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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words

Southern Comfort - Book 2 by Victor Bruno

Southern Comfort - Book 2 
(Victor Bruno)


Chapter 1


It was in a happy frame of mind that Edward T Monson returned home to Chesterfield.  His stay on the Lauderdale Estate of Mrs Gloria Vance had been as enjoyable as ever.  Not only was the place most luxuriously comfortable, but the sense of power which emanated from this remarkable, strong-minded woman, seemed to permeate headily to her guests.  Especially privileged guests like himself.  Certainly, he was sure, no household in Nashville County was run on stricter disciplinary lines.

As his mare trotted smoothly before him, Edward recalled the punishments he had witnessed the previous afternoon at the regular weekly soiree given by Gloria to specially invited guests.

First the pale brown-skinned Meg had been caned for Demerits.  Since she had been on a similar charge only a month previously, Gloria had ordered the heavy rod to be used.  Twelve strokes from that was obviously quite some experience.  My God, how the young woman had howled!  What vicious weals it had raised across that soft bottom!  In his mind’s eye he could see them encircling both buttock cheeks, a vivid purple in colour.  Meg would definitely have been encouraged to work even harder in order to avoid being put on Demerits again!

Next had come young Ginnie, she of the black hair and lustrous brown eyes.  Dozing while at work had earned her six strokes of the double-thonged tawse.  She had had to remove her drawers to receive those ... and her embarrassment at doing so was evident.  Rather natural in a 19-year-old.  A nice, taut-rounded white bottom had been exposed ... and then impressively dealt with by Mary, one of the maids.  Three strokes of that tawse over the same piece of flesh had really got through to Ginnie ... and that was followed by three more over another piece of flesh.  How that girl had shrieked; how that young bottom had glowed!  Excellent.

Something more serious had followed.  A birching for the mature Ella ... a buxom woman of 28 summers.  Eighteen strokes, would you believe!  For breakages.  Mind you, it wasn’t the first time.  That was why the sentence was severe.  How they had flayed that buxom backside!  It was, indeed a perfect target for the slashing twigs.  Not surprisingly, Ella had fainted before the end; but they had revived her, of course, and gone on with it.  It was a pretty nasty sight in the end.

Finally had come the ‘tit-bit’ of the afternoon.  That had been the most pretty young blonde girl getting her very first caning.  Her faults had been trivial but Gloria had made a point of being sharp with newcomers.  What had particularly delighted Edward was that the girl had been made to remove her drawers - which was not customary when a caning was given.  This was because, when about to receive a strapping the previous week, the girl had been reluctant to do so.  Then, even more entertaining, instead of being put over the block, Gloria had ordered that she be secured over the birching hurdle with long limbs wide splayed.  What a sight that had been for all eyes!  Such a delicate yet so superbly shaped young creature.  What shame she must have experienced at being so blatantly exposed!  And how that bottom had flinched and twisted as it awaited the torment to come!  Already it had earned itself four extra strokes for delay ... thus making sixteen in all.  No laughing matter to get as a first-timer.  Fezal, the Chief Overseer, had made a real meal of that caning.  How he had drawn it out!  What an artist the man was!  The shrieks ... the pleas ... the wild, wild squirming.  Merely to say it had been enjoyable would have been an understatement.  It had been exhilarating.  Afterwards, the girl had been further shamed ... being made to bend and show her lacerated bottom to all for a full minute.

Yes, Mrs Gloria Vance ran a very strict household.

Then, of course, there had been the little matter of Sue, that enchanting young creature who had so taken his fancy whilst she was acting as a serving wench.  What a beauty!  What a ripe figure!  He had lusted after her instantly ... and arranged for her to be sent to him as a chambermaid.  Not surprisingly, she had not been at all amenable to his advances, despite being aware of the great danger of disobeying him.  He had to spank her soundly with a hairbrush before she could be prevailed upon to remove her drawers.  But that was as far as it had gone.  When he had ordered Sue to suck him, she went berserk and ran from the room.  That had been momentarily annoying and frustrating, but Edward knew it was only a pleasure postponed.  Next week, the girl would be severely punished (and he would watch), then she would be sent back to him.  Doubtless, next time she would be considerably more amenable.  Meanwhile, the nubile black youngster they had sent him soon took the edge off his frustration.  All in all, quite a day.  Now he was nearly home.

