ringed, but Mia was so slight and frail-looking that the effect was stunningly erotic. The contrast between the brutally heavy steel and the slender girl through whose flesh it had been driven was thrilling indeed.

She will never again forget who and what she truly is,” the High Master announced and Gina could see how right he was. The almost inert body was dragged away and the schloss went about its business once more. But the wickedly thrilling punishments obviously had their effect on the masters too because Gina received a much longer and harsher flogging than usual down in the dungeons that night. She experienced a multiple orgasm as she was taken afterwards and ejaculated, much to the amusement of the men.

The final chapter was written the next day when a heavy steel grating was dragged up from below and propped against one wall of the great hall. Gina had seen this in use down there and knew what it portended. Several of the girls exchanged meaningful glances as Mia was led out once more. This time she was tied face towards the grille and tied tightly around her shoulders, waist and thighs as well as at ankles and wrists, knees and elbows. She was held completely immobile as the brazier was carried in and the irons were put to heating. Mia was just able to turn her head and let out a sob as she saw what awaited her.

While the irons heated up, some of the girls began to fidget – Gina among them. She had always wanted to bear her master’s mark indelibly scored somewhere on her body and she couldn’t deny the excitement that seeing it done always awoke in her.

And even the smell of scorched flesh and the throat ripping scream that accompanied each brand could not extinguish that longing in her. When it was done – and Gina supposed that it was Mia’s master who held the hot irons to her while the count was made – the girl bore his initials on the back of each shoulder in letters two inches high. An ‘S’ on the left shoulder and a ‘C’ on the right.

Gina understood completely that now, whenever she was stripped for beating, her master could see the marks of his ownership seared into her. The welts left by crops and whips would be trivial by comparison.

She was one of the girls told off to tend to Mia as she recovered down in the bowels of the schloss. Matron gave them various dressings and lotions to apply as she healed. She had only a straw-filled mattress to sit on in a bare, stone-walled room. She was kept in chains and even had an ancient iron ball attached to one ankle. At first Gina was frightened of going in – Mia must know it was she who had tipped off the men. But as she knelt down beside her and uncovered the fresh dressings, Mia had reached out as much as she could, held her hand and thanked her.

Why?” Gina asked, nonplussed.

Because now I know truly what I am – what I must be for all my life. And if you had not tipped the guards off I might even have escaped and wandered alone and lost out there.”

Then she turned over to have her burns dressed and Gina worked on her sister slave thoughtfully. With the dressings on, she had the girl turn over and began to turn her piercings for her, saving the cunt rings till last. They were truly brutally thick and as she turned each one carefully she thought of how thick the taper must have been and how much it would have hurt as it bored slowly through the fatty flesh of the labia.

Did it hurt?” she asked almost dreamily and then realised how stupid that sounded. “I mean how much did it hurt?”

It felt like I was getting all the pain I had ever experienced in one go,” Mia whispered softly.

And the brands?”

Like all the pain I would ever feel in the future!” Mia answered instantly and she realised that Mia was smiling contentedly. Gina let her fingers drift along the cut left by a whip across one breast, it was healing well and would probably not leave too bad a scar.

You were very brave,” she told her.

Mia shook her head. “It was my master who was brave. He didn’t flinch from doing what had to be done. I thought I loved him before, but that was weak, girlie stuff. Now I know what real love is. It is fierce and it burns. He has made me burn for him and bound me to him forever.”

Gina left her in her prison and went back upstairs, hoping her master would come soon. She so wanted to beg him to mark her.


Part II


Chapter 1


England, six months earlier


It was the best time Gina had ever had with the doctor. On that weekend when he had first whipped her as a punishment, he whipped her again,  whipped her hard and frequently and she twisted and cried and suffered for him joyfully. He used her repeatedly and he showed no signs of tiring of her.

She was allowed to stay with him at night and in the morning was kept naked apart from collar, stockings and heels. Again he kept her close beside him as he caught up on personal correspondence and again he fingered her casually as she stood beside him. She could hear the cook clattering about in the kitchen as his fingers worked inside her and she loved the decadence of it all and the thrill of being so close to exposure.

