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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

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Search by Title, Author or words

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This is a members only site. Please join us or log in before attempting to purchase from us.

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Books by authors on this site are exclusively published by Fiction4All in its various adult imprints.

Download our ebooks to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many other eReaders.

Book prices include VAT where appropriate in the Eurozone.

Paperbacks exclude postage which will be added in the shopping cart before checkout.


Search by Title, Author or words


Kristen's Hooker Fantasy Goes Real 
(Erik D. Astor)

Charlene looked at Kristen. “Delmond is as I said is a special customer. He spends a lot of money here, and he has, uh, certain privileges.”

“Privileges?” Kristen asked.

“Yes. He likes to rent a bungalow overnight regularly. And he has for tonight. He is excited that you have not been with anyone else in years other than your husband. He likes being first.”

“You told him all that?” Kristen said.

“I told you I would,” Charlene said. “It was a good selling point—especially with him.”

“OK,” Kristen said. “So I’ll be spending the entire night with him?”

“Yes, in one of the bungalows out back. I realized this is out of the ordinary for a first time—but Delmond is a special customer, like I said.”

Charlene saw Delmond approaching with two large glasses of drinks. Softer, she leaned over to Logan. “He will want to fuck you bareback. I know what we said about the rules, but he brings a current test with him every time. He’s OK.”

“But I thought you said…”

“I did,” but as I said, he is a “special” customer. You are up to date on birth control, right?” Kristen nodded. “Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy it.”

 Maya entered the room from the hallway, accompanied by a young Goth girl with black lipstick, black nail polish, a ring in her nose and tattoos. “Maya would you show Logan and Mr. Brown to bungalow 4 please?”

 Maya smiled a knowing smile. “I’d love to.” Delmond took Kristen’s hand as they walked down the hallway, down steps to a walkway that led to six small bungalows in a row.

Kristen was wary at this quick divergence from the rules that had been so carefully explained to her—but she wasn’t sure she was in a position to protest. Besides, Charlene said he was safe, and she believed Charlene.

Delmond had indeed been tested but Charlene telling Kristen it was OK to fuck anyone without a rubber in a legal brothel in Nevada was an absolute lie—but there was no way for Kristen to know that Charlene may work for the brothel—but she made twice as much as her salary there in the retainer she received from Delmond Brown.

Delmond had the key and as he put it into the lock Maya hugged Kristen. “Have a good time,” she said.

Inside the bungalow there was a large bed, mirrors on one wall, and a small bar and refrigerator. There was a large selection of liquors. Delmond fixed a drink and with his back to her asked, “OK, Logan, tell me about you.”

“Doing this has always been a fantasy—and thought I would try it.”




“Two, they’re in school.” Delmond looked up with a start.

“College?” Kristen nodded. “Damn. You sure don’t look old enough for that.” Kristen wanted to ask him how old he thought she was but let it pass. She didn’t want to go there.

“How long have you been working?”

“Tonight is my first night,” Kristen said, wondering why he would ask that when Charlene had told him that this being her first night was why he had requested her.

Delmond smiled, “I love first timers.”

“Well glad to be of service,” Kristen said, forcing a nervous smile.

“I’m glad you are ‘of service’,” Delmond responded. He handed her the drink and sat down on the edge of the bed, facing Kristen seated in bedside chair, looming over her. Even seated she had to turn her head up to face him.

“Were you and hubby swingers, or hotwifing?” Kristen shook her head no. “Do a lot of playing around?”

“No. In fact I’ve only been with two men in my entire life, no one since I got married.”

“Either one of them black?”

“No.” Delmond smiled broader. He knew it, of course, but what he doing was being sure that Kristen was confronting this herself—and stepping beyond it. He knew she would be hesitant—and he was going to get her beyond that tonight. But, he thought, she has no idea how far beyond that I am going to take her.

It wasn’t about just the pussy for Delmond—for him it was the challenge of taking a woman, especially a married white woman, beyond their limits, to a place they would have never in their wildest dreams envisioned themselves going—and would likely have not willingly gone there themselves in any circumstance—except for Delmond being there to guide them along.