Edward studied the glossy flanks of the mare before him and his mind roved to the white flanks of the Honourable Eleanor Gordon-Bradshaw.  Tomorrow, he said to himself with a tingle of anticipatory pleasure, I will pay Mrs Emma Arbuthnot a visit, on the pretext of studying her stable arrangement but mainly with the idea of taking the Honourable Eleanor out for a solo ‘spin’.  Yes, it would be most pleasing to have that once-proud aristocrat alone between the shafts.

A keeper opened the iron gates of Chesterfield and Edward T Monson swept past, not bothering to acknowledge the man’s respectful touch of his forelock.  Having alighted at the wide stone steps of his mansion, a stable-hand took the mare and carriage away.  Up the steps and through the pillared portico.  All the outer trappings of immense wealth.  Then up the stairs directly to his suite.

Where his personal slave - the tall, lissom, olive-skinned Tess, only seventeen - would be awaiting him.




“Welcome home, Master ...”  Tess, who had been polishing a window, sank to her knees as Edward entered.  Apart from her red cincher-corset, she wore a tiny maid’s apron and a pair of high-heeled red ankle boots.  Nothing else.  Of course, thought Edward with an inward snicker, the girl could not mean it; but she had to say it.

“Thank you, Tess,” he said with an easy smile.  “Have you been a good girl while I have been away?”

“Oh yes, Master!”

“I sincerely hope so.  Now go and run me a bath.”

“At once, Master.”  Tess sprang to her feet and ran from the room, her beautiful, well-rounded bottom bouncing delightfully.  What a joy it was to have such a girl at one’s beck and call ... one who would do anything humanely possible that he commanded.  It would be an even greater joy to have two such.  For Edward was determined to purchase Sue from Gloria Vance (at almost any price) and add her to his very personal staff.  It might take a little time but it would be worth waiting for.

Shortly, Tess returned and made a little curtsey.  “It’s ready, Master,” she said.

Edward had already stripped to the buff.  He gave the girl’s bottom a good slap as he passed.  “Come and soap me,” he ordered.

“Yes, Master ...”

Edward sank contentedly into the warm water, seeing two superbly rounded breasts swinging gently above him.  Tess bent over further and began to soap him.  My God, how this child rouses me, he thought.  I shall fuck her shortly ... and she’ll give me everything she can.  That was what she had been trained to do.  By the time Tess was softly soaping his genital regions Edward had a half hard on.  Soon the soaping gave him a full one.

“That’s for you, girlie,” he grinned.

“Thank you, Master,” responded Tess.  It sounded very genuine:  But could it be?  Could it?  Maybe it was that the girl had simply forced herself to become a consummate actress.  More likely, reflected Edward.  Either way, one’s pleasure at such responses was not diminished.

Edward dried himself on a huge, fluffy towel, then got Tess to powder him all over.  He felt much refreshed.  Ready for anything.

“Fetch me a pink’un, my pretty,” he ordered.

“Very good, Master ...”

Though at the age of 43, Edward was most sexually virile, he liked to increase his abilities and his stamina by drinking half a dozen glasses a day of a very special mixture concocted to his doctor’s prescription.  It was quite remarkably effective.  He had no difficulty in performing, one way or another, at least three times a day.  If the urge was there, more.  Very satisfying.  And very essential when there was so much material available.

Edward tossed back the drink Tess brought to him and seated himself.  He was still naked.

“Now, my girl, I asked you if you had been good.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Not been playing with yourself?”

Tess shook her head, going faintly pink.  “Oh no, Master.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I ... it’s true, M-Master ... I haven’t ... I haven’t ...”

“I still don’t believe you.  You look too guilty for my liking.”

“Oh, Master, it’s true ...”

“In any event, young girls like you just can’t stop playing with themselves when there’s nothing else to do.  No, I just don’t believe you.  You’re lying, Tess.”

“No, Master ... no ...”  Tess was getting agitated, well aware of the drift of events.  This sort of thing had happened often enough before.  Why couldn’t he just take her and be done with it?

“Fetch the slipper, Tess.”

“Oh ... Master ... oohh ... Master ...” wailed Tess pleadingly.  However, she did not hesitate to obey.  Of course, it made not one iota of difference whether Edward believed she was lying or not.  He just liked to have some sort of excuse for giving such a charming bottom a spanking.  Tess nervously returned with a leather-soled slipper and handed it over.  Compared with most instruments of correction in Chesterfield, this was quite a minor one.  However, as Tess well knew, it could sting most fiercely.  She dare not complain at this injustice.  Indeed, she had to be careful not to even show any resentment for it.