She was also delighted when, with no warning he had her bend forwards over the arm of a sofa, opened his trousers and took her from behind. She would have loved to have seen him come but as she was jerked backwards and forwards over the fabric of the sofa she found it entirely satisfactory and fulfilling to be serving him with his hand at the back of her neck holding her head down. She made every effort to swivel and buck her pelvis as he fucked her (and never had she felt the word was more applicable) and the pride she felt when he achieved his climax inside her was immeasurable.

During the afternoon he whipped her again.

It was the first time the whole beating had been purely for the pleasure it afforded him and she found it painful in varying degrees but confusing because he took the time to caress and play with her breasts in between bouts of hard beating to her back and her still-bruised buttocks.

He used a dog whip, the two, heavy flat tails almost knocked her off balance and she was reduced to yelping in pain after only a few lashes. He let her rest for a moment after he had made her back and buttocks sting and burn and she was panting for breath. He came round to her front and squeezed and suckled at her breasts, nipping at her nipples to make her gasp and bring tears to her eyes.

Gina adored every second he spent tormenting and exploring those parts of her. The pain was a sharp descant in comparison to the widespread burn of the whipping. But it was the obvious pleasure he took, it was the letting down of his careful control she loved above all else and to see him take a turgid nipple into his mouth and suck and bite it almost made her come.

Then he whipped her again, this time with a flogger with stiff leather lashes that stung bitterly. She couldn’t help beginning to twist and cry out under that one. But she could see from the concentrated expression on his face that he was quite unmoved and was purely searching for his own pleasure and that helped her withstand the pain.

When he finally released her aching arms she almost fell into him. He had beaten her with two more whips and she felt as though she might have passed out if he had carried on much longer. Her back and buttocks and the backs of her thighs seemed to be red hot.

He took her back upstairs on her leash and with her hands clipped together behind her and once back in the lounge she knelt up and fellated him.

Gina’s heart felt as if it would burst with pride as the doctor came in her for the second time that day. He came almost as soon as she was allowed to suck him and she delighted in knowing that causing her to suffer had made him so urgent.

He put her in the corner after that but kept coming over to her and stroking the welts on her back. She dared to hope that he might take her again but instead he had her come over to his chair and lie in front of him with her legs wide open.

He had fetched a small case from downstairs and took from it various toys. He made her start with a bullet that he could activate from his mobile phone. She had to push it up into her and then lie and wait for him to start it. Above her the TV was on and he was watching cricket from Australia, she was certain that he had forgotten all about her when finally the thing buzzed into life inside her making her jump and gasp, which earned her an irritated ‘Ssh!’. After a few moments of pleasant interior stimulation she was allowed to fish it out and apply it to her clitoris, although she was strictly ordered not to make any disturbing noises. By gritting her teeth she managed to stop herself from coming and from making too much noise and thankfully he turned it off. But then he produced a vibrator rather like the one she had bought for herself and she was commanded to use it. Pretty soon she was writhing desperately as she tried to keep it in her and tried to stop herself from coming noisily.

At last she couldn’t help herself from letting out a long moan of delight as she rammed the thing into herself and began to spiral upwards. She had no option but to surrender to the orgasm and to try and keep the noise down. She arched her back clear up off the floor and thrust and thrust again until finally the spasms and cramps had passed then she slumped back down, turning the thing off but leaving it in place between her slackly parted legs as she panted her way back to earth.

He sat forwards and looked down at her for a moment.

I should punish you for making such a damn racket,” he told her, prodding one of her feet with his.

Yes, Sir.”

Kneel up then.”

Gina did as she was told, aware that she had been set up to fail but too blissed out to care.

From the case he took out two little clamps. “Hold your tits up please.”

Gina cupped her breasts and held them up for him, eyeing the clamps nervously. She had been impatient to see what he could do with her breasts but now it came to it these things looked as though they could cause real pain and her breasts looked awfully vulnerable.

