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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words


Brianna's Summer Of Submission 

Brianna's Summer Of Submission

Chapter One


To be a girl, or at least, to be a physically attractive girl, is to be wanted, lusted after, watched, desired. Whatever you choose to call it. I had been aware since puberty that guys would be watching my butt and my chest, and that how closely they watched depended on what I wore and how I positioned myself.

I mean, if I was wearing, like, yoga pants, they'd really watch my butt. And if I bent over, well, every guy would be staring. Same goes for tops. Tight tops meant more attention. Tops that showed cleavage, midriff baring tops, these would all draw more eyes..

At first it had been embarrassing, making me self-conscious. Then I'd sort of gotten used to it. I'd gone through a phase where I wore more shapeless clothes. But a girl likes to be appreciated to some extent, so I'd lightened up. And since then it's been a balancing act between what I wear to look nice and how much attention I was willing to (or wanted to) attract.

Sometimes I don't want any. Then I tie my hair up and wear something like a sweatshirt or sweater. Sometimes I like to have my ego stroked and will wear something more... conspicuous. If I go clubbing, then I have to wear short skirts, and something sexy. If I'm going shopping or to some sort of appointment then I prefer to not be hassled by guys.

Going to the cottage with my friend Stephanie meant, I had thought, not really thinking that much about guys or what I looked like. Instead I would hang around with her and her family, enjoy the water and nature and all, and just have a good time. I packed lots of T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts, without a lot of regard to how sexy they might or might not be.

And bikinis, of course.

Stephanie is an incredibly sweet girl, though a bit of a nerd. She's short and slim, her head barely reaching my shoulders, with shoulder-length brown hair and large framed glasses that cover half her face. Which is a pity because she has really nice eyes. She's really smart, though, and has helped me a lot in various classes.

Her smarts, though, can be like that absent minded professor type. If you know what I mean. I can ask her about all sorts of stuff and she'll have an answer or know where to get one. Not just about classes but about, well, politics, government, and the world. If there's some news story I'm confused about I can count on her knowing all the details.

It's not that I'm dumb, but to be honest, I couldn't be bothered reading the newspapers or watching news. What does all that stuff really matter? I can't do anything about it anyway. And if anything important happens I'll usually hear about it from Facebook or from someone like Stephanie, who does watch that stuff.

I'd rather be out dancing than watching some stupid news program or reading some stupid book anyway. It's way more fun. Maybe when I'm old I'll do that other stuff, when life isn't as fun. And I find it less boring.

And Stephanie can be boring, at times, I have to admit. But usually she can take a hint and get off a topic that is boring me. And I try not to bore her with normal stuff. You know, like hair and makeup and celebrities and guys. Not that she isn't into guys. She just isn't as into them like I am.

I try to introduce her to guys, because she really is cute. But the guys who go for me tend not to be the kind of guys who would appreciate her. Or else they're pigs I wouldn't ever introduce to a relatively naive girl like Steph.

I am a bit of a party girl. But what's wrong with that? All these people want to invite me to things, and why should I turn them down? The guys are always willing to pay anyway, so why not go along with them? Oh, I know why they're paying and what they want. But they know paying is not necessarily going to get them much beyond a kiss and my appreciation.

So when Steph invited me to her family's cottage my first instinct was to make up an excuse why I couldn't come. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like nature and all. And her family has money, so I was sure it would be a nice place. But sitting around on a dock in some empty lake with Steph was not nearly as attractive a thought as going partying with Declan or Brad or Tommy, who were the head of the list of guys wanting me just then.

Wanting me. Wanting to fuck me. Yes, I was well aware of it. I've always known that the primary reason guys are attracted to me is my looks. I have full, firm, round breasts, a pretty face, and a nice ass. I have really nice hair, too, which is the only part of me I really am proud of.

Staring at my tits does NOT impress me. Telling me how nice my hair is? That, I like.

So my instinct was to thank her and say no. But then I hesitated. Declan and Brad, see, had been stars on the baseball team at our high school – which we'd all graduated from. But they were still obsessed with baseball. Well, you know, guys mature more slowly than girls do. And these two had decided to go to a baseball camp.

I have to admit I just kind of stared at Declan in disbelief when he told me.

“Why?!” was what I blurted out.