His goal was not to fuck a white wife for the first time, or only to be the first customer of a new whore. His goal was the total conversion of the white women to a black cock craving slut. He had done it enough by now he knew the right buttons to push, and he also knew from experience that it was much easier for a white woman with limited experience who was not conditioned to resisting once he got beyond that first small wall. Kristen was ripe for the plucking. Kristen was going to be Delmond’s new project. It was going to be fun.

“So this is a big step for you?” Delmond said.

“In ways, the biggest.” Delmond reached for her and lifted her bodily out of the chair and kissed her. She was standing, he was seated and Kristen let herself be pulled into his arms. One hand was immediately on her breast, but he was in no hurry. He continued to kiss her, their escalating breathing evidence of the increasing desire. Kristen let her hand drop to his pants and felt her knees buckle.

His cock was every bit in proportion to his huge size. It was as thick as a soda can. She almost panicked. There is no way that cock is going to go inside me without tearing something she thought. And at that same moment she recalled her friends having drinks at the gym and Ilsa, who had been married four times and had a very active sex life remarked once, “Any woman who tells you size doesn’t matter doesn’t know what she is talking about.”

Kristen wondered if she knew of anyone this big. Delmond had to be a freak of nature with a cock this big.

Kristen felt Delmond reaching under her gown, higher, to her pussy. She was wearing one of the tiny lace thongs that barely covered her, and upon feeling it Delmond wrapped his fingers through the thong’s strings and jerked, tearing it off her.

“No need for those anymore,” Delmond said in a commanding voice. “I don't want to find anything between me and that bare pussy again girl, ever!” He slid the gown higher and Kristen raised her arms over her head, allowing him to pull the gown. He had seen her breasts through the sheer panel of the gown, but now, bare, her nipples dark brown and rigid, he was transfixed for a moment. “Nice tits, Logan,” he said, grabbing one in each meaty hand. “Really nice tits.” He pinched a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and pulled, forcing a tingle that coursed her body. She jumped when he did. “Sensitive too—all the better,” Delmond said. He kissed each one, the wetness in the cool air making her nipples even more solid, now glistening with the wetness.

“Why are you here, Logan?” Delmond asked.

“Because you wanted me.”

“I mean why are you, a married white woman and mom, in Nevada working at a cathouse?”

“Just something I was always curious about—I thought it might be fun to try. Surprisingly hubby was cool with it. It is not a ‘why’” Kristen said. “It is more like a why not, and I wanted to.”

“Indeed, why not?” Delmond agreed.

“I do wonder why you wanted me for the night knowing nothing about me?” Kristen asked.

“You are new, fresh and not jaded like some of the girls get. I like the girlfriend experience,” Delmond said. “Some whores don’t kiss. Law says I am supposed to use rubbers. Girlfriends don’t do that, do they?”

“I guess not.”

“You will kiss and go bare eagerly, because that is the way you’ve always fucked, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I like kissing.” Kristen could feel his long thick finger, as big as an average cock, parting her pussy lips and easing inside her. Kristen felt a small orgasm rack through her as he did. She trembled at his touch. “Are you gonna be my girlfriend, Logan?”

“If you want I’m your girlfriend Delmond,” she answered honestly. He was dead on in surmising her emotion. “Tonight I’m your girlfriend.”

Not just tonight, Delmond said to himself, she just doesn’t know it yet. She soon will.

Delmond added a second finger to his first inside her pussy, stretching her, his thumb on her clit, and he slowly massaged her clit with his thumb as he finger fucked her with tiny mini-strokes. Kristen started cumming again, squirting this time.

“Mmmm, I love squirters,” he said.

“I don’t do it often,” Kristen gasped.

“You will tonight,” Delmond promised. He withdrew his fingers. “Suck some black dick Logan. Taste the chocolate.”

Kristen felt for his pants and realized he had somehow unbuckled and unzipped without her noticing. He wasn’t wearing underwear and when she moved the material aside she saw his huge black cock for the first time. She gasped.

“That’s your black cock now, you are going to get to know it well” Delmond said. He put his hand behind the back of her neck and pulled her head toward his cock. As she neared his cock she opened her mouth and with her hand gripped around the back of his cock guided it into her mouth. Kristen’s fingertips did not meet when she tried circling his cock with her hand. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and felt her jaw strain as she slowly forced his cock into her mouth. This is it, Kristen thought, another man's cock—a big black cock, in her mouth for the first time.