He fitted the jaws of each clamp over each nipple and adjusted a screw so that she felt them bite into the throbbing, tender, erect flesh till the breath hissed between her teeth. With that accomplished he twisted a control on the small cylinders behind each clip and suddenly the clamps were vibrating.


She couldn’t help exclaiming in surprise. “Oh! Oh!”

Quiet!” he snapped and sat back, pushing her sideways with his foot. “Don’t disturb me or you’ll be back downstairs before supper.”

For a nipple-sensitive girl like Gina it was exquisite torment. The stimulation and the pain were both so intense that she couldn’t tell which was which. She knelt with her thighs wide apart and her hands behind her back and bit her lip to prevent any noise escaping but she knew it was a losing battle. Without her hands to support her breasts the clamps dragged them down and stretched the nipples cruelly while the relentless vibrating and the crushing strength of the jaws were sending signals of such all-consuming  sensual overload to her brain that she was out of her depth.

Eventually she had to put her head back and emit a long, shrill whine just to relieve the pressure.

The doctor thumbed the remote and the TV went quiet.

Sorry, Sir,” Gina managed through tear blurred eyes.

Real tears? Good!” he said, wiping his thumbs down her cheeks. Then he grasped the clamps and pulled them, making her yelp in distress. She blinked away a fresh flood of tears and saw he was smiling at her.

More tears! And let’s have some more!” He pulled again and she sobbed.

Please, Sir! Please no more!”

Ah! We’ve reached her limit,” he mused and suddenly let the clamps go.

Brace yourself,” he told her and using both hands opened the jaws of the clamps and took them off.

Gina had no idea what he meant and was caught totally unawares. Her abused nipples seemed to burst into life, sending sharp spears of pain lancing right through her as the blood flowed back into crushed nerves. Instinctively she brought her hands round to her front and cradled her breasts, trying to stroke and rub away the pain.

He allowed her some time before ordering her to her feet and putting his fingers up her again.

To Gina’s amazement she was more than merely wet, in moments he was able to withdraw his fingers and show her that they were glistening and he was able to wipe his hand along her slit and show her how even that brief contact had moistened his palm.

Obediently she licked his hand clean, dazed from the emotional and physical storms she had passed through in just one afternoon.

Doctor Rossiter seemed to fill her entire universe now.

Changing tack with no warning again he sent her upstairs to dress in the embroidered corset because he was taking her out. He removed her collar and lead before dismissing her.

Upstairs she looked at her back again and saw that the welts had almost faded completely so she knew she could look forward to going under the whip again soon. Her nipples were tender but had resumed their normal roundness but she could see her face was flushed and still excited by the experiences she had been through. She washed and made up again, brushed her hair once more and put on the corset and hold ups as she had been instructed before going back to him.

As she had half suspected, he had something more in store for her. He was holding two balls linked by a thin cord in his hand.

Put these in your cunt,” he told her. She thought she would never accustom herself to the erotic jolt she got from hearing the coarse terms fall from his lips.

Nervously she took them from him and found that they had some kind of weight inside them that shifted as the balls were moved. They weren’t overly heavy but she could immediately appreciate that inside her they would make their presence known to her.

Yes, Sir,” she said, spreading her legs and joyfully abandoning herself to another flight of erotic experience at the doctor’s hands. They slipped into her quite easily and filled her comfortably enough, but as soon as he took her into the hall to put on her outdoor clothes she perceived that the subtle shifting inside her would remind her constantly that she had them inside her. And she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist the excitement that they would engender; completely independent of her will.

They were perfect.

With her sweater and skirt back on he drove her to a neighbouring town and parked behind a wine bar. Gina couldn’t help noticing that he parked at the far end of the car park, despite there being places nearer the door. The fleeting smile she got as he helped her out of the car confirmed that he was playing with her again. She set off walking beside him and sure enough felt the balls shift and roll inside her, touching the walls of her cunt and gently stimulating it.

However by the time they reached the door, the stimulation was getting more marked.