See, he's a good pitcher, but that was high school! And it's not like he has any intention, that either of them has any intention of going to college. They didn't have the money or marks for that kind of thing, even if they'd wanted to spend another four years in freaking classrooms like I was gonna have to do come fall.

Stephanie, of course, was also going to university in the fall. Unlike me, she wasn't going to have to borrow any money for it or get jobs in the summer to help pay her way. Her parents would just pay for everything.

“Well, if we learn a bit more and we impress a scout we could be allowed to try out for A-ball,” he said.

Then he had to explain to me what A-ball was. Apparently Triple-A was the farm team for the major leagues. It was, like, professional baseball. Below that is AA, which is kind of a training team for triple A. And then there's single A. You can probably figure out how much lower on the ladder that is.

Anyway, all that matters is they were gonna be away for the better part of a month. So shit. That left just Tommy, and me and Tommy had had a fight two nights ago over him thinking I owed him a blow-job whenever he felt like it. Which, by the way, nope!

Of course, there's other guys that want to date me, or hang around or go out with me. But things aren't the same as they were when I was a high school girl. People didn't 'hang around' so much now. Most of us we're getting jobs and stuff. I worked part time as a server at Moxies, a bar and restaurant downtown and was hoping to get on full time. The tips (on account of short skirts, high heels and tight tops) were really nice.

Dating guys you didn't know well, comes with a certain amount of issues. You know what they want, but you don't know how you'll enjoy spending hours alone with them. And if you don't – enjoy it, that is – you're still stuck with them.

Then, how much do you owe them after one date? How much do they expect to get? How will they react if they don't get it? You would not believe how much some guys can sulk or be angry when you make it clear they're not going to get any!

And, of course, if you do decide to have sex with a guy you don't know, you don't know what you're going to get. Will he know what he's doing? Will he be a clumsy idiot? Will he last less than a minute before coming and collapsing? Will he have a tiny penis, and all the ego issues that go with that?

Anyway, I'd been told by the manager at Moxies that I might go to full time in two or three weeks, and after that I wouldn't be able to have much of a holiday. So I just decided, mostly just on impulse, to say yes. I think even Steph was surprised.

She seemed very enthusiastic, though, after I agreed, and told me all about her family's place. It was on an island in the lake, with lots of privacy (which didn't appeal to me, to be honest) but there were other cottages too along the shore and on other islands, and they had a boat and several of those personal watercraft things.

I look fabulous on a personal watercraft!

Anyway, after agreeing, I then had to decide what to pack in the way of clothes. It didn't sound like there were gonna be any parties up there. So I packed mostly comfortable clothes. But of course, I had to pack bathing suits too. Would there be guys up there, hot guys I wanted to seduce?

I had a really sexy black thong bikini I had only ever worn on vacations down south. I decided to pack it, even though I doubted I'd ever wear it. Aside from that I packed my rainbow tankini, a lime and green bikini with a full bottom, a dark green bikini which is a bit more daring and has a Brazil cut bottom, and an orange bikini, again with a full bottom. I figured that'd be good enough for a week or so with no hot boys around.

I got picked up by her and her mom and dad and little brother Adam in their SUV. Her dad shoved my bags in the back, and then me and Steph spent most of the time on the ride talking about stuff, or sharing music on our iPhones while Adam played video games on his.

About an hour outside of town we pulled into this place that had, like, docks and stuff, and lots of boats. I was surprised. Even though Stephanie had said they were on an island I had expected us to drive all the way there then, like, I don't know, take the boat out to it?

Instead we were going up the river in a big boat. It was like, sixty feet long! It had two cabins, a  bathroom, a little kitchen, and a well, living room area all inside. Then above that it had the outside deck in back and then the steering area.

It was fun to explore!

We piled all the bags into one of the bedrooms – staterooms, her dad insisted on calling them, then just hung around up on the top deck as her dad got the boat underway and out into the river. Then me and Steph and Adam had a ball when her dad pushed the throttle forward and the boat really started racing through the water!

It bounced! I mean, not high, but boy oh boy, you sure had to hang on when that thing was moving or you'd wind up falling all over the place, or maybe even flying off into the water! It was exciting and fun!

He slowed down after a while, but even then it was hard to talk much without shouting. The engines made a lot of noise. We went downstairs and inside where it was quieter and I did some Facebook stuff, including posting pictures I'd just taken.