“What happens to naughty girls  who lie to their Master, Tess?”

“They get spanked, Master.”

“That’s right, Tess.  And, if they go on lying, they get caned.  Isn’t that so?”

“Yes, Master ...”

“Come across my lap.”

Edward’s erection had subsided somewhat since he left the bath but he began to harden again immediately Tess’s soft body was draped across his upper thighs.  The solid root pressed into her belly.  There before him was that young, curvaceous bottom he knew so well.  One which had given him so much pleasure in so many ways.  Incredible to think this girl was still only seventeen.  She certainly looked more mature, even though that unique, delicate bloom of youth was on her skin.

There was that familiar throb of lustful excitement as Edward tapped the slipper on Tess’s bottom, making the flesh quiver deliciously.  “For being naughty, I am going to give you twelve hard whacks.  For lying, I am going to give you twelve more ...”

“Oh, Master!”  The bottom cheeks gave a quick clench.  Was that deliberate?  To please him?  For, as both of them knew, a twenty-four stroke spanking from the slipper was a relatively mild one compared with some he had given her.  It was certainly far, far more mild then a twenty-four stroke caning ... several of which Tess had had in her earlier, rebellious days.

“You deserve to be spanked, don’t you?”

“Yes ...yes ... Master ...”  Oh if only he would get on with it!  Get it over.

“You did play with yourself, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Master ...”

“How many times?”

“Tw-twice, Master ...”

“Very naughty!”

WWHHAACCKK!  The first stroke descended sharply on Tess’s right buttock cheek.  A red blotch appeared.  She absorbed it with no more than a tiny gasp.

“Which means you lied as well?”

“Yes ... yes ... Master ... oh I’m sorry, Master ...”

“Even naughtier!  You really ought to be caned.”

WWHHAACCKK!  The second stroke came down stingingly on the left buttock cheek.  A second blotch appeared.  How delightful it was to be able to spank a young girl like this, thought Edward.  Two more strokes followed in quick succession, overlaying those he had just delivered.


“Oww ... oww!” gasped Tess, her bottom bouncing and twisting a little.  That had definitely hurt more.  The two blotches were brighter and redder.

WWHHAACCKK!  WWHHAACCKK!  Again in the same place.

“Ooowww!  Ooowww!”

Edward grinned.  Yes, that had got through to her all right.  Made that bottom squirm quite enchantingly.  Now he aimed lower down - to where the buttocks joined the thighs.  On that tender spot, he would repeat the process.  Three in the same place on each cheek.  Lovely!  Lovely to be able to do.  Lovely to be able to watch and hear the effects.


“Ahh ... hhaaa ... oooowww ...”

WWHHAACCKK!  WWHHAACCKK!  Edward was hitting as hard as he could now.

“A-Aggghh ... o-ooowwwww ...”



“Is it hurting, my pretty?”

“Oohh ... ohh ... yes ... M-Master ... it hurts ...”

“It is going to hurt even more.  There are twelve more to come.”  Edward’s prick was a hard bone into Tess’s belly.  Oh how he was enjoying himself!

“P-Please, Master ... please ... I couldn’t help b-being naughty ...”

“Ahh ... is that so ... well ... well ...”


The slipper began to fall again, now descending across the centre of both buttock cheeks simultaneously.  How resilient they were, how they bounced and joggled!  Getting redder and redder all the time.


Squirming ... squirming ... ooowwwing and ahhing.  Oh lovely ... lovely ... ooohhh ... so lovely!


As hard as he could ... all in the same place.  And now it was a really red-hot place.

“Yyeeeooowwww ... yyyeeeoowwww!”  Oh yes it was hurting all right!


“Yeeeooowww ... ohhh ... p-please, Master ...  no ... m-more ...”


“Yyaaagghhh ... aaaagghhh ... yyyaaaggghhhh!”  Oh how lovely to make her yell like that ... to squirm like that!  Oh how lovely!  Still two more to come.  As hard as you can ... still in the same place.  A place now the brightest of bright reds.


“OOOWWW ... AHH ... OOOWWW ... AAAGGGHHHH!”  Oh the twisting and the turning ... oh the mad joggling of that soft young flesh.  Flesh now burning with pain.  Marvellous.  Quite marvellous.

Edward tossed away the slipper and ran his hand over Tess’s bottom.  Mmmm ... yes ... yes ... that felt really hot.  Glowing and glowing.  Marvellous.  So soft, so succulent.  Mmmm ... what more could he ask?  Edward’s male bone felt even harder than ever.