“Yeah,” Delmond said as he felt the warmth of her mouth engulf him. He could feel her tongue working the underside of his cock. She may not have had a lot of lovers but the girl could sure suck dick. He closed his eyes and still with his hand behind the back of her neck established the rhythm he liked before moving his hand.

Kristen knew he was enjoying it. His heavy thick cock was solid in her hand and mouth, and she caught the little hicks in his breathing when she worked his cock with her tongue. She milked his cock with her hand, pulling off his cock to watch the drop of pre-come glisten on the tip of his cock before she licked it off.

There was a surreal quality to the fact that Kristen Evans, mother, suburban housewife, now on her knees before this massive black man sucking his cock all the way to her throat in a Nevada whorehouse. She was as far away from her mundane everyday life as she could be, she thought and she did love her life and family.

But at this exact moment—to know she was living out a fantasy, a curiosity, a dream, the thought of her being so nasty and the naughtiness of it caused her to cum, not noticing until she did that she had been touching herself as she had sucked Delmond.

When Kristen got off while sucking his cock Delmond knew it was time to get his black cock inside her. He lifted her up onto the bed, and Kristen automatically opened her legs to his moving between them.

Here it is, Kristen thought, this is the moment I imagined for so long. The fact her first John was black compounded the excitement. My first black dick, she smiled to herself, my first paying customer.

She watched with apprehension as Delmond moved between her open legs, his massive cock swaying left and right with each movement. She riveted her attention to his cock, black as the rest of him, with a large long mushroom head.

Kristen still wasn’t sure she could take his cock inside her—but she had to try.

Grasping his cock at the base, close enough for Kristen to feel his body heat of his cock against her soaked pussy, he slapped his cock on her pussy, the sensation racking her body with a shiver, and then slapping her clit with his cock harder, faster, moving away long enough to drag that velvety black head through between her now swollen pussy lips, coating the head of his cock with her juices.

He stopped and she arched her back and raised her body to him.

Delmond popped his cock onto her erect and protruding clit until she was moaning, and was cumming from the effort. As he watched her pussy lips swelled to puffiness. Only this time he didn’t stop after she came, building on the earlier orgasm. Kristen was squirming underneath him. She needed fucked, she needed a cock inside her, and wanted a cock in her pussy.

“Let’s do it,” Kristen gushed in heavy breaths. She ran her hands over his back, amazed at the velvet texture to the ebony skin. It felt like his entire body was as silky as the head of a cock.

Delmond didn’t rush. Kristen was coming along nicely. She was ready to give him her body, her pussy, to satisfy her needs, and his, but he wanted more. She would give him that too, he knew.

“Want fucked huh?”

“Yeah, I want fucked. Fuck me please.”

“I will, oh hell I will, but first,” Delmond slid the head of his cock around the opening to her dripping pussy.

“Oh God go easy, your cock is so big.”

“Ever had a bigger cock?”

“No. never.”

“Ever had a black cock?”


“Ever been paid to give up your pussy?”


“And you want it?”

“I want it.”

“If this is your black dick then your white pussy is mine, isn't it?”

“Yes, it's your white pussy.”

“You want all my black dick?”

“Yes, all,” Kristen was gasping, “give it to me.” She arched her pussy toward Delmond, focusing only on wanting that big cock going inside her.

“Want to be a whore, a real whore, a black man’s whore?”


“Say it.” Delmond ordered.

“I want to be a whore, a black man’s whore.” As she said it, with that black cock poised at her pussy’s opening, she repeated. “I want to be a whore, a ho. A black man’s ho. Make me a whore Delmond. Make me your ho. Take your pussy.”

Delmond sunk his cock inside her half way. Her initial scream faded into a moan. He pulled partially out and moved in again, deeper, eliciting a deeper moan. His third thrust put his cock all the way inside her. Her body was so tight on his cock, tighter than he could have imagined. He held his cock there without moving, allowing her pussy to adjust.