After a while her mom came in and made lunch, which was basically light stuff.

I have to wonder sometime about how Steph turned out so short and petite and, well, nerdy. Her mom is like, this tough-ass lawyer type. She's tall and has high cheekbones and gorgeous eyebrows. Her hair is perfectly straight and parted right in the middle and it falls down perfectly to either side like it didn't dare do anything else.

She's got a nice body, which was obvious in her shorts and tank top. The tank top even showed a bit of cleavage. Meanwhile Mister Miller was also tall, buff, with a full head of hair. They looked a lot younger than my parents but there was no doubting they were parents and not friends.

When they said to do something, you did it. Both of them were like that. I guess they were used to ordering people around where they worked. Her father is a businessman of some kind. Obviously a successful one to afford a boat like this and his own private island in the lake.

Some parents try to act like they're friends, you know, and keep up on what's hot and in style. They even try to talk about hip-hop and music and ugh, you know? That's worse, now, than when we were younger, because parents see us as adults, or at least, sort of.

Steph's parents made no effort at pretending they were my friends, though that didn't mean they weren't friendly enough. But they made it clear without even having to say it that when they told you to do something, you damn well better do it, and without arguing. Steph never showed any resentment over that, though, so I guess they were okay as parents.

After lunch we went up top to enjoy the sunshine. Mister Miller had taken his shirt off, and he was more buff than I'd thought. I mean, for an old guy, or at least, for a dad, he was built pretty nice. He clearly worked out, just like Mrs. Miller did. She showed up a little after in a bikini. It wasn't, like, immodest or anything, but it showed she had a terrific body – for whatever age.

Mine is better, though. I mean, that's an assessment every girl makes when she sees another girl. It's almost instinctive, at least for me. I like to know who's the hottest girl around. Especially if it's me. Which, I have to admit, it often is.

I mean, I work hard on my body and my hair (blonde). I exercise and do palates, and yoga, because there's nothing worse than fat around a girl's middle! I might not exactly have washboard abs but there's no sag there either.

As for my hair, I'm a natural blonde. it's thick and soft and rich and guys love sliding their fingers through it!

I've tried a lot of styles. I like long hair, but it's such a pain! It gets into everything! And you get split ends and it's heavy too. It takes forever to wash and dry and style, as well. So my hair has gotten progressively shorter over the years, and I cut it even shorter for the summer. I have it now in a kind of long bob, just about shoulder length, curling inward below my chin, and with long, thick bangs cutting across my forehead.

 Mr. Miller sped up again and we held on while the boat shuddered and trembled as it raced through the water. Me and Steph hung on as the engines roared and the wind swept past us, blowing our hair back. It was fun!

We slowed as we left the river and moved through the islands of the lake. God, it was so pretty! I kept looking around, wondering which was theirs. There were some pretty nice cottages on some of them! In fact, you wouldn't even call them a cottage. If they were on a street corner somewhere you'd just admire what beautiful houses they were.

And then the boat curved in towards one of the larger islands. It was maybe ten acres or so, with the land rising up about twenty or thirty feet on one side. A gorgeous wooden 'cottage' was perched at the top, with huge gleaming windows looking out over the water. It had a big deck in back and another in front, where it looked downhill towards docks, a beach, and a boathouse.

The boathouse itself was beautiful! It was on the water, of course, next to the docks. It had a space for the boat we were on, plus a smaller speedboat and several personal watercraft. And above it was what looked like another floor with a deck.

Mr. Miller brought the cruiser in against the dock, and both Steph and Adam jumped out with ropes to tie it off. Then the engine was turned off and everything was suddenly so quiet! I could hear birds twittering in the trees, and waves washing up against the dock and boathouse.

“Wow! It looks gorgeous!” I said.

We started to unload our bags onto the dock, but when I looked dubiously at the long path up to the house Steph laughed. “Don't worry. We're not bringing our stuff there. We're staying here.”

She pointed at the boathouse.


She picked up a couple of bags, and I did the same and we walked over to it, unlocked the door and let ourselves into a tiny alcove with stairs going up. She opened the door next to it and showed me the actual boathouse, then we went up the stairs to the second floor.

Inside was basically a small apartment! Most of it was taken up by a big bedroom with lots of glass looking out onto the lake, but it was very dark until Steph pressed a button. Then there was a machine sound and steel shutters rose up from in front of the windows and bright sunlight flooded into the room.