“You deserved that, didn’t you?”  Edward’s hand was running over the hot skin ... feeling the quivering and contractions.

“Yes ... yes, Master ... I’m sorry I was naughty, Master.”

All the right words.  All the submission he wanted.  Under his hand was a plaything, to be spanked or fucked, just as he wished.  That was mastery; that was power.  That was what ownership of slaves was all about.

“You know you got off lightly?”

“Yes ... oh yes ... Master ... thank you for b-being so merciful ...”

“I could easily have given you a really good thrashing, you know?”

“Y-Yes ... Master ... I know ... thank you for being such a good Master ...”

Edward smiled.  How nice to be thought of as a good Master by this child!

He thrust his hand down between the warm cleft of Tess’s nates, then fingered her sexually.  Far from recoiling, the girl parted her thighs to allow him easier access.

“Ohh ... ooohh ... thank you, Master ... that f-feels lovely!”  It was a quavering cry of seeming pleasure.  Was it genuine?  Could it be?  Did it matter?  Edward plied his fingers vigorously;  Tess squirmed and whimpered.

“Liking it?”

“Yes ... a-aahh ... a-aahh ... yes ... Master ... oh I’m so hot in my bottom ... it ... a-aahh ... m-makes me ... a-aahh ... hotter inside ...”

“Good.”  Edward frigged even more vigorously, feeling the increasing warm lubricity.  He would make her come before he got into her.  Then she would be really hot and juicy.  Just as he wanted her.

“Hhhhaaahhhh ... hhhhooorrrr ... hhhhaaaahhhh ... oh M-Master oh M-Master ...”

That bottom was quaking uncontrollably.  Twisting and jerking.  Oh yes, he was really working her up!

“Are you coming, girlie?”

“Hhhhoooorrrr ... nnnngggg ... hhhhaaaaaahhhh ... y-yes ... sssss ... AAAHHHHH ... EEEEEEHHHHH ... y-yes ... YESSS ...YESSS ...”

There was a frenzied jerking of young haunches; a high pitched gagging in the throat; a head tossed back and back.  Tess was spending and spending.  No doubt about it.  This was no play-acting.  This was genuine.  Just what Edward wanted.  She would now be like liquid-hot velvet inside.  Yes, just what he wanted.  Slowly the tumult subsided; but the warm buttock-flesh went on twitching and quivering.  Tess moaned.

“O-Ohhh ... th-thank you, Master,” he thought he heard her say.  And, with that, he gave the rounded, reddened bottom a couple of good slaps and thrust the girl off him.  Down on to the floor she went ... and in moments Edward had gripped her flanks and hauled her hindquarters up.  He was superbly rampant, raging with lust.

“Here it comes, girlie!”

“Ooooooohhh ... yes ... yes ...”

Edward thrust in savagely.  Right in.  Up to the hilt.  Feeling the young girl buck and squirm as he did so; hearing her loud, prolonged squeal.  Ahhh ... yes ... yes ... this was true possession!  This was just what he wanted.  Taking an even tighter grip on those youthful flanks, Edward began to drive in and out with brutal vigour.

Thump ... thump ... thump ... thump ...

Belly pounding to warm, quaking buttocks.  A pussy that was hot, clinging and melting.  The pussy of a submissive 17-year-old.  His ... his!  To be taken and enjoyed as often as he wished.  Oh delight ... delight ... DELIGHT!

Thumpity ... thumpity ... thumpity ... thumpity ...

Faster ... faster ... faster ... faster ... and even more ecstatic.  Pounding madly ... one’s brain and whole being utterly absorbed.  Oh God, how co-operative she was ... could anything be better!

Gasping, groaning ... jerking haunches becoming uncontrolled.  Edward rutted to a furious climax.  Beneath him, young Tess was wriggling and squealing loudly.

She’s coming again, he thought ecstatically.  Yes, he was sure!

He squirted and squirted and squirted.  Draining himself.  Moaning and slavering.  Wallowing piggishly in his slaked lust, crushing the palpitating girl down on to the floor.

It was quite perfect ...

Edward closed his eye, sighing contentedly.  Against his belly, he could feel Tess’s hot bottom.  The bottom he had so recently spanked.  From time to time, it would give a series of convulsive twitches.  His flaccid penis remained for a long time within her liquid-warm succulence.