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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words

Trapped in a Police State by Roger Doyle

Trapped in a Police State 
(Roger Doyle)

Trapped In A Police State

Chapter 4


Iris woke with her tongue throbbing, feeling bewildered as her hands wouldn’t go where she told them. Her eyes opened and blinked up at the shower head, groaning as she looked down to see each of her wrists had leather cuffs that were attached to each end of a pole. Soon, she realised that the middle of the pole was attached to the back of her collar, limiting her movement. It was a struggle to sit up, and when she finally got to her feet she went to the mirror over the sink to examine her throbbing tongue.

Kramar chuckled as he spoke over the intercom, “It would have been much more pleasant for you if you'd been wise. You may return to me and put your new ornament to service if you wish, or you may remain there without light until tomorrow.” He turned off the lights as soon as she'd had a glimpse of the piercing, the light leaking in through the ajar door to the hallway the only remaining illumination.

Fear ran through her at the sound of his voice. There was no telling what he was capable of, and her situation kept getting worse. She was completely trapped and at his mercy, if he even had any of that. “I’m going to stay here then. My tongue hurts too much right now,” she explained, finding her way through the dark to her pallet. She dropped down on it, closing her eyes while worrying that she was stuck with a man who seemed to be a sociopath, eventually drifting off to sleep.

As she slept, workman slipped in and fitted a new panel to the wall. In the morning Kramar woke her with the traditional freezing shower and full lights, and introduced her new toy. “Today I must work, and I cannot leave you loose because you'd try to run. Therefore I've fitted a feeding tube in your room, you might recognise it as a life-size moulding of my cock.”

The hard, pink rubber device was fitted to the wall, at waist height, and with a narrow hole running through it. “This will dispense a thin gruel, all you need to sustain life, but only under certain circumstances. For instance, there's a sensor in the tip of it and a broadcasting chip in your collar, at the back. When the two are within a couple of inches, it'll spurt out your food. I'm sure you can find a way to get the food in your stomach from there…” He fell silent and left the house to work for the next six hours, smiling in contentment at the new training exercise he'd set.

She glared at the large penis protruding from the wall. Why would he come up with such a dumb idea to dispense food through that? What would he give her next, a damn hamster wheel? Water dripped off her as she tried to understand his motives, and finally she decided he was just being a dickhead.

“Okay. That’s weird and I have no idea what gruel is. Will you please take off the cuffs before you go, sir?” She didn’t know how long he would to be gone and didn’t want to spend it with weird poles attached to her wrists that restricted the movement of her hands.

When there was no response she crawled across the floor to the feeder and hesitantly wrapped her lips around the end. It was embarrassing as she sucked on it, but nothing came out. “Great. It’s broken. Now I’m going to starve,” she complained, flopping down on her back.

She dozed back to sleep to have a terrible nightmare of being trapped in a giant hamster cage. Hours later, hunger awoke her and she tried to recall what he'd said about getting it to work. Something about a chip in the back of her collar? She got on her knees and faced the thing again, this time thinking about a chip in her collar and getting the food to come out. When it was way far in, nothing happened and she started to worry as she realised he wanted her to choke herself on it to get the food out.

“This sucks!” This bullshit feeding plan was just a way to humiliate her for his entertainment. He’s probably somehow watching this and laughing, she thought, her middle fingers going up just in case that were true.

Finally she was sure she had it figured out, and pushed herself forward until the thing bumped her throat in the back. Her breasts were squashed against the wall as she held it there and resisted gagging. Even though she knew it was coming, it still made her jump when the food that began dispensing into her.

When she pulled back it got on her tongue and she grimaced. “Gross! Gruel sucks,” she muttered, frowning at the thing. It tasted like smashed, soggy potato chips or something. She went back to it because she was starving, and after a few tries she was able to stay on it without gagging at all. It was better that way, too, because she didn’t have to taste the stuff as much.

Kramar smiled as he watched Iris finally giving in and forcing herself to deep throat the dildo, knowing the salty gruel would both accustom her to the taste and texture of his cum, and make her thirstier and need to continue. He'd failed to mention that the sensor had a delay switch in it, adding a half second delay to each subsequent contact until she'd be there for twenty seconds before it fed her. He was watching on a tablet at the dining table, taking a late lunch of steak sandwich washed down with strong coffee.

Iris scooted back against the wall to rest as she frowned at the feeding penis. The thing annoyed the hell out of her, but she was still hungry. It was also frustrating that the pole held her wrists up beside her head like she was in a darn bank robbery. “I know you’re just trying to make me look stupid,” she grumbled, deciding to go back and continue her breakfast.

The Colonel ignored her for the rest of the day as far as she knew, instead focusing on his work and keeping an eye on her increasingly frequent trips to feed. The thirst would be working on her and unless she wanted to try to shove her head in the toilet, the dildo was the only option. He rapped orders over the telephone, sent stern emails, and considered whether to leave her a full twenty four hours in solitude.

That evening, Iris was just curling up on her pallet. She wasn’t hungry any longer, but almost too thirsty to sleep. “Sir? If you are back, could I have my suitcase? I just want my toothbrush out of it. There’s this kind of gross taste in my mouth,” she said, yawning.