“Wow! Cool!” I said.

“It's to keep people from breaking in while we're away, and in case of storms,” Steph said.

Along with the bedroom there was a full bathroom with shower, and a tiny kitchen with no stove. It did have a microwave and a mini fridge though.

“My father does a lot of entertaining up at the main house. It'll be better here,” she said. “Less adults.”

“I thought we were supposed to be adults now,” I snorted.

“Okay, less old adults.”

We unpacked our stuff into the dressers, then went out on deck to admire the view.

“Is this a hot tub?” I asked, looking at the box off to the side.

“Yep. Come on. We better help bring up supplies or my mom will get pissed.”

She went to the side, where there was an outside staircase that was raised up, and pressed a button. The staircase lowered itself to the ground and I laughed in delight.

“Kind of like a castle!” I said.

“And it helps keep burglars away,” she replied.

We trotted down the stairs and grabbed some boxes, then made several trips up to the big house, mostly with food. The big house was just that – a big house! It also had huge glass windows, high ceilings and an enormous kitchen in an open plan layout.

Steph took me on a little tour and I shook my head at how nice it was! The bedrooms that looked out on the lake from that height really had an incredible view! The bathrooms were way bigger, with actual tubs, and there was a movie room with a big screen for a projector TV, and a bunch of leather recliners.

There was also a games room with a pool table, ping pong table, dartboards, card tables, and a bunch of old-fashioned stand-up video and pinball games. Along with a bar.

“Don't worry,” she assured me. “It's not like we can't use all this stuff any time we want. We'll still be eating up here too. We'll just use the boathouse to sleep and relax.”

Which was like, the best of both worlds!

After we'd put everything away and got set up Steph led me back down to the boathouse to change into swimsuits. I was kind of surprised, actually, that she just stripped off her top and then shucked her shorts in front of me. I mean, not shocked or anything, but she was such a, well, nerdy girl. I expected her to be more... shy.

And to be honest it's not like I'm used to getting naked in front of people, even girls. But I shrugged and started to strip too. She pulled off her bra without a second thought, and I saw she had smaller breasts, but very high and perky, with tiny pink nipples, and areolas that weren't much bigger.

She slipped off her panties and I saw she was as clean shaven as I was – more. Again I was kind of surprised, and then she seemed to notice me noticing and grinned.

“I had laser hair removal,” she said.

“Uh... really? Wasn't that like, embarrassing?”

“Yeah, kind of. But it means I don't have to freaking shave ever again, not even my legs.”

“Wow. I envy you that.”

I'd been shaving and waxing since I hit adolescence.

I felt a little...weird, stripping off my bra and then my panties. I mean, being naked with someone else naked was, to my mind, a prelude to sex. And the thing is that me and Steph had... fooled around a little in previous times. Mostly it was just joking to tease boys, but we'd done a little 'practicing' for kissing. It had actually been practice, but it had also, for me at least, been kind of hot.

It had escalated into a little bit of giggly groping, hands under our tops and over our bottoms. And it might have gotten hotter still if we hadn't been interrupted by a sound in the hall that turned out to be her brother coming home. Thank God he hadn't caught us!

The thought that we might get a little more into that was one of the reasons I had come along with her on this holiday. It wasn't a really serious thought. I didn't actually think much along those lines would happen. But I was sure open to it. It was one of those things I was interested in experimenting with – sex with girls. But I sure didn't want to try hitting on my friends and get a reputation! So was super cautious!

So seeing her stark naked, while I was stark naked, well, it brought that back in a rush! I started to feel a hot little pulse down low, and a sense of breathlessness that made me quickly turn away as I felt my nipples prickling and hardening.

I quickly pulled on my lime green bikini, then the bra. Then when I turned around I saw Steph adjusting a tiny black string bikini bottom which was more daring than anything I'd ever owned! I mean, it was a tiny upside down triangle down low, with a pair of black strings steeply angled up across her hips.

“Woah. Nice suit!” I said, surprised.

The cups were small triangles, too, leaving half her breasts bare.

“You like?” she asked, pleased.

She did a little twirl and I realized it was a thong!

“You're wearing a thong around your parents!?” I gasped.

She gave me a look like wondering why I would care.