“Yesss,” she moaned. She had done it. She had a stranger’s cock inside her, a black cock for the first time, and she had sold her pussy to him. She could feel the pain easing as her pussy muscles eased their resistance and gave way.

“Take that black dick, whore,” Delmond said. “Say it.”

“Yes, I’m a whore,” She said, a dreamy smile on her face. “I’m a whore.” It had been a fantasy, true. This was better than that. Delmond had been told by an old cockhound he knew who had advised, “Make the bitch say it and she's more likely to believe it,” he had said. “Always make them say it.”

“Fuck your whore,” she said, amazed that her body could accommodate anything this big—and amazed at the jolts of pleasure spasming around his cock, maximum pressure on every nerve ending in her pussy. And he wasn’t even moving. “Don’t move. Let me enjoy the feeling of your huge cock stretching me,” Kristen said.

Delmond didn’t move, and could feel the twitches of her pussy muscles tightly clasping around his cock, squeezing it with her pussy. She started cumming on his cock without his even moving, and with her cumming he felt the tightness around his cock ease a tiny bit, and as he moved in a tiny in and out motion; Kristen moaned.


Delmond moved further on the next stroke, and Kristen put her hands on the cheeks of his ass and pulled him inside her, a slow steady pull that didn’t stop until his pelvis was grinding inside her.

“All the way?” She asked.

“Yes, you took it all.”

“Good. I’m surprised you didn’t rip me open you’re so big. I feel so full, move slow, OK?”

 Delmond began a rhythmic stroking of fucking this married white whore, not hard, not fast but steady, increasing the pace as she reacted to it. The more she moaned the faster he fucked. When her bleatings were a stream of “oh, oh, oh, oh” Delmond pulled his cock all the way out, black and glistening with her juices. He didn’t put it back in immediately.

Kristen opened her eyes, she felt open and empty. She could feel the coolness of the room on the inside of her pussy. Her pussy had not closed from the huge cock that had been inside her and was gaping open. “Fuck me, please,” Kristen said, and then Delmond plunged back inside her.

Kristen was cumming again, squirting and Delmond kept on fucking her, even though after she had cum, her body had gone limp and her arms were outstretched. It didn’t matter now. Delmond had his hands under her ass and sat back on his haunches, lifting her body up and down on his cock. Then he moved on top of her in the missionary position, lifting her knees to her shoulders with his arms behind her knees and in that position he hit a steady solid rhythm, not hard, not slow, not soft, but steady and strong long strokes that had him breathing hard and Kristen whimpering in a state of bliss.

“That is so good. I had no idea fucking could be this good, uh ohhhh,” Kristen tensed and wrapped her legs around Delmond’s waist, sensing the urgency of the increased tempo of his fuck.

“Are you about ready to cum?” she asked.

“I am about to fill your whore cunt full of black cum,” Delmond said.

“Oh yes, fill me full,” Kristen said, grasping him as she could feel the spurts of cum pouring into her body, with Delmond still spasming and pumping more cum into her, even as it was leaking around his cock and running down her ass. He stopped, finally and held his cock inside her for a moment, and slowly withdrew.

Delmond reached down and parted her pussy lips, where he was greeted with a large white glob of his cum, the size of a marble, almost round, pooled at the mouth of her pussy before changing shape and dropping down her ass in long tendrils. He smiled. “Yeah girl, you got your first pussy full of black cum for this evening,” Delmond fell down beside her on the bed, his arm over her breasts. “But it won’t be the last cum filling you will get tonight.”

Kristen touched herself, rubbing the cum up over her clit and belly, amazed at the sheer amount of cum he had had within him—and was now inside her. She also touched her pussy and felt the looseness of it.

“Damn, have you ruined me?”

“Nah girl, just stretched you. Don’t worry it will snap back,” he smiled down at her and joked, “But it will never be as tight as it was after I get through with you. You asked earlier why I wanted you for the night.”

“Yes,” Kristen said, nesting under his arm against his hard body.

“I've been first,” Delmond said. “No matter who you fuck, or who pays to fuck you, no one other than me will be the first black cock to fuck you, the first to officially make you a whore. You will never forget this night and our fucking, whether your life goes good or bad after this, no matter how many other black men or Johns you fuck.”