The man ignored her completely, except for randomly turning on the freezing shower but not the lights until morning to prevent her resting. When it hit six a.m., he unlocked the door once more, letting it swing open. “Time to get back to work after your vacation,” he mocked over the speaker. “If I'm not cumming down your throat within five minutes then you'll be back in there for another day.” He sat himself up in bed, coffee already in hand and a bottle of iced water beside him to encourage her when she saw it.

Iris was in such a daze that it took her almost a minute to get to her feet without the use of her hands. Her hair was still dripping from the frequent showers during the night that puddled in her sleeping pallet and kept her awake. Even though she'd opened her mouth and drank from the cold showers, it hadn’t been enough.

As she entered his room she spotted the glass of ice water. “Sir, may I have a drink of water? My lips and mouth are so dry that I don’t think you’ll enjoy having it on you.”

Kramar indicated for her to kneel on the bed before him, stroking her matted hair. “Honestly, just look at yourself. You're a mess today,” he chided gently, tugging on her nipple piercings. As he spoke he lifted the bottle to her mouth and allowed her a single mouthful before taking it away. “Now, be a good girl and ask to suck me off then you'll get a reward of cum. That's what you need, isn't it?”

The water was the best thing she’d ever tasted and as she nodded enthusiastically, her mind was only on getting more of it. “Yes, please let me suck on you, I do need it,” she said, bending down to lick at him before he answered. Her new piercing felt strange as her tongue stroked him, but she ignored it, thinking only of making that first drop of his cum leak out so she could taste it.

The man unfastened the yoke from her wrists and neck, pressing her head down hard. “I think you know what to do, and how deep you can take it now. You've got four minutes left to make me cum or it's back in your room, so start fucking your throat with my cock.” He slipped a hand underneath her and yanked sharply at her nipples, setting the bells chiming. The hardness of the piercing was new as her tongue ran over his shaft, adding to the sensations pleasantly.

As he toyed with her exposed body, her nipples became swollen and an uncomfortable warmth started between her legs. It was a bit distracting, and she didn’t understand where it came from as she squeezed her legs closed and pressed her mouth down until her lips met his crotch. His cock was in her throat and she didn’t gag at all, which she thought was an awesome accomplishment. She sucked with enthusiastic moans, pressing harder with her lips and tongue.

Kramar pumped her head on his shaft rhythmically, her nose hitting his skin each time as he felt her nipples harden. “Enjoying it, are you, harlot?” he joked in a milder voice than normal, reaching his hand over her ass. Her hot mouth licked and sucked on him as he probed down until wetness met his fingers. “I might let you cum later if you're very good.”

Her eyes widened at the suggestion, and didn’t know what to think. She was pretty sure she never orgasmed before and thought it might be embarrassing to do in front of someone. As her cheeks grew hot, she thought of how it felt when she took a bath and let the water hit her just right. She always told herself that it was to get herself clean down there, but now that she thought it out, she had to admit that it was probably the pleasure it brought.

As she rubbed at him with her pierced tongue, she brought her hand up to start stroking his balls. He’d never told her that was acceptable, but she was curious. It was unclear what made her feel that way, or why she was throbbing and wet, but she decided to worry about it later.

The Colonel groaned as Iris's soft hand began caressing him too, bringing on his climax within the time limit. He pulled her head up, jets of thick white cum spraying her face over and over. His cock pulsed with pleasure, each one sending another strand of cum to coat her eyes, lips, tongue, and everywhere else. “Good girl, now clean yourself up with your fingers and eat it all then you can have the water. After that it's time for you to have a proper wash then make breakfast.”

She thought he was being completely unreasonable, but the promise of water won out over the urge to disagree with him. Besides, for some insane reason, his praise made her want to behave. She licked her lips, catching some with her tongue and found that the taste wasn’t as bad as before. “Sir? Have you been eating something different?” she asked, swiping more of it off and sucking it from each finger.

He grinned and finished his coffee, yawning and stretching in relaxation. “I think you're developing a taste for it, which is about time. Given you'll be tasting it every day from now on then it would be awkward otherwise.”

When she finished, Iris picked up the bottle without a pause, downing half of it. The water was gone in record time and she wanted more but decided to drink the water from the shower again. “Before I take a shower, may I please have my suitcase? I’ve got my toiletries in there. I need my toothbrush, shampoo and lotion. You know, girl stuff. I bet you’d like me a lot better if I shaved my legs, too. And fresh breath would be a big plus. Also, well...uh...I'll need my feminine items soon. You know what I mean?” she asked, her face scarlet with embarrassment.

“They have been disposed of,” he told her lightly, dismissing any complaint with a wave of his hand. “Alternatives are in that drawer. As for feminine items, the gruel contained a strong hormonal birth control that should remove that issue for a few months at least. Take the razor, toothbrush and paste, and the soap and go deal with yourself.” Kramar patted her rump gently and pushed her into motion, “The shower turns on in twenty seconds and will run for only five minutes.”

Feeling unusually happy for a change, she grabbed the toiletries and stopped in the doorway, “Thank you, sir. I’m going to make you a delicious breakfast today! Can we negotiate for a longer shower time and warm water? If I try to shave that fast, I’m going to look like an accident victim,” she glanced down at the purple fingerprint bruises left by the prisoners, “Well, I guess I already do, but I’ll look like more of one.”

“I'll allow ten but will expect under the table service during my meal,” he joked, standing and heading to his own bathroom. He showered, shaved, dressed in an identical uniform to the previous day, and was sat at the table within five minutes. A newspaper was unfolded before him, coffee cup to the side, and a wrapped package across the table.

Iris was thrown off by his kindness after the previous day's isolation and wanted to please him. When the shower shut off, she hurriedly dried herself and sighed at how refreshing it was to be clean, have minty fresh breath, and smooth legs. It almost made her feel human again and put her in an even better mood.

Her bells jingled as she hurried down the hall to return the toiletries, but as she was closing the drawer, she spotted a sharp pair of scissors. It brought her to a thoughtful halt as she considered her discovery. If things ever got really bad, at least she know where they were.

After being gone from his sight for fifteen minutes, she hurried into the kitchen and glanced at the package curiously. Without asking, she went to work cooking eggs, homemade biscuits and sausage gravy. Iris’s stomach began rumbling and her mouth watered as the delicious smells filled the room.

Without eating a bite, Iris served his breakfast with hot coffee and juice, then got on her knees. Her stomach growled again as she crawled slowly under the table, wondering more about the package beside him. Did it have something to do with her? Iris rested her chin on his knee and looked up at him through the crack. “Do you need anything else before I get started, sir?”

“Not at all, now begin your work. Afterwards you may have your portion of breakfast, unless you wish to try living off my seed, then I have a uniform for you. We have a visitor coming over for lunch and I wish you to look the part,” he explained as her mouth enveloped his thick cock. He patted her head then turned to his food, eating it with appreciative noises to match the ones from under the table. Kramar took his time eating but stopped and tugged Iris's head up by the hair before he came, pulling her to crawl out into the open by his chair.

“Here, you will wear this today,” he said as he opened the package. It contained a black garter belt, stockings and shoes with a six inch heel. The only other thing inside it was a black enamelled chastity belt, solid over the wearer's clit, narrow opening with vicious spikes over the cunt, and wide open for the ass. “Dress now and get used to your outfit.”

Biting her lip, she took the bundle of clothes and got to her feet. As she turned to leave, her thoughts were on who might be visiting and the fact that he insisted she dress up for them. As far as she was concerned, that was a terrible sign. What if this person wanted to touch her? “Well, I’m pretty sure none of this is legal, but I guess I don’t have a choice,” she grumbled, pausing in the doorway. “I’d rather not be parading around in my birthday suit with strangers here. Now I wish I would’ve left my legs all prickly.”

“No, dress here. You do not get privacy, do you?” Kramar smiled and sipped his coffee, “Bring your fat ass over here and I'll fit the belt to you. It shall preserve your precious virginity which I believe you value, and the rest of the outfit is like putting a Rembrandt in a carved frame. It merely adds extra highlights to perfection.”

“Well, is it perfection or fat? You should make up your mind,” she snapped, tempted to stomp off to her room and slam the door. Thinking better of it, she gave in and her bells jingled angrily as she almost stomped across the room to stop in front of him. “This place sucks. I hate my life.”

After growing up with a petite, shapely mother, she was over sensitive about her appearance. It was embarrassing being younger, yet bigger, than her mom. It also annoyed the heck out of her when friends told her how hot her mom was, and it happened all the time. It was like they were telling her that she wasn’t hot.

The man slipped the belt onto her smoothly, clicking the lock into place then running a hand over her rear. “Is that not a compliment in America then? What should I say, that it is callipygian perhaps?” He gave her a sound slap on the cheeks then passed the other clothes across. “Dress and eat your meal then you are to clean the house thoroughly before our visitor arrives.”

“I don’t even know what that word means,” she muttered, trying to ignore his deliberate taunting. After wriggling into the stockings and slipping her feet into the dangerously high heels, she frowned down at her appearance and plopped down in the chair across from him. After having a bit of food, she took their plates to the sink then tried to push the sturdy belt down on her hips. When it didn’t budge an inch, she realised that she wouldn’t be able to pee without permission or without it spilling everywhere. It was just one more annoyance in a long line of them. “Well, I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure this outfit is just inviting your guest to grope me. I’m still mostly exposed and I don’t care for it.”

“And what makes you think that I am concerned with what you care for?” he asked in a cold voice, stepping up behind her and taking a handful of hair as he bent her over. His hand descended onto her rump cruelly as he spoke, “You're here to serve me and make reparations for your drug smuggling. I don't need to hurt you unnecessarily and I'll allow a certain level of complaints as you become accustomed to it but if you whine or fight back around my guest, you'll regret it.” He pushed her face into the washing up water as he delivered a final slap to her, allowing her up a few seconds later. “Get to